Thursday, August 03, 2006

Observing and reporting

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

03/08/2006 / 20:33

These days I am just observing the surroundings and myself; and it has been long since a post in this blog. Have quit going to the artis, just to avoid seeing some long faces and their hostile energy towards me. When Baba is everywhere and in everything, I rather spend some time with the village kids who come to the door, than to see/feel some stressed hostile energies around.

Some of you who may be doubtful of my words and do not even know me to trust them, may even say that it is all my own ‘mental projections’ that I see/feel this way. Well, all I can say is that unless you do not live here, as a ‘resident’, some ‘facts’ will be concealed to you; and I do not argue your judgments now, unless specifically challenged to do so!

So I just say what happened today and leave the rest to you to ‘judge’...... Had a good long sleep till 8:30, waking up a few times to enjoy the birds singing God's glory, then went to the Samadhi and really enjoyed being there alone and in the silence. What a blessing. Thanks to the Captain. Came home and made a good breakfast and replied to some emails…..The lady who comes for cleaning and making bread, came with her little boy and I wondered watching him being so quiet and non-disturbing at that age (around 3).

Although lots of work needs to be done for packing and moving (where? I do not know yet!), I have no energy to start it and am postponing it for the last days. After lunch slept again and had ‘good dreams’ and woke up with the ‘wake up calls’ of the kids: “Jay Baba, Jay Baba….” And not 10-20 -30 times…much much more! Four of them, under 8 years, had come again to get something to eat and knowing that I am at home, made an inharmonious orchestra to wake me up by their ‘Jay Babas’!! So, even a bit irritated at their attempt, went and opened the back kitchen door and without saying anything offered them a few things (bread, seeds, candy….) and sat with them and watched them enjoying the goodies and me sitting with them. No verbal communication between us, since I do not know Marathi and they do not know English, but the heart-to-heart communication was excellent and seeing them laughing deeply was a great joy for me. I just wished some of the ‘Baba-lovers’ could be as ‘innocent’ and 'clean-hearted' as these kids were. Even the neighbours were wondering what is going on here, so much laughter!

Then around 6:30 pm went for a walk and ended up at the Samadhi again. But unlike usual, stayed at the graveyard to the West and had a nice time praying from there. After the prayers went to sit on the stairs at the shed opposite the Samadhi and observed the scene from that angel. Baba’s Cabin has turned into a cozy chatting place for some ‘regulars’ ..... when Steve Myhro was playing his guitar and singing for Baba, it was hard to hear his words due to the ‘noise’! JD who had come back after a few days, again was as ‘ignoring me’ as usual! He is very kind to the dogs, but to me….?! Why? I appreciate if anyone asks him ‘why?’. He told me once, ‘nobody hates you’, but even then I knew it is only his ‘wish’ and NOT the reality, and he knows this too.

So, thanking Baba for everything, walked home, while the people inside were chanting “Om, Paramatma….” and people outside the shed were doing their usual chatting and socializations…… wondering what would happen to this place after 30, 40 years, silence-wise!


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