Sunday, July 23, 2006

"It is a real shame if ...."

Jay Baba, cannot resist posting this 'confirmative' comment, so i do it.....
Also from USA:

"....It is a real shame if it gets noisy around tomb or cell phones ring anywhere near there!!! ....."


Blogger safarchand said...
From outward Silance, the mind gradully is quiet;When Mind is quiet, heart starts singing silantly for inner enjoyment; This state heralds a conditioin of Bliss; Lastly one may have glips of his/her own self, which is Meher BABA.
This quote comes from a crude translation of a Marathi sign board at A M B Center,Ahmad Nagar, by me (Satish of Lucknow, UP, India)
6:01 AM  

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