Saturday, February 04, 2006

A loving response from a Baba-lover=واکنشی عاشقانه از یکی از عاشقان بابا

Peace, the following i received just now with email.... it shows that still people can SEE what is happening here, WITHOUT their 'coloured lenses'! He is a Baba-lover, YET NOT a 'normal one'! Such a 'thing' DOES NOT EXISTS! He may even not be 'recognized' by the majority, as a 'sincere devotee' of Babaji, but I KNOW, and Baba KNOWS that is MUCH MUCH more loving and kind (in action, not in lip-service!) than MANY of the people i have met here, in His Magic Hill. Jay Babab :

Hi Mo...........Your 'battles' make me laugh. Your love-Joy-Playfulness makes you are target for people who have none or little, but it also makes you invulnerable. Just thinking of you brings a smile to my face......


Blogger maryam said...

i agreed with him/good luck

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