Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baba & Jokes & We & Our Minds!

Jay Baba, following is my response to David's comment
on one of my previous posts in a BabaYGroup.
Maybe of some 'fun' for you!

Dear All + Dear David Bullock
Thank you for MOT censoring me and yourself.
i did not read Jashoa's comment on 'Lie-Clocks' yet, but just reading David's words feels good enough to have a quick response!

"....1a. Re: Lie-Clocks!! From: David Bullock

To Joshua Stout:
Whoa! Lighten up dude! The Lie-Clocks joke was hilarious. You
may be right it's not really appropriate for the Baba group,

Wait a moment please! If we all recall, in Baba's Presence jokes were told and He himself was found of them and would encourage people to say jokes and even those jokes you might call it 'dirty'!(Any need for reference page?!!) WHAT on earth can be 'dirty' in His eyes?! In OUR eyes? yes, surely, because it is NOT clear/clean of DUST yet. But certainly sex itself and even sexy jokes (which had been wrongly labeled as 'dirty', and we all know they are the most funny ones!) are NOT so in His eyes! Sorry to cut the 'root' right here, but it is very ESSENTIAL for people to be reminded that we shall NOT make BABA according to our own 'images'!
Do you think if you talk all 'serious stuff' (God Speaks for instance!) here, NON-STOP and say not one joke, that is 'appropriate' and Baba likes it this way?!!!! What makes us LIMIT Baba? even as a GROUP, in His name?

and you're certainly right that Baba has no "problem" with George Bush,

Also, what makes us decide whom Baba has problem with, and whom He does not?!!! The problem is that man 'projects' his own ideas/tastes on God!!
Baba may not have "problem" with GWB or SAKh, BUT certainly does not approve their stupid behaviours (deeds). So WHY do we use Baba for our own social-political viewpoints? In fact, Baba's FIRST WISH is to fulfil our responsibilities. So, when in a society a 'president' (even if selected and NOT elected, as in US and IRAN --Both presidents are selected by vested interests and not elected by people!) LIES, then whose responsibility ARE to report/expose those lies? Of course, the 'real' journalists!! Many of them are in Jail in Iran and many are under pressure from the system, all over the globe.

but that doesn't mean that Baba is so stupid He doesn't realize Bush has lied A LOT !

Right on brother! Now, telling a joke about 'boss Lies' is THE LEAST one can do!!

I think it was hilarious, and Baba may be using his clock as a ceiling fan!!
I love imagining Him doing that - how cool! (pun intended)

FUN? yes, what is wrong with that? Except if you take other unhealthy activities, as 'fun'!!! Does Baba or the Group moderator prevent us from having simple innocent jokes?!! With Baba at least you cannot do that!

I actually have another issue with the letter. Namely, the
language. That is, the arabic or iranian (Farsi) whatever.

Ah David Jaan. If you only knew what purpose does it serve!!!

In this day and age of terrorism, I think it's highly inappropriate
to be sending messages in a language that the VAST
majority of the group on line cannot read.

Good that you mentioned this. It may encourage me to do it more often!!! Do you know how many Persians can read the same?!

There is always the possibility that the person sending it is writing something
derogatory but funny about Bush on one level, and on another level,
is using the Baba group's email to convey instructions for when the next terrorist act is to commence, and how to implement it.

Wow, what an imagination! Wonderful!

And, NO, I'm NOT joking, and if you acuse me of being a racist
as I suspect some will, then you don't know the definition
of the word, because what I'm talking about has nothing to do with
race. (Besides, we all know that Mohsen, who still is
intellectually challenged and cannot spell "Jai Baba" is a known
terrorist !! : > )

Ha ha ha.....Yes, i can SCARE a few people and that is why i am 'posted' HERE, waiting for my final 'mission' from The Boss!!!

(that time I was joking, but I'm still not about the use of other
languages. In fact, what's the point of putting something into
another language on this list? Are Iranians/Persians actually going
to subscribe to this list if they cannot read English,
just so they can read an occasion message that shows up in Arabic or
Farsi ? - not likely!)

No dear! You may not know how many Persians are on my mailing list and how many receive them as Bcc and how many times it will pass from one individual/group to another individual/group. So please feel relax with those 'funny character' (as funny as Chinese/Greek characters for me and you!) and let them serve their purpose/function .

Love, In His Infinite Humor!
David Bullock

Yes, thank you dear. Thanks Baba that there are still people like you around to appreciate good healthy humour/jokes!

Yours in Baba's Love & Grace

Milky Way, Near Power House!

Peace Energy

Jay Baba
This was received by Dagji just now.....enjoy!

The Miracle of the peace sign appearing on the lawn of the US Capitol
continues. If you haven't heard the entire story, on Sunday, March 25, James
Twyman focused a peace ceremony commemorating the Season For Non-Violence in
Washington, DC. During the ceremony, which was held on the west lawn of the
US Capitol, the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" (for more info on this
amazing project please visit was laid gently on
the grass in the form of a giant peace sign, and the ceremony took place in
the center.

The next day the sponsor of the event, Gerry Eitner, received a concerned
phone call from the US Capitol Police saying that the grass where the cloth
lie was now discolored, leaving an enormous peace sign on the lawn.

This morning the police department called back with more information. They
believe that some type of fertilizer attached to the quilt caused the
discoloration. In reality, however, there was nothing attached to the
Children's Cloth except the prayers of those present at the ceremony, as
well as thousands of people from around the world. Subsequent calls to
professional lawn care companies indicated that there is currently nothing
on the market that would cause such a sudden overnight change. In fact,
witnesses reported that the "peace sign grass" is actually longer and
greener than the rest of the lawn.

Has a miracle visited the US Capitol? If so, then what is the message?

From James Twyman:

"I believe that this miracle was caused by two factors. First of all, there
were hundreds of thousands of people focusing on the Capitol ceremony while
it was taking place. At one point we actually held hands around the peace
sign and called upon the energy of all those people from around the world,
feeling their presence around the quilt with us. The intent of so many
people can be a powerful energetic force and seems to have catalyzed a
change in the actual earth causing the grass to grow greener and longer
overnight. Second, I believe that in some way and for some reason the earth
is literally giving us a sign. This is a critical point in the history of
the world. If we don't begin turning our thoughts and actions toward peace,
for both humanity and the environment, a deep crisis may be around the
corner. For me the peace sign on the lawn of the US Capitol is both a
warning and a symbol of hope. I'm hoping we'll listen and begin working for

Photos of the grass as well as the peace ceremony will be online later today

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two Good News of Loving

Jay Baba

Today is the last full day when MPR was opened. From tomorrow the facility will be closed until Jun 15th, for the summer holidays.

Following is for your information and rejoice!

1. Niyaz, 34, a fine friend from Tehran had ‘appeared’ after 6 years. She lives in Germany since 2003 and recently found me in Orkut. She is one the most lovely and refined souls I know, and it made me SO HAPPY to find her here on the net, because I know how she can be helpful for all. She may join me in the Emotional Consultation Service I have in the new site and her presence is a blessing for all of us. You will see why I say so, AFTER you get to know her a bit.

2. Around noon, had to go and fetch drinking water and shop. On the way to the ATM machine, I met Erico, in a very synchronized way. The timing and the way we met and talked was so perfectly arranged, that all I can say is that ‘Baba had planned the meeting’. Those who know Erico, might know the significance of this meeting, and the results. And those who do not know him, just have to wait and see! People like him are very hard to be described. He asked me how I was, and I had to tell him the truth = ‘frustration with the new Content Management System called Mambo I am working with, to make the new site’. Knowing his mathematical and computer background, despite the doubt I had about his acceptance, I requested him once again, to help me with the concepts involved. It was our second conversation about the new site. First he said that he does not want to get involved in ‘coding’, etc…. when I explained that the benefit of the site is for all and it will be a channel for people to find Baba, then all of a sudden things changed: He pulled the skin over his Adam’s Apple (thyroid gland) with his two fingers, and asked me if I knew the meaning of the gesture in Indian culture? I said ‘no’! Then he said, “ this shows a ‘ghassam’” (a promise by life). We, Persians use the same word, ‘ghassam’, meaning an oath or vow. So it means that Erico had promised to help me technically with the site, which IS A GOOD NEWS. Thanks to Baba, who arranges everything at the RIGHT TIME. He said this in front of Ashok’ store, and I guess putting it here and announcing it as a ‘loving news’ is ok with him.

Jay Meher Baba….Thanks

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Centre of The Universe/ Meherabad/ Bharata

11:20 / 09/03/2007

Jay Baba…..Just now, in a response to a message in Yahoo 360 degree, signed as following and liked it! Those who HAVE been here, know what I am talking about; and those who have NOT yet been here, may wonder what a ‘non-sense’ is this!

The ONLY way to prove it to oneself that THIS place, called Meherabad, in MH, Bharata, IS actually The Centre of The Universe (as far as we know it!) is to come here and ‘measure’ it and experience it! Is there ANY other way?

The following is the ‘signature’ and the translation in English:

محسن خاتمی

مرکز کائنات/ مهرآباد/ هندوستان

اگر کسی در مرکز بودن اینجا شک دارد می تواند بیاید و خودش اندازه بگیرد و تجربه کند.".

“Mohsen Khatami

Centre of The Universe/ Meherabad/ Bharata

If any one has doubt about the centeredness of this place, can come and measure it and experience for oneself.”

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Silence , Iranians in Meherabad

Jay Baba...long time, no post, HERE! Elsewhere i was busy!
The New site requires MUCH careful attention (Figuring out my content and categorizing them into working links is something challenging and sometimes frustrating, but thanks to the LOVE behind it, it goes fine, for the time being.

silence issue Iranians in Meher abad

silence Iranians Meherabad

06/03/2007 /09:59

Up at 3:30 am and did some sorting in the Mombo-site! Such a struggle! Went for morning Arti. Amazing enough, for those who follow the ‘silence Issue Up The Hill’, after the songs and the powerful ‘Happy Trail‘, the air was even more ‘noisy’ than ever! Not any ‘Bad talks’, actually sweet and friendly and warm chats, YET LOUD!

(Where 1 meter away hangs this sign = SILENCE PLEASE!!!) Joined the queue, to go INSIDE (where DD is/was ‘responsible’ for!!!) While waiting, again with closed eyes you could hear loud greeting and laughter, etc…. Had to use the bell a few times!! ,,,,it helped….actually…... and thanks Baba no one asked me NOT TO!

Mercy BabaJi

On the way to MPR (as Bahram was explaining the meaning! = M = Mehrban (Baba) / P =Peer=Master (e = of) R = Rah (The Path), stopped the bike and walked with two Irani brothers who had been here a few days and since I was at home, could not have a chance to meet them. It is Very interesting that the number of Iranians visiting Meherabad since last year has been increasing rapidly. Almost every month new faces! And during this Amarthiti (Jan./Feb 2007 on), there were about 70 of us, from all over the globe. One of them told me that I do not look like Iranian. Yes, I look more ‘American’, or ‘international’, than an Irani! But Pendu calls me ‘Irani’, and I like it! The fact that this place is the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH, where being Irani is a ‘plus’ and NOT a ‘minus’, make it quite ‘home’ for all Iranians and other nationals. And THIS is the miracle of this place = Each individual, regardless of the colour, race, nationality, etc, feels AT HOME here!

At breakfast table, Peter = Mr.Kiss! was telling his story with Baba, which had been an early childhood affair, when he had realized he had been born in a ‘wrong family’!

I wish the brother could record and write about it in his Safar-Nameh = ‘Trip Diary’.

The Dining Hall looked ‘empty’ this morning, compared to the last two ‘full’ months!

Staying here this summer could be a great experience. Back to Mambo!!

10:27 Jay Baba