Wednesday, January 18, 2006

latest news of loving and non-loving!

18/01/2006 /20:14

latest news of loving and non-loving!

This morning after the prayers I asked brother JD if I can have a stall at the coming Amarthiti’s ‘mall’ __ they are digging and preparing the open field below the rail way track for individuals or firms to present their ‘products’ and ‘services’. Since I can introduce two small books of Baba, in Persian language, I thought it would be fun to present them in a space where people can see and Persian-speaking people can have them. Wrote the request letter to the chairman and went home to print them, but the cartridge was empty and dry. After a few attempts to find a printer here, went to Nagar (we omit Ahmad sometimes!) to refill it and made a mistake of not buying a new one! Because when I put the refilled cartridge, gave only two pages and the rest is not ok….need to resolve the issue, since they want the samples to be read by an Irani brother who is here and has done some translation work before and they know and trust him. (I am still not trusted fully here!)

The non-loving news i do not publish now and already sent it to those whom may be concerned!


Blogger maryam said...
thanks for writing

i am not good now

i am very tired

you are lucky for being there .

you are lucky for that you are

alone and independed.

good luck
11:16 AM  

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