Tuesday, July 25, 2006

3 supportive responses on The Silence Up The Hill

Jay Baba.... more interesting 'personal' news are happening, but for now, i post these 2 pages which i prepared to be printed and laminated for using around the Samadhi area: they are edited from 3 different responses i got last night and clearly shows that i am NOT the only person who sees/feels the 'problem'..... enjoy it: {i took out the names of the writers, but it is on the record if anyone has any doubt!}

Subject: Re: Silence Up The Hill,

I don't know WHO Moshen is….. but after reading Pam’s response – …. I simply could not contain myself any longer… …...

And although the majority of loud voices are indeed, as Moshen says, Indians, the Iranians certainly add their share! From what I have seen, the Westerners seem to be able to read the sign that is on the wall inside the shelter at the entrance of the Samadhi & also pinned to the tree outside above the bench where people sit to put their shoes back on.
The sign, folks, is a picture of Baba with His finger to His lips in a Shh gesture, with the words Silence Please.


Why on earth would anyone think it meant No praying, no singing – when that is what we are there for??!!!


Now that the MPR is open …. I stay WAY away from the Samadhi at Arti time – simply because I am not spiritually advanced enough to have the Spiritual Equipoise that Baba says we should all strive for, so I could simply ignore all the “Hey! How's it going! Haven't seen you in years!” going on around the Samadhi……

Yes I LOVE being in the Tomb, but it is not worth the anger that wells up inside me when I hear grossly inconsiderate people talking around the Samadhi.

And then they think that just because they are not actually IN the Samadhi, but sitting on the walls around the Cabin, that it is perfectly OK to carry on a normal conversation there – Well IT ISN'T!!! YOU CAN EASILY BE HEARD IN THE SAMADHI!

…. I used to fix a fierce eye on whoever was talking & HISS at them, but it didn't really bother the talkers, it would just get me riled up in anger – so I stay away.

Is it really that hard to obey Baba’s Silent request?
Just simple consideration to your fellow Lovers should do the trick.



Pray, sing, weep, laugh, all out loud, just no bloody talking!!!!

{MUSIC, DANCE, SOUNDFUL expressions of emotions (laughter, crying weeping, etc...) ARE FINE + OK + even DESIRABLE....... }

On 7/25/06…………. @…...com> wrote:

I do not remember any story of people going for Meher Baba's Darshan and sitting in His company and shooting the 'breeze' with each other.

If you are at the Samadhi and you are feeling the need for companionship with other pilgrims, you can stay at the MPC, have a go around the Hill and share thought and feelings, or go to a cafe for a coffee.

When you go to the Samadhi it is for Communion with the Divine Beloved Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age. If you have trouble focusing on this and feel a need for companionship other than the Lords', then please feel free to seek it elsewhere, not the Samadhi. It is rude to Beloved Meher Baba, let alone inconsiderate of those who have come for His Holy Communion. I first came to Meherabad in 1973. Never, ever, did I see the Mandali come for Darshan at the Samadhi and sit and talk about the weather, the news, or any other topic. They were there for Darshan and their respectful demeanour and acknowledgement of the Lord's presence should! be the example we take regarding behaviour at the Samadhi.

The fact there is this type of discussion is a brilliant example of the limited mind...and lack of common sense in our culture of ignorance.

…… But having read your email, I do, indeed, agree with you. It really changes the atmosphere for me to hear the background of conversations around the Beloved's TombShrine. Frankly, even the singing after arti has, at times, been difficult to take when there's been a competition going for who's going to sing next, and for how long. Perhaps the latter situation has been dealt with in more recent years; I dunno. There was a time when I loved arti, including the singing afterwards. But it's been a long time since I've felt that way.
Beyond being personally disturbing to me, I feel the conversing to be so disrespectful to Baba and His lovers. That said, I've had conversations near the Samadhi, falling back on 'well they're all doing it.' I will justify myself in saying that I haven't done it much at all, but have done it. Shame on me. ….. love ….


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