Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wake up, wake up; Wake up, wake up;.....

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......... here may be another 'wave' for those who may like the 'stormy sea'! It came after reading some comments about 'dreaming', AND while i am observing the behavior of the people in my immediate surrounding, (on the NET and otherwise!) your comments are appreciated....

".... All i can say about such 'surreal' stuff is that we are here to WAKE UP!
{who even asked me to say something?!!!}

Baba came for this 'job' and i am witnessing here that most of us use (MIS-use) Him as a lullaby!
Bhauji is also trying to wake us up his own soft/sweet way! In public i mean!
Yet, we know that Baba's ways were not usually 'nice and sweet'!

'Waking up' means having no 'separate ego' !
But we just 'love' our own 'images'! (i am a 'special' Baba-lover!) ( a BIG CAPITAL 'eye' = i ) !!!

And all this 'intellectualization' about 'God-realization' adds up to NOTHING, when we are living SEPARATE individual lives, not caring enough for GOD and for each other and try to stay on THE SURFACE only! Deep down, there is MUCH more to do, or UNDO! ('The HUB of the Wheel' stays intact!)

Sorry! Yes, i agree, it does not sound 'nice & sweet', yet, it is a FACT!
Any objection to this observation?! i welcome it!
{ ~ how many of us wish that i was NOT part of these 'groups'? ~ }
Yours in Baba
Posted on blog # 1 below, as well for NON-baba-lovers, who sometimes are MUCH CLOSER to waking up than some of the 'baba-lovers'


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