Sunday, April 01, 2007

First ‘Donation/Contribution’: True News Of Lovingنخستین هدیه به سایت

Jay Baba , yes this is a ‘true story’, happened more than an hour ago, on The Magic Hill; showing ‘Captain’s precise sychronization. Around 10: am, finally I could put together the ZOOPI Home Page content, in a ‘logical/orderly’ way, and wrote it from the monitor on the back of the useful Big wall Calendar (Dinshaw Opticians, Pune) MARCH-page, in two languages. Felt content and decided to give myself and this PC a break and go to the Power House for re-charge! Slowly moved out of the house and on the way stopped to give the kids some candy. Parked the bike on 'The Path', near the big tree before entering the Samadhi area. Noticed two cars in the parking area. Suddenly a brother walked up to me and said in Persian, “You must be Mr. Khatami”! Well, after hugging I recognized him, Naser, who we met last year in Pune and had a full moon party night once on the roof 2 years ago, almost this time.

They were ready to leave the Hill and another soul, who had been with him had recognized me, walking slowly up the Hill. Another couple were with them. She had read my translation of a magazine on Marriage, by Osho, and He said that the booklet had saved their love and now they decided to live together, despite past history! Good LOVING news! Yes? Saving a love relationship IS a good news and thanks Baba, and to Osho, who had saved MANY from darkness, including me and those who have read my translations of Osho. We all wondered HOW the time was SET for this meeting! ONLY a few seconds before and after that exact time, could be an eventless morning darshan! Yes, if each individual IS AN EVENT, then seeing shining loving faces on the way and around Samadhi area is a true blessing. They had to wait at the Railway Gate for the train to pass, otherwise this meeting would not happen! They were on their way to visit the ancient Elora Caves and after taking some pictures they left.

Before boarding, Naser walked with me and then suddenly asked if he can give some money as ‘donation’! Told him that I am waiting for some money to come from Iran, to finish the roof. Then he immediately put 3 new 100 usd bills in my right palm, gesturing a farewell shake hand! Wow, one of the offers, from the Boss, which I could NOT refuse! How could I? Especially since I already put the “Your Energy Contribution” block in the new site, for those who wish to participate in various levels, cash being the most ‘useful energy’, for the site and its maintenance. When The Boss wishes to send some ‘condense/gross form of energy’ here, who is Mohsen to refuse it?!! I may buy a webcam or extra memory, with this energy! i take this as a 'sign from The Above', and wish him and all more blessings from ALL OVER!

So what?! Why do I post this here? Because this is the purpose of this blog, giving NEWS of LOVING! So, it only shows that ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’!!!

Inside the shed was different than any other times I have seen before. Baba-lovers are working on the scaffolds to repair the outside of the Dome Structure. Took some photos. Wish Sister Abbyji send me the cable to download the photos. That ‘noise’ is NOT bothering al all! Isn’t is strange?! The difference between the ‘noise’ due to collision of iron and stone and noise due to human mind chatter IS A LOT! Personnel who work in Baba’s Samadhi must learn how to communicate in silence and lower their pitch/ voice volume, when talking inside the Samadhi. Otherwise the silence is GONE! Human mind, non-meditative minds I mean, cannot tolerate silence and need chattering. OK, but please OUTSIDE the samadhi, NOT INSIDE!

Re-cahrging process went well and came back home to receive all kinds of messages from friends from all over the village!

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

PS: Yesterday Dinyar and Dinshaw, Parsi brothers from Pune visited The Magic Hill and then here, and Dinyar brought many small bags of Indian Munchies. Another ‘loving news’! Here, QUALITY counts, not amount of $$$$$ or number of bags of goodies!

PPS: Some are so frequesnt and simple that i do not feel the need to write about them, BUT i shall, someday i will!


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