Friday, February 03, 2006

Bhauji's message +Good news for Iranians in Persian Night= پیام باوجی و

23:06 /03/02/2006

Jay Baba…….. just came back from the Persian Night. .... Before the start, I asked the Irani brothers ‘in charge’ of the program that I want 12 minutes to ‘play’ and relate Bhauji’s message about ‘family hood’ of us, being/living here. I felt the resistance when it came to me ‘talking’!……… the brother went to Peter for ‘permission’ and the result was an ‘obvious NO’…..when I pressed to have a time for this, Peter also persisted that ‘tonight is ONLY for dance and music’ and ‘Bhau can relate his own message’ and ‘there is no need.’

So I insisted that ‘there is a need’ and ‘it is IMPORTANT’, and it is not going to harm anybody’. But still they would hesitate to put me in the program. I asked my dear brother Reza to have trust in me and let me talk……… So after the Hafez Ghazal and the fine translation into English by brother Reza, he gave me ‘6 minutes’ ……. So now I had the mic!!! (remember the revealing joke they say about the politicians that ‘whoever has the microphone is RIGHT?’!) ………. first asked everybody if they want and like me to ‘play’ for them. The response from all present was positive and encouraging. Even Peter did not object. Then I had to make ‘a condition’ and ask their ‘promise’ to be quiet and ‘not object’ to what I play’, and ‘do not interrupt me’ while I am playing, and ‘if somebody does not like my ‘playing’ they can bear with it or leave the hall. So ALL, including PB gave their promises! ….. first mentioned that the ‘instrument that I will play is not my daff, but my vocal chords’ and ‘I like to relate Bhauji’s message about using the word ‘FAMILY’, instead of ‘community’ (or any other word) {Oh, I forgot to mention that he also said that ‘NO ONE SHALL BE EXCLUDED FROM THIS FAMILY’!!}…. Then I briefly related yesterday event about my EXCLUSION of that yet to be formed ‘committee for Baba’s words in Persian’ by Mr Kiss!…..{if I had not taken that vow or ‘promise’ I am SURE PB and his men would make a BIG fuss trying to prevent me from saying this!! Don’t you think so?……… }

then I announce the ‘good news’ and the ‘sweet fruit’ of that event, the release of Persian translation of a Baba’s book = The Extracts of Avatar Meher Baba Teaching: A Practical Guide to Daily Life, on the net =………. FOR FREE......... Jay Baba

ٌWork was done, mission accomplished in 4.5 minutes and everyone except PB and his sympathisers were happy. He was ‘looking cool’, playing with his moustache (a sign of nervousness)….. {the films will reveal his body language, anyway}…… then there was music, singing and dancing and ended up with Susan and Reza dancing with a wonderful Kurdish song by the Kamkar brothers (all members are genious musicians), in which most of the present people participated by dancing along with them…. One thing was missing = some Persian sherbets, sweets or snacks…… Our Persian tradition is that we will NOT invite people without serving them something to eat or drink. Jay Baba and THANKS to The Capitano!


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