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That is why you are living there at Meherabad continuously.”

Jay Baba to ALL who care:

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04/06/2007 / 22:12

Following is an edited version of the chat I participated with Bhauji in AU, and other Babalovers around the village, this morning. It contains some factual information about this place ___The Magic Hill = Meherabad __ in a fun way. My intention of making/spreading it is just to ‘inform’ those who care, as a part of my responsibility towards Baba and my professional training as a journalist. {If I do not do it, then YOU tell me: WHO is going to do it?!}

Enjoy it. Following the chat, I allow myself the liberty to comments on the text.

Introduction: When logged in, I mentioned the LAW of today, Monday, which is GIVING. And this piece of a ‘factual humour’ I offered as my humble ‘giving’ for today. Then I just ‘reported’ what happened the day before, INSIDE the Samadhi, while I was sitting OUTSIDE The Baba Cabin.

mohsenkhatami : Bhauji, yesterday morning, before the Arti, Dolly told everyone present there, in a LOUD voice, which i could hear from Baba's cabin, "Stupid...He is MAD"…. Please CONFIRM!!!!!! My gift for Monday.

Bhau Kalchuri - My dearest Mohsen --- you always complain against anyone--- man about who you are complaining -- - if you tell lovingly and still he makes noise, then you keep quiet -- You did your duty telling him to keep quiet -- - and still if he does not, then you must -- put up with him lovingly and be loving and quiet—

mohsenkhatami - Wow.... it is NO complain Bhauji.... Please! It was a gift!

Bhau Kalchuri - Very good that you don't complain-- - so just tell once and then don't repeat- but don't look at him angrily. just smile and then he will keep quiet-- - without making any noise and annoying you—

mohsenkhatami - it is Not a ordinary person. It is Mrs. Priestess! Dolly D. every day there.-- i am only fulfilling my responsibility to tell you that the silence up the Hill is GONE, at least when those priests are around.

mohsenkhatami - Thank you, but still you did not confirm my 'madness', so i confess = IF those BABA-priests are 'wise', then I AM MAD!!! Thank you Bhauji.-- Therre is a BIG difference between 'responsibility' and 'duty'!!! i am ALL for the first one! According to His Wish! Let the whole world be against me! Jay Baba , Bhauji and All... 5:30 a.m. in Samadhi, before it gets TOO noisy!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuu…”……………………..then I logged off.

This evening, Dear brother Scott from USA, sent the following words of Bhauji, which I missed, by email.

Bhau Kalchuri - My dearest Mohsen, please you observe silence. That will be nice for you.-- Remain silent and people will not say anything to you and you will not say anything to them.-- - don't worry, Beloved Baba is with you. That is why you are living there at Meherabad continuously.”

Now, there are a few points I need to add to this conversation, for the sake of record:

1. Categorically speaking, we have two types of issues, Private/Individual and
Public/Collective. This issue, which I ‘always’ write about __NO COMPLAIN__ (Silence Up The Hill), definitely belongs to the second type! Maybe that is why it looks so ‘crazy’ for some people:

'why does he create so many ‘powerful enemies’ for himself, about an issue which is non of his business and nobody else cares about?!' The answer lies ONLY in His Wish Number ONE = “Do not shirk your responsibilities”. Why Baba did not use the word ‘duty’ instead of responsibility?

I think it is due to the two separate and sometime opposite domains of mind and heart. ‘Duty’ belongs to the mind and society and is something forced and imposed from OUTSIDE, while ‘responsibility’ is something, which needs consciousness and awareness and comes from within. It is the ‘duty’ AND the responsibility of Mrs. Priestess (Dastoor) to preserve, NOT only the PHYSICAL atmosphere of the Samadhi, BUT also the Spiritual ambiance (SILENCE, RULE No.10), BUT since she does not know what internal/external silence is, and since she thinks that she OWNS the place, she breaks the Rule and disturbs the silence and expresses her own negative emotions INSIDE the Samadhi, ignoring Baba’s order and others welfare, who had come there to get ‘The Real Thing’! Is it my ‘duty’ to maintain the silence there? No. I do it out of a sense of ‘responsibility’ and for my own pleasure of having complete silence there.

2. Yet the fact remains that I am only ONE person and they are MANY and that is why I have decided to stop going there at Arti times. The same decision which many senior residents in Meherabad took, probabely a long time ago! When was the last time anyone had seen brother Erico or Peter Booth at the Arti time?! Other senior ‘lovers’ who come at the Arti time, come to perform their songs to Baba, and give the moments some ‘juice’!

3. When I decided to stop going there for a while, I wanted to write a report titled “Victory Onto D” , D = Dolly !!! Yes, she and those who hate others and me for what we are, ‘love’ to keep us away from there. They ‘hate’ to be reminded to maintain the silence and ‘love’ to PRETEND that they are devoted to Baba, while they ignore His ‘Hissss’ Sign Photo! And of course a sound of a BELL, which brings and invites silence, is an ‘insult’ to their ‘Priesthood Role’!!!

4. About Bhauji’s suggestion, I have no problem keeping silence at all. As a matter of fact, I AM silent, when I go for the Darshan. I have stopped going to the artis (Rush hours!) regularly, a LONG TIME AGO! Once in a while I go there to enjoy seeing others AND to measure the noise! And when the season start, I may go again at anytime I want, taking my bells with me….. The story goes on, until……

5. The last SAD news or the HISTORICAL fact is that, “The meat (POWER) is already taken by the cat” and NO spiritual power can take it away from its mouth, what to say about a‘Chairman’s advice’! Only ‘mad’ ones can dare to tell the fact!

6. And I wrote early this morning, “If I am supposed to be shot/hit from the back, AS I HAVE BEEN before, then at least let me leave a ‘clue’ behind, as to ‘who’ might have done it!' Yes, historically speaking, Baba’s priests are NO different than Zartushtra’s Dastoors, Jesus’ Popes or Mohammad’ Mullas (Molavis). They ALL have the SAME mentality: VERY CUNNING, VERY Power Greedy and amazingly MERCILESS!

7. And Bhauji is right, I have NO WORRY & actually am VERY HAPPY, since Baba has been SO Gracious to me, guarding me so far, and letting me work here and die here, for His cause of LOVE & SERVICE!

Jay Baba



Meherabad of God


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