Thursday, February 02, 2006

چکیده ی تعالیم مهربابا به فارسی = Extracts of Baba's teachings in Farsi, free for ALL

زنده باد مهربابا........... زنده باد منیژه و مهرای عزیز.......... زنده باد باوجی، آخرین بازمانده ی از مهربابا که هنوز می خواهد این خانواده را با مهر و عشق اداره کند و تا حدودی هم موفق است.......

.. Best possible loving news is that i will now post the above book i translated 2 months ago, on 'my translation' blog =, free for all who can read Persian, as a gesture that if was after money i would have had it by now, but i am 'after something else', which some poor deprived souls CANNOT even imagine! thanx to Mr, Kiss and his 'boss(es)' for their 'UNJUST &UNCLEAN' intention to wipe me out from this land! BUT how can they wipe out 'these lights' penetrating their fronts?! impossible!


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