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What a ‘ foolish game’!

05/08/2006 / 11:40

just to give you a taste of what is cooking herenow: (the Ending part is more 'juicy')

Just now the kids are at the door repeating ‘jay Baba’ and ‘chapati’ (bread)…. After the past 2-3 days of evening servings, they come more often and ‘request’ what they want to eat. I wish I could provide! Now I have only 1.5 chapati left and do not know when the lady comes to make more. So I resist keeping it for myself! Very interesting ‘self-observation’ with these kids! They ‘know’ the ‘secret code’ (Jay Baba) and they repeat it until I get up and open the door and offer them ‘something’! Just now I cut the last piece of candy in two and gave the two who did not get any this morning… since I am moving out, I try to give away eatables, which can be given away… This is only ONE side of life here, in this unique Arangaon!

The other side in the ‘authorities’ and other residents and workers (Westerners and Indians), whom a few have pending ‘personal issues’ with this Faghir = ‘poor man’! (not a complain, just a fact, even though I may NOT look ‘poor’ to many, and even an ‘arrogant fool’ to some!)

To give only another ‘taste’ of THIS side, I just narrate the latest issue: Yesterday morning, made my breakfast at home and took it with me to the prayer time (7-8 am) so I can go after it to the MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) and eat there and attend the ‘creative writing’ workshop (I though I was being held in MPR). As usual, took a cup of hot water for my tea bag and sat alone near the fountain area. Then I was asked by a sister (I have even forgotten her name!) to join a table with a Swiss Family. It was nice talking about Iran and the ‘shia’ sect and the difference between the sects and past and present situation in Iran. Since Meher Baba is from Iran somehow, ‘Baba-lovers’ are interested in the country and the more they are ‘developed’ (spiritually and intellectually), the more their interest in the old and new culture (two opposite things!)

After the breakfast, one of the workers told me to talk to MPR-superintendent ‘before’ I take any meals there! And he mentioned Alen’s name as the ‘source’ for this ‘order’!!! I knew those SMSs to him is now at work! What a pity! Instead of replying with some intelligent answer, he is doing this ‘trick’ now! What a shame! Waited for dear Frank to talk to him but he was not available yet and I found out that the place for the workshop is in Study Hall above the Library in the Samadhi area. So I took his tel n. and rode my bicycle there…..The workshop was fine and deserves a fresh post…. Coming back home I called Frank and he told me that ‘some people’ say that when I go to MPR is ‘solicitate business’!!!!! Wow! How wonderful!! I told him about my nature of work and what is on my ‘info-card’ and I am NOT a business man and have never done any ‘business’ there and this is all a part of a ‘dirty trick’ to isolate me from the rest of the family members. If he could produce a single person who could bear witness to my ‘business’, I told him ‘I will shave all my hair and beard’!!! He asked me NOT to do so and since he himself had never seen me doing any ‘business’ there, he could only believe my words, which came fearlessly out of my heart. He mentioned that JD had said such a thing and I need to speak with him to make it clear! (Just see how Alen has to ‘poison’ various minds in order to ‘reply’ to my personal SMSs, send with love for him!) (He is NOT the only one who does ‘dirty tricks like this BEHIND my back!! I welcome ALL of them, the ‘cowards’!)

So in the evening I called JD at home and we made an appointment for after the arti….. Again, standing next to the ‘warrior’s grave (WHO is she/he? Anyone knows anything about he/she?) and performing the prayers was a delight….. Then JD called me inside one of the rooms (Kitchen) in the back side of the Tin shed and I showed him at least 15 ‘business cards’ I had collected recently from various Baba-lovers HERE, and told him that ‘double-standards’ is not proper in Baba’s place and asked them (Shridadji and Ramesh J. were also present) to compare my ‘info-card’ with other ‘business cards’! Shridadji brought the point of ‘why you?’! Which seems a legitimate question! Yes, ‘why me?’!!! Told them that because when I love someone, I SAY what I find ‘awful’ in them (like a ‘mirror’!) and many people instead of appreciating this, ‘break the mirror’! (Cannot remember my exact words, but this is the CASE anyway!) I told them about the hostility of Alen (due to his habitual ANGER __ I call him ‘Mr. Fume’, to remind him of Baba’s words about ‘anger’ being ‘the fume of the agitated mind’, AND NOT behind his back, right into his own face!) and others, like J. Z., who just hate me for seeing their own shadows in me!

So after I assured them that I am not here for any business and I take responsibility for my actions, JD said that it is ‘clear’ and he is going to discuss it in their Sunday meeting with the staff.

Now, this is again only ONE of the ‘ugly scenes’ I encounter here, there are more, and not all of them here in Meherabad, but as far as the USA it goes, because a few typical ‘arrogant Western mentality’ are also working behind the ‘nice mask of ‘Baba-lovers’!!

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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