Monday, February 06, 2006

پیامی مهرآمیز از ایران=a loving message from Iran for the angry ones!

07/02/2006 09:14

Jay Baba…….. the following is from a reader from Iran, via Yahoo IM. I post and translate it here, so these hateful minds/souls here may get something which can be beneficial for them. No ego attachment to the ‘praise’ (as nothing personal in the ‘insults’, ONLY relating to the ‘watchers of this show’ what is happening in other levels too! Be Happy, do not worry, Baba will help us.

(2/7/2006 02:38:42 ق.ظ): و چه حسني ازاين بالاتر که شما واسطه اين امر خير هستيد

And what good higher than (the fact that) you are the medium for this blessed work.

(2/7/2006 02:39:38 ق.ظ): در مورد نامه اقاي پيتر از ويتنام /مي فهمم که ايشان چي مي گن/من موافق 100درصد ايشان هستم و براي خودم وجود شما را نعمت مي دانم/

Regarding the letter of Peter from Vietnam: I understand what he is saying. I 100% agree with him and I see you as a blessing for myself.

(2/7/2006 02:43:47 ق.ظ): و اين نشانه خوبي است که تعداد دشمنانتان زياد شده/بودن شما در انجا باعث شده که خيلي ازانان خود واقعيشان را که مدتها نهان بوده بواسطه مخالفت با شما نشان دهند/

And this is a good sign that the number of your enemies is increasing. Your being there and their enmity towards you had caused for many to show their ‘real face’__, which has been hidden for long.

(2/7/2006 02:45:44 ق.ظ): مهربابا که الان وجود ندارد و تن جسماني اون که الان براي ما وجود خارجي ندارد چرا که اکثرا با دبدن خود شحص تعاليم را بهتر فرا مي گيريم و کتابها هم به کندي کمکم مي کند.اما شما هستيد/بدون تعارف

Meher Baba is not in His physical body anymore for us. Often we learn the teaching by the presence of the Being in a better way and books help me slowly. But you are. Without any compliment.

(2/7/2006 02:47:12 ق.ظ): شما هستيد/يک روح بزرگ/که تجلي انسانيتيد و درک مهربابا و ديگر خوبان با شما حداقل براي من ميسر شده

You are/a great soul/ who is a manifestation of humanity/ and understanding Meher Baba and other Good Ones has been possible for me, with you.


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