Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wedding Invitation Cards for Baba

Jay baba, while sitting on the left stone a young Indian brother came with 2 different size fancy wedding invitation cards and put them over Baba's tomb. i thought he wants Baba to bless them only. The bride came after him and they paid respect and left, without taking the cards back. After a while, when leaving, saw the couple again as they were sitting on the big shed area. Sister Suzi already put the cards in the closet. Asked the brother if the cards were for Baba and stay there? He said 'yes, we invite Him for blessing in our wedding'! Then in a joking way i said, 'do you think Baba needs a card to be present in your wedding?' He said very seriously and wisely, 'Baba may need not but it is OUR DUTY to invite properly'...... That was very cool in that hot sunny Sunday!

Another loving news was/is that brother Graig was there too, sitting quietly under the big shed. You NEVER KNOW whom you'r going to meet up The Hill.......


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