Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jay Baba vs. Jai Baba = God vs.establishment/social norms

8/23/2006 / 1:52 PMJay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……….2 days ago, I wrote a short piece and posted to 2 BabaYahooGroups + my BabaloversMailMerge list….. it is such a delight to watch the 'shades of responses' (from negative to positive)… following, I post the original piece + the various responses I have got so far: The motivation behind writing that piece was that a sister asked me to 'correct' my way of writing 'Jay Baba'!
So, here goes another 'wave': (my main words/points are in BOLD!)

"…..... i write JAY, because we write and pronounce: DAY, MAY, PAY, KAY, WAY, BAY...... .....'ai' sound is different = Sai (Baba), Bhai, hyun-DAI, ananda-MAI, ....etc.... And this shows, once again, that what is practiced and 'established' is NOT always 'correct' and reliable!!!"

…. so, a dear sister responds as:
"i write Jai because that's how I saw it written and seems to be the norm even though it is pronounced "jay" There are other words like main, plain, etc. Could be since Jay is used as a proper name the writing of Jai was established…."
Please note the words 'norm' + 'established'!

and a dear brother responds as:
"you say "pa - tay - ta"I say "pa - ta - ta"let's call the whole thing off!"

Yes, when it comes to 'sensitive' deeper issues ( 'normality/establishmed'), it is NOT pleasant!

So i responded to make it MORE CLEAR:
"OK, you write as you like and i do as i like! But please do not say that i 'must' write as you do! This is actually NOT about writing a word, one way or another! It is about 'obeying the establishment' and following the 'norms'! Yes, better to 'call it off' for now, it is TOOOOOOOO sensitive! Jay Baba"

And then a dear brother who has been with ISKCON in his early age, suggests the following:

" ....I knew little about the international phonetic standards that Srila Prabhupada used when undertaking his word for word translations and paraphrasing and purports for the numerous Sanskrit texts which he published in English.....I suggest that you take up these interesting points with the scholars from ISKCON. It will be a great preaching exercise as well....."

And i respond to make my point clearER (as i have said it already in my last line, above!):

"......... i get good responses for such 'hits' and it is useful for me to know the state of the minds of the 'Baba-lovers'...... ...., i am not actually interested in the words and dictations and pronunciations, since i know they are just changing main concern, as i wrote there, is the 'establishment' / 'authorities', and theirs ways of 'getting into people, and the 'naive minds' finding them CORRECT! That is all! i play with such a thing and i did so, because i was directly asked by a sister to 'correct' my way of writing 'Jay Baba' !!

And another soul comments:

"....Your rave about Jay vs. Jai was bloody ridiculous, even though you are pedantically correct."
And i responded, to make it even more clear what i am doing/playing:
"Yes, i did it on purpose to create another 'wave'! you will read more about its 'origin' and the after mats....soon..... when i am NOT at home (in coffee nets and nothing else to do except writing!) i feel like doing such ridiculous things! And i enjoy it and the responses i get! "


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