Saturday, August 05, 2006

the ‘rope’ itself is SO FFFAAATTT………

05/08/2006 / 13:43

زنده باد مهربابا After posting the last, sent an SMS to AW to let him know what I did. Since it is about him, he has the ‘right’ to know about it and read it. But since I was not sure he has the address (link) I called him to check, but, as usual, he said ‘there is NOTHING’ he can get from me! I told him ‘so you are a perfect man!’ laughed and hung up.

Last night Shridadji told me, ‘but Alen is working here for 30 years’! There was no time to discuss this matter, but this reminds me of the famous story of the drunk friends who decided to go on a boat ride on a fool moon night! Do you recall? If not, they were riding and riding the whole night and perspiring and perspiring from so much work (it was NOT a motor boat!)…..after they got really exhausted and when the dawn came, they noticed that they had forgotten to UNTIE the boat from the shore! All their ‘efforts’ was in VAIN. This is a famous story to show that the ‘effort’ and the ‘length of time’ in being with the Master or God is NOT important, what counts is to ‘UNTIE THE ROPE’ (of attachments to the ego, which our Brother Alen and a few like him, here, have got LOADS of it, the ‘rope’ itself is SO FFFAAATTT………)


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