Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Shall Judge NOT'! Yesm BUT WHAT?تمیز و فرق قضاوت شخص با عمل شخص

Dear all

The following i just wrote to a friend, about a common friend, whose 'slogan' is @You Shall Judge NOT'! !!!@......

".....Wonderful. Thanx again.... One thing she and other who use this 'SLOGAN' (You Shall Judge NOT'! ) forget is to DISTINGUISH/DIFFERENTIATE between The ACTION and THE ACTOR!

Yes, this is THE TRICK! Mind is given to us for discrimination AS WELL. When a person does something, we may not like it and it may not actually be fair and just (Those who exploit/kill others). So what is our common sense here? just to ignore the 'dirty deed' because of:'You Shall Judge NOT'!???? No way.

Judging WHAT? Yes, we can say that the person who has done the 'dirty work' is CLEAN in spirit (as God's soul), BUT does it mean that we shall not evaluate and rate his/her ACTION?!!!
i wish this much is clear for now. If .... jann has ANY question regarding this, she may please put it 'on the table' here, otherwise, spreading 'HALF-TRUTH's is worse than spreading lies! it can be VERY misleading!

Jay Baba


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