Sunday, August 13, 2006

'this PATH OF LOVE' = این ره عشق....

Jay Baba...following is the 'conversation' i had with Bhauji, on 8.8.06, in his chat session from NYC. Due to the importance of the concepts in it, will post it here .....
may write later, about 'my way of loving' for those who hate me!

swami mohsen - why this PATH OF LOVE is call 'bloodful path'?
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, there is no blood. When you lead a life for God, you have to suffer.
You have to be free from your wants and desires, which create misery.
So only those who are brave can tread this path, those who are brave in His love.
So now, you have come to know the Beloved. He will show you the path,
but you have to obey His command. If you want God to obey YOUR command, you lose.
Obey His command and you will get the gift of surrenderance from Him.
If you surrender to Him, you will not know that you
have surrendered.
His Wish becomes your Wish, and you just follow Him.
swami mohsen - Thank you dearest Bhauji..... His wish demans our 'social responsibility' and THIS is where
'extra suffering' comes, but for me it is a nectar! Thank you Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, I am happy to hear your response. You are a nice person
swami mohsen - Beloved Bhauji, thank you, i wish i was the same for a few other brothers and sisters here, who happen
to have an 'opposite' feelings for me! but, we cannot please EVERYONE, can we? Your kindness and support worth much more to me.... hope they also can 'clear up' with me someday!
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, if anyone is against you, if you love them and do not hate them, that is love, thinking
that God is in everyone. If you hate anyone, you are hating God. It becomes

your duty to remain
loving towards others.
Do not feel bad about anyone. If you are loving, they will also be loving to you.
This does not mean that you should act according to their wish. You must act acording to Beloved Baba's Wish.
But be loving towards others. Then you will always be happy. Jai Baba to you


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