Saturday, April 29, 2006

what am i doing here?

Jay Baba......this morning Beloved Mahadeva, from Belgium, asked me what am i doing here?! so the following was the reply and may be an excuse to update this blog after sometime..... hope to appear more often, later.... In His Love ............... Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

".......... i am having a very lovely peaceful time here,
meeting new friends from ALL over the 'village', from Iran too
..... moved my room to a more remote area now and i play some drum sometimes and like to practice some voice,
playing with my Tanbura and Tabla digital toys!.....

Baba's Grace it is like a dream life, no tension, no expectation,
..... i must have dome something to deserve it now
( have suffered enough for such kind of life!)

Here the atmosphere is more Tibetan than Indian and it is a great blessing...... sometimes i miss the Magic Hill, but Baba can be here, as MUSH as there..."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Love and spiritual progress

Jay Meher Baba
after being away from the 'town' for 2 days, the following was found in my inbox, which i love to share with all.....Thanks brother David for it.
Dear All in Him (including wife...):
I think this letter of Baba's to Rano says something very important. First you go for love of the Beloved, then understanding comes naturally, not the other way around.
Jai Baba,

Ahmednagar, Oct. 19. 1934

My dearest Kemali,

I have your letter of Sept. 25th.
The growth of Love naturally tends to growth of "understanding",
and all that you now feel and experience anew shows a distinct growth
in love, and which people ordinarily would term "Spiritual progress".

My love will always help you understand life and its varied
experiences better, and teach you to take things calmly, placidly and
in a cheerful mood, which is no small achievement. Years of Yoga
practices (in meditation and concentration) aim at that, but the love
and personal contact with a Perfect Master can achieve, in a
comparatively small period, what other practices can hardly do in
years. You needn't feel anxious for that.

You are very very lucky - to what extent, you will realize later
on. Meanwhile, just try to love me and think of me, and leave things
to me.

All my love to the dear ones at your end, and also to yourself.

MS Irani

Thursday, April 20, 2006

for the girls wishing to 'marry' = MOHEM AST

Jay Baba, the following i just found in my inbox, it is about the rights the woman CAN HAVE, to be registered in the marrigae certificate. If you do not ask for it, they will not give them to you! So make sure these 'conditions' ARE WRITTEN in your marriage document.

شروط ضمن عقد
این شروط باید با عبارات حقوقی معینی در عقدنامه نوشته شود و در صورت ذکر نشدن برخی عبارات خاص حقوقی از حیث اعتبار خارج است و نمی توان به آنها استناد کرد.

1. زوج به زوجه وكالت بلا عزل با حق توكيل به غير ميدهد تا زوجه در هر زماني كه بخواهد از جانب زوج اقدام به متاركه نموده و از قيد زوجيت خود را رها كند به هر طريق اعم از اخذ يا بذل مهريه.
2. زوجه اجازه دارد از هم اكنون هرگاه خواست به خارج از كشور برود و نياز به اجازه مجدد زوج ندارد. چه براي اخذ يا تمديد يا تجديد گذرنامه و اين اجازه دائمي است.
3. زوجه حق ادامه تحصيل تا هر مرحله اي كه لازم بداند و در هر مكان و محلي كه ايجاب نمايد مخير است.
4. زوج ، زوجه را در انتخاب هر شغلي كه مايل باشد و هر كجا كه بتواند كار كند، مخير ميكند و اجازه ميدهد كه مشغول به كار شود.
5. زوج و زوجه متعهد ميشوند هنگام جدايي اعم از اينكه متاركه به درخواست مرد باشد يا به درخواست زن، كليه دارايی كه بعد از ازدواج دائم زوجين به دست ميآورد بين آن ها به مناصفه تقسيم شود.
6. حق انتخاب مسكن و تعيين شهر يا محلي كه زندگي مشترك در آنجا ادامه پيدا كند با زوجه خواهد بود.
7. اگر در آينده زوجين داراي فرزند شدند و طلاق اتفاق افتاد حضانت فرزندان به عهده زوجه باشد و در صورت خروج از كشور نيازي به اذن پدر ندارند.
ازدواج یک قرارداد حقوقی است که بر اساس آن زن و مرد حقوق و تکالیفی را بر عهده می گیرند. بر اساس قوانین مدنی ایران، این حقوق و تکالیف به صورت برابر بین زن و شوهر تقسیم نمی شود و در واقع زن به موجب عقد ازدواج بسیایر از حقوق مدنی و معنوی خود همچون حق سفر، اشتغال، انتخاب مسکن، ولایت بر فرزندان و جدایی از همسر را از دست می دهند و در قبال آن حقوق ماد همچون مهریه و نفقه را به دست می اورند که در بسیاری ازموارد دستیابی به این حقوق مادی هم با مشکل همراه است، براي رفع اين نابرابري و براي اينكه يك تعادلي بين اين حقوق و تكاليف برقرار شود، ميتوانيم از شروط ضمن عقد استفاده كنيم.يعني زن و شوهر يك سري مسائل مورد توافق خودشان را كه قانون در مورد آنها ساكت است يا نظر قانون در آن زمينه مورد پذيرش آنها نيست ولي مطابق خود قانون توافق خلاف آن هم ممكن است، در سند ازدواج به عنوان شروط ضمن عقد ثبت كنند.
این شروط که شامل حق مسکن، کار، تحصیل، طلاق، تقسیم دارایی های مشترک در هنگام جدایی و حضانت فرزندان است،باید در هنگام عقد نکاح در دفتر خانه ثبت اسناد رسمی در قباله ازدواج ثبت شود.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A simple REAL Baba story

Jay Baba, past two days in the morning i went to the local school here to do some volunteer work. Yesterday we did some ABC with the kids and this morning i played the Tabla machine for them + some daff to excersise the bodies..... it is much fun watching the kids and the interaction with us.....
Now i got this 'real story' of how Baba comes to our lives..... simple, yet very 'touching'... hereby i invite ALL His lovers to send me their own 'stories' of how Baba came to their lives (or How they met Baba) Thank you Satish Jaan! ('stresses' are mine!) Jay Baba

Dear Brother Mohsen,

My story with Baba is very very simple. You might wonder that Baba had been with me even before I heard His name "Meher Baba". Since early childhood I began to feel that "some" power is helping, guiding, me and manifesting as my poems.essays and other medium of fine arts and literature. I thought that it was my sheer destiny or good/bad luck. I read nearly all the philosophers, both old amd new; kept performing my dairy rosaries as rituals, but with faith and conviction about God's existance. All of a sudden, just I retired from government service (in 1999), accidently attended one Baba function at Lucknow. I then realised that it was Meher Baba who had been behind everything witch happend to me in my life.

My dear, my story may seem astonishing, but let me put it in the following way:

There are three stages to realise Meher Baba as God. First, you have to "beleive' in God and His existance. Second, you have to convince yourself wholeheartedly that HE may be both formless and in-form. Thirdly, you have to understand the princile of Avatarhood. All these are of course, mental excersise, but you have to undergo though it because we can discard "mind'. Human are said to be mental beings. When Baba says "anihialation of mind", He means the "complete harmony between mind and heart"

So dear, there is nothing special about me. Just an ordinary man with all the vices and much less vertues.
I am very much touched by your bogs compaign. I guess you are a Media person, and I look upon you as a friend in the vast ocean of internet, who is doing just the things which Baba said to Jean Andriel (I hope i have spelled her name correctly; see the book 'The Avatar' by her). Thus:
Saluting Him in you

Monday, April 17, 2006

The witness came out of the blue =shahed az gheib resid!

25 minutes ago, from Holland, this message came to my inbox, acknowledging the fact that the younger readers CAN and DO use the content of this blog.

‘Hatman Mohsen jan.
Khoshal ham hastam ke be fekre man ham hasty.

Etefaghan man blogha ra ta jayi ke betoonam donbal mikonam.

Tajrobiat va nazariat dar blogha baraye man be shakhse
payami be hamrah dare.

Ba sepas, Helia

Mother/father Complex +sex = 2 Fresh topics of interest for all

Jay Baba: following is a recent communication with a brother who is a very special and mysterious Babalover soul', i have been blessed to know him this year and our brotherhood is growing with such exchanges. The topic is one of the two 'favorite topics for ALL = money and sex': the second one; which is actually in an 'existential way' the primary one; money comes much later in the picture!

If God = TRUTH, then this is ‘GOING for IT’; and if anybody has anything against this, please write it down and send for us! Starting from the ‘basic issues’ is the way to get to the ‘sublime issues’, such as God-realization. And for me, the audience of this blog are mainly the younger generation who may use the experience of the experienced ones. The same-age group (5os) could also enjoy comparing the different views, while the more advanced group (60+) may also use it to add their own experience here for us ALL to benefit.

So I hope by starting this ‘topic’ no one gets offended, because there is NOTHING to ‘defend’! there is much to ‘share’ but nothing to ‘hide’ or nothing to defend. Yes, ‘some ‘offence’ can be already seen for/on/at the ‘conditioned mind’, but that is part of the game! If anyone wants to ‘play’ the ‘defensive side’, I welcome it! But there is really NOTHING to ‘defend’! Truth needs no defense. Cloudy and False-like may appear, but is always shining sharp, even behind the clouds of the ‘conditioned mind’!

So since I just got his permission to publish his views, enjoy reading our correspondence if you like, or click elsewhere to use your valuable time in some other topics!

(BOLD font is his)

Dear....THANK you again for the sharing... i enjoy it and i am SURE many would enjoy reading such 'first hand' REAL experiences (specially young people who have YET to experience such truths /facts of life.) i hope some day you allow me to use them (anonymously of course! in my blog. when?

…..I think you're right about me, my ego, enjoying being 'The Most', although it's usually expressed in a subtle or off-beat way.
well, it is NOT only about you, it is a normal natural function of the ego, true for ALL (who can see!)

It's another leftover from my upbringing.
Yes dear, all we suffer/ enjoy now is the result of our upbringing. and this brings the famous issue of 'mother/father complex' in Jungian psychology.

My parents were quite obsessed with being superior to everyone else, and they succeeded in this obsession in many ways, and it did bring them a measure of contentment / satisfaction.
Yes, and suppose you meet a woman with the opposite background and due to her obsession to fulfill the basic desires (will to power included) and your 'habit' of looking for 'beauty and innocence, you meet and fall/rise in lust/love! then what happens?

My mother was brought up a theosophist, and still knew The Bhagavad Gita word-perfect on her deathbed, but she rejected this spiritual upbringing and expressed absolutely no regrets even as she lay dying.
The BIG problem with the 'strong ego' is the PRIDE and unless this is not 'dissolved in love' the transformation is NOT possible and one need another round of Samsara/Maya to get rid of that PRIDE. i am also aware of my 'pride' and wish Baba has something in 'store' for me to deal with/transcend it.

To have such extreme parents is sure to effect anyone to some extent.
Yes, it is a natural law of growth: to over-grow the parents and become one 'step' ahead of them, evlolution-wise i mean.

I'm the opposite of her.
Yes, usually this happens : we choose the opposite of what we suffer from!

I had an extremely worldly upbringing which I rejected, but some aspects of it still express themselves.

Yes and this is the domain of sub or unconsciousness to register things in the childhood, so to deal with them later in life. it reminded me of the movie i watch 2 nights ago about the life of Johnny Cash. it was wonderful to watch all these archetypes of child/parent/warrior/lover/magician.....

As far as sex goes, here's Baba's exact words 'The only REAL CONTROL is the discipline of the senses from indulgence in low desires, which alone ensures absolut purity of character'.

well well, great, but HOLD it there! INDULGENCE is SO different than having a 'normal happy useful sex-life'! Yes or no? Baba is talking about 'indulgence' and by definition is it so different than using His given gift = sex in a loving caring way. am i wrong here or what?

I couldn't remember in my last email, but it was Ramakrishna who was still having problems with lust whilst on the 6th plane.
Yes, Mahatma Gandhi is also reported to have wet dreams at his later age. Suppression of the lower desires is the biggest mistake man can MAKE! sex-energy is a divine God-given gift and using it in moderation and in a guilt-free way is the best 'gratitude' man can have for His lord for this gift. Baba also talk about 'lust' as the FIRST step toward true/real love... SO this FISRT makes it clear that we shall not remove it or deny it or think BAD about it : after all, that is the FIRST STEP! and to PASS it, one needs to PASS it, not to destroy it or negate it or deny it.

For a long time I've tried to at least mitigate the negative effects of lust by only having sex with a woman I loved, but I still think it would be better to not feel lust in the first place.
Well, after reading the above, please let me know about your last 'first place'!! LUST id the 'first place' anyway, like it or not, it is HIS wish!

After all, it's just another expression of duality and the illusion of separateness.

'Another' yes, but NOT the 'negative' one! remember that we all come FROM 'duality' to 'ONENESS", and duality being Maya, the FIRST shadow of God, it has it own 'PLACE' too, the 'FIRST place'! ... and in ANY 'journey' FIRST and LAST step are the critical/crucial ones, none can be denied, and in order to reach the last we MUST respect the 'first' and start from there, not indulging of course! Indulgence is another 'separate issue' which we can talk about it later.

Much Love and many thanks for your input

Much love and care from here too, and thank you for going on with me……

In His Love and Grace ……
Yours in His FIRE Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

This 4w & freedom of expression

Jay Baba.... i rather post useful essential things, rather than the trivia, so the delay in posting is just due to this fact, and 'other facts of life'! The following is a 'fresh reply' to an Irani sister, living abroad, who we recently met thru some Yahoo group i send my translaions to. Since it is related to my previous post/'favorite subject', i post some parts of it here and welcome your feedbacks on this and other post.... more is cooking about other 'vita; interesting topics' (Italics are hers)

Dear friend .......Glad this English correspondence is useful for you, for me is, as well. please keep it up and if you let me i use some of your words in my blog.............

From those articles ,I only read one which was very intresting too,About different thought of different nations,whom are supposed to be free and liberated in the 21th century ,although we encountered condemn of those people ,as in Bahaee ,religion.

i am glad you see the point.

The largest of whom being astonished by some of wrong decisions of the Sects of the other religion such as moslems in Iran.

........ or 'extinct' ?? or procesuted? Yes, those mullas cannot tolerate anything that goes agains their big sick egos!

Although we have to accept , it comes from benefits of politicians who made decisions to abolish those Bahaee ,...............

Yes and unfortunately, in Iran these days, the Politicians and the Priests are ONE nasty 'body'!!

Anyway ,dont make it wrong I am not Bahaee either,but I had some Bahaee freinds when I was in central America,they were really freindly nice and well educated.One of them was the leader of the group of nine people ,and I had seen many pictures from Hifa in Israeel ,their temple and religious ceremonies,.

Yes, true. they are 'highly cultured and very close to the 'ultimate truth = LOVE', much much closer to GOD than those who condemn/prosecute them!

In my opinion all the people are good ,this is us who think bad about the people ,so they are not responsible for the way we think about them.

Yes dear, this is called 'right seeing'. Wish those in 'worldly power' also could see this, but as you know better, they are 'blind and deaf'!

Oh I talked too much ,soory about that and I wanted to mention this point that ,the article I have read there ,facinated me so much in this case and it shows the reality in a way u accept the argumentation of the article.

Thank you dear, do you mean the Farsi article by M.Mir?
Yes, Freedom of expression has been always my way of life, in theory and in practice. i Thank the whole existence that we have this wwww (wonderful www!) to express ourselves and communicate with each other.

Yes, the first few sentences were in German , cuz I have seen the weblog about u in German language,may be it was because of my computer setting,.

thank you yet i would love to know if it was YOUR writing or the site introduction, or what else? if it was yours, i appreciate a translation!

Ok thanks alot again for what u sent to me,
somtimes my dictation and words which I used are not correct ,the reason is only mixing alot with German and French ,so forgive me for this case,I know I almost forget English but it is good to write in English .It is helpful.
Ok it is all for now,thanks again ,and bon weekend.Happy Easter, Happy smiles ,, Mojdeh,

Thank you dear one. i appreciate your being my friend and hope we communicate more often and if you let me i will post some of this mail to my blog, to encourage readers feedbacks..........
in His love and service

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Humanity MUST prevail

the following i just found in my inbox, since it is about HUMAN RIGHT of self-expression, will post it here for a change, for Farsi readers. Hope i am not 'accused' of being a "Bahaee'! But who cares, i visted their temple in Delhi 2 months ago and it was a delight! Jay Baba
انسانیست باید محقق شود.
سالهاست که دراین مملکت انسانها به جرم اندیشه محکوم میشوند. ربطی هم به جمهوری اسلامی ندارد. آیین قبیله است. ریشه اش بیشتر در فرهنگ است تا سیاست. اما وسعتش وقتی دیده میشود که میرسد به روابط کلان اجتماعی. عمریست قاعده دراین مرز و بوم حذف مستقیم دیگران است . فقط حلقه ی این "دیگران" درهر دوره از گردن عده ای به گردن گروهی دیگر افتاده.
درميان آنها که مدام "دیگران" بوده اند ، چه درزمان قاجار، چه درزمان پهلوی و چه امروزـ البته با شدت و ضعف درنوسان ـ بهائیان، شاگرد اول شده اند. محرومیت از تحصیل دانشگاهی ، محرومیت از ثبت ازدواج در اسناد رسمی ایران ، محرومیت از دریافت حقوق بازنشستگی ، حتی محرومیت از داشتن عنوانی به نام بازنشستگی علیرغم سنوات کار، محرومیت ازداشتن حق بیمه ،محرومیت از داشتن سنگ قبر، اعدام های فراوان، شکنجه وحبس های بی دلیل، حبس اموال، تخریب مکانهای مقدس و ممنوعیت خروج از کشورو آزارهایی از این دست ـ که چند موردش بعد از اصلاحات کم رنگ و یا حل شد و باقیش همچنان به قوت خودش باقیست ـ از جمله مواردیست که باور کردنش در قرن ۲۱ کمی سخت است اما به شدت واقعیست. و تمام اینها تاوان همان "جور دیگر اندیشیدن" است و قصه ی" قبیله و دشمن". متاسفانه ترس از آنچه که هرگز ندانسته ایم چیست، فضا را برای اعمال این حذف خشن آماده تر میکند.
گاهی فکر میکنم این ندانستن بر میگردد به اینکه به شدت ایرانیست. شاید اگر مبداش به هند یا چین یا بیافرا بر میگشت کمی ساده تر نگاهش میکردیم .هنوزهم ما، بهائیان را به عنوان پیروان "بهائی گری" میشناسیم. هنوز هم به دلیل نظم اداری این آیین، باور میکنیم که اینها وابسته اند به تشکیلات مخوف فراماسونری. هنوز هم فکر میکنیم که کار، کارانگلیس ها ست و کتاب های قطوری هم برای اثبات این فرضیه ها در بغلمان گذاشته اند. هنوز هم خیلی ها فکر میکنند که اميرعباس هویدا بهائی بوده . هنوز هم قصه ها هست ازآن کلید ها که در محفل های این جماعت رد و بدل میشود. و قصه های ازدواج با محارم... و خلاصه هر چه که غرور ملتی را جریحه دار میکند تا آنها را محکوم کند و من حذف کننده را تایید. ونمی دانیم که آنها هنوزهم زندانی میشوند و هیچکس نمیتواند خبری از وضع سلامتشان به بیرون برساند یا ازشان دفاع کند.
اینکه من چه باوری دارم، دین دارم یا حتی خداپرست هم نیستم ، اصلن مهم نیست. حتی اینکه آیا به آنچه ادعای باورش را داشته ام یا به باورش شهرت پیدا کرده ام ، مخلص بوده ام یا نه. حتی اینکه آنچه جماعتی عاشقانه برایش جان میدهند به زعم من یا دیگری اسمش دین است یا فرقه یا هیچ، این هم مهم نیست.
من اما به عنوان یک انسان درد میکشم وقتی انسان دیگری تنها به جرم اندیشه ی" دیگر" در هر کجای تاریخ یا جغرافیای هستی محکوم باشد. چه زینب ،چه مسیح ، چه حلاج ، چه گالیله، چه ژاندارک، چه ماندلا، چه طاهره ، چه واسلاو هاول، چه اکبر گنجی و چه آنها که بعدها نامشان خواهد ماند
محمد میر

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strong egos/ Weak egos

The following is an extract from a correspondence I had this morning with a very dear brother in Baba’s family regarding the ‘good-old’ EGO issue!! Hope it can clarify some of the terminology I use in this blog. Any EXTRA clarifications, original ideas or suggestions are welcomed. ( * is him / = is me !)

* I did not say, or mean to imply, that strong ego's are 'bad'. They can be a lot of fun,
but are often very 'difficult' to deal with. I never met Eruch, but I have the impression
that he had a very strong ego. Also Mani and definitely Kati

= sorry that was my 'first impression' ……. as you know, ‘meaning DIFFICULT', has a 'negative connotation' and that is what i wanted to clarify that the same (negativity) can be turned into its opposite by the 'alchemy of Love for God'

* This is 100% true, but strong ego's strongly resist being dominated by anybody, even God.

= Well, this brings the question of 'domination'!! WHY we shall get trapped into this?
One way or the other, it is NOT ok. EVEN God does not dominate us (except by the 'natural forces of His') . i think 'domination' is an 'animal/human' issue and no one must be dominating OR being DOMINATED..... except when LOVE DOMINATES, which is totally an different thing!

* The other point I would like to make is that both of us, and most people, are taking our
relationships with other people-selfs more seriously than our relationship with Baba-God ???

= Well, maybe so, yet i think the way i have come so far, shows that i have taken my work (translation/transmission of the words of love and wisdom, which is somehow GOD-related!) MORE seriously than my other relationships. I had risked my job, social status, and even my life, while in Iran. A very good recent example is my 3-year-young, deep relationship with my ex-mortal-beloved which ended up by me trying to 'bombard' her with Baba's words/info; and asking her explicitly 'NOT to come from Pune to Mehrabad, if it is only for visiting me, but for Baba', …. these 'stupid' actions made us separated, Thanks to Baba Himself!

HuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBabaHuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

An appreciation and a clarification

David's answer to that question was really soothing and relaxing for me. It feels that it released some potent energy to use it for 'GOING FOT GOD'. ........ already started (or actually continued more intensly!) sending some 'light' (chapters/whole books in Farsi, by email) for Yahoo groups and individuals who appreciate/need them (one is a 'key' figure on the net__an 'emotional consultant' in a Yahoo group, and a 'loved' one in her teaching profession )...

Now, with more relaxation and more intensity, i am thinking about HOW to make these 'lights' available for MORE people..... there are 30 books (my Tehran translations) in my Macintosh laptop here, waiting for a technical solution, to be put on the net (some font problem)....(have written a note about it on my white board and carry it with me on the streets here!)

So i take David's advise and just 'Go for God'!! if we say GOD= TRUTH, then what i have in 'possession' is a real 'treasure', needing to be distributed among those who can enjoy it..... this morning had a letter from David, clarifying that the quote was NOT from Baba (as i thought so) the following is my reply to him and his letter...... Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear brother David
Thank you so much for the clarification. i thought it was from Baba, BUT all wise words come somehow from Baba, na?! i am glad you responded so promptly and wisely... it made me much more relaxed and now my energy is directed to "GO FOR HIM"!!!! i already started sharing my translations (which are all banned and VERY popular in Iran) with a few friends and am thinking (using the mind for its purpose) about HOW to share it with MORE people who can use them and benefit from them. This internet is a real blessing for such works and i shall find a way, by His guidance of course.

Thank you again and you know better what your prize will be, in your next visit to the holy land!
please stay in touch and watch me HOW i 'go for God'!!! i just love the phrase (in action!)

On 4/11/06, David Graber, MUSC wrote:
Mohsen -
Nice to hear from you! I do need to mention that the saying is not from Baba, but is a Sufi saying, and I can't remember exactly who said it.
Jai Baba,
from a letter to a brother in our family

"Dear ........... And let us not forget that WE also
(you name the new/old pilgrims pioneers/residents in Meherabad)
AT LEAST once have been 'strong egos',
before wanting to submit the ego to our Beloved Baba.
Actually I feel that the stronger the ego is, the more it can give to others,
when submitted to the will of God.

Weak egos have not much quality to offer and are always subordinated
to the stronger egos who like to dominate others
(not the submitters of the strong egos who can only serve God by their actions!)

They HAVE something to share…..
so just having a strong ego is NOT the issue,
the problem is when the strong egos do not even know HOW to LOVE God
and how to Submit to God…..

Best answer so far =".... go for God and don't worry about self-actualization..."

Jay Baba...........after hving wonderful evening came to write some more and found the first and best answer to my solevd that main question .....Dear David will get his prize when back in Mehrabad, Baba's wish/will............ then it brings another question of 'HOW' "to go for God" ?????????? any ideas/ suggestions? This will also have a 'prize' for it! Jay Baba..................

Dearest brother David
Wow, Thank you so much for the wonderful saying of our Beloved Baba, if you permit, will post it, for others to benefit too. There is much to learn from Baba, thru you who love and serve Him. i am thankful to you for the wise respond. No, i was NOT aware of this sayings of our Baba. since it is in English Many more people can benefit from it, those who do not even know who Baba was/is!

i have been thinking about you whenever i use ' the seat'. AT home, in trains and on my new balcony/roof. have it now with me too! left it last week in a Tibetan resturant and forgot about it for 3-4 days and then with 'not much hope' went there and asked for it, and they gave it to me! A rare case in India! Here, one noticable thing is that people look more happy, peceful and honest that the rest of India i have seen (except on the Magic Hill, of course!) (That place is UNIQUE on this earth___ for MANY things, this included!) s
Since this was a genuine gift from you, it was not lost! Thank you again for all you love and sharing and wish you the best and hope we can communicate more with the blog. Your enlightening comments, like this one, are ALWAYS welcome for all who read it (including the younger people in Iran)

On 4/11/06, David Graber, MUSC wrote:
Hi Mohsen -Your question is one that I made my mind up about some time ago. My feeling is to go for God and don't worry about self-actualization: when you have Him, you have self-actualization anyway. This quote relates to your question (maybe you are familiar with it)...

"If you were to be united with Him only after the extinction of your vices and the effacement of your pretensions, you would never be united with Him!

Instead, when he wants to unite you to Himself, he covers your attribute with His attribute and hides your quality with His quality.

And thus he unites you to Himself by virtue of what comes from Him to you, not by virtue of what comes from you to Him.

Sufi Saying

So you can turn to God and love God, still being imperfect. In fact, that's what He wants. He will take care of your spiritual growth and actualization."

I'm sure you'll hear some different opinions. Hope you're keeping well,

In His Love,

David R. Graber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director - Bachelor of Health Sciences Program
Health Administration & Policy
College of Health Professions

tel # removed by mohsen!

An open question for all ‘Baba-lovers’

Jay Baba dear ones
Our Beloved says:

“The best of all forces, which can overcome all difficulties on the way, is the love that knows how to give without need to bargain for a return. There is nothing that love cannot achieve, and there is nothing that love cannot sacrifice. There is nothing beyond God and there is nothing without God, and yet, God can always be captured by love. ……

Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power, and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set all life aglow. Yet it must be kindled and rekindled in the abysmal darkness of selfish thoughts, selfish words and selfish deeds, as it is fired anew, it bursts out in magnificent light to serve as a beacon for those who still grope in the darkness of selfishness, be that darkness deep blue or all black……….

The way of love is not free from sacrifices. Just as heat and light go hand in hand, so do love and sacrifice. The true spirit of sacrifice springs spontaneously, like humility, and cannot be aware of itself, nor reserve itself for particular objects and special occasion……

Love means suffering and pain for oneself, and happiness for others. To the giver it is suffering without malaise or hatred; to the receiver it is a blessing without obligation…..

The spirit of true love and real sacrifice is beyond all ledgers and needs no measure. A constant longing to love and be loving, and a non-calculating will to sacrifice in every walk of life __ high and low, big and small, between home and office, streets and cities, countries and continents __ are the best measures man can take to be really self-ful and joyful.”

Meher Baba On Love, pages 60-63

To make it very ‘practical’ for the lives of MANY,
in different ‘cities, countries and continents’,
I would like to bring up this ‘not very personal question’:

My ‘right shoe’ contains an intense longing for Self(God)-realization, YET I feel that ‘self-actualization’ comes BEFORE self-realization (How can realize God without first realizing/actualizing oneself?)................. my ‘left shoe’ contains a longing to serve others the way I CAN. I feel there is no better way to serve ‘those who still grope in the darkness of selfishness, be that darkness deep blue or all black’ than to somehow reveal their divine nature (true-selves) covered up by their ‘false-selves’. For this purpose, I have created/collected a VERY RICH source of text/audio/visual materials to be published/broadcasted for the ‘intended audience’ (Persian/English speaking YOUNG generations)………..

Now, my ‘shoes’ are GLUED to the earth and have no ‘WINGS’ yet to fly!
Providing such ‘wings’ are NOT so costly, relatively speaking, but it can be EASILY provided if there is enough TRUST, ‘love and sacrifice’ from those who love Baba and see this as a ‘feasible project’. it needs a 'collective effort' ONLY.
Thus this open question for all of you___ which can also serve as a 'testing tool' for introspection too!

The best practical/useful answer will win a ‘prize’ from me via the net, OR, in Person on The Magic Hill in Meherabad.

Love you all

Saturday, April 08, 2006

my wish/ His Will

Anche Delam Khast, Na Aan Mishavad
Harche Baba Khast, Hamaan Mishavad !!

“Whatever my heart wants, that does not come true;
Whatever God wants, that comes true.”

This is a very common poem in our culture which I choose to write about and explore it in a ‘personal manner’ to explain the very popular topic of human Free Will and The Will of God, in a simple and Practical way, wishing it can lead us all to a better understanding of 'mechanism of wishing'

...... This afternoon, after making a good meal (Marcell, a new American friend who is a very special being, liked it very much too__he came to visit Tao upstairs, and since she was not home, he stopped at my place and received a Reiki session which helped him to sleep for about 15 minutes… he had this sleep problem... a VERY ACTIVE man with too many ‘projects’ on his shoulders!) .....eating it alone, rested for a while and then brother Shripad from AhmedNagar called and asked me if ‘everything’ was good with me. After resolving my mobile problem earlier, of course I felt so and told him that things are going fine here and I am really enjoying this trip so far. He again asked me if I needed some money to be transferred to my bank account or to be paidto the Reliance co. for my mobile phone (few days agoI had SMSed(!) him that the reason I do not call him is that I am on a ‘limited budget’.)

Again I assured him that I do not need any money now and if I did, I will tell him. He is sure that he will get his money back when I come back home (Mehrabad).
But ‘HOW” can I be 100% sure myself?!!!

This is the main question leading me to write about this topic! My wish is to be able to serve others with the best of my ability and i am convinced that if I am in harmony with His wish, I do not see any reason why my wish shall not be fulfilled!!
{By the way, for those of you who know God to be a feminine figure__a Goddess Mother form, and use She forHer, I have to mention that for many people, including myself, Meher Baba is actually a Mother-figure too__due to His motherly compassion and care we receive from Him; and also, for God, the gender problem should not really be of any ‘problem’!!}…..

Now back to my needs, desires or wants/wishes, or my ‘will’……it is better to differentiate these different states of mind/heart RIGHT HERE, otherwise we will end up in a mess, as it had been so, for many people, for ages (people desire and want things and get frustrated always!)

{sometimes when i use 'my', it can mean 'a human being'!!}

First there is my ‘basic needs’ (food, shelter, sleep, sex, ….), then according to Abraham Mazlo, there are ‘higher needs’ of self-expression and ‘self-actualization’, + the need to be needed/loved, etc….. Thanks to the whole existence, I have no major ‘issue’ in this respect (To be honest, although had not an active sex life in about one year, this ‘basic need’ at this AGE is not of any ‘problem’ at all (for younger people and those who had not experienced this VITAL aspect of self-knowledge, yes, having a fulfilled sexual life IS an ‘issue’ to be resolved somehow!)

In the process of fulfilling these needs (basic or higher needs) we all encounter with our “desires”, which are usually for the worldly possessions/power. One desire fulfilled, leads to another more complex one and this ‘chain of desires’ is endless and can only create frustration and misery….. i also had experenced such frustrations, but if I was a ‘spoiled rich kid’ and all my desires were fulfilled instantly, who knows how I would be now?! Thanks to Baba, I was born into a middle-class family with a very kind, loving, honest and generous father. So the question for me, NOW, at this age, is not even the desire to become powerful or famous! My 'real' ‘power’ is my actual/factual ‘powerlessness’ and my name is already known to ‘People on the Path’ (young Iranians interested in mysticism).

Then what is this ‘urge’ making me write all this? The need for self-expression and self-actualization? Yes, I feel so. I feel that if my wish to love and serve others is in harmony with the Divine Wish, and if I have been ‘gifted/blessed’ with some resources/talents to do be of any service to humanity, the existence = Baba will not fail me, as it had been my experience so far (despite ALL the hardship on the Path of Love). For those who know me enough, it is clear that I have always followed my Heart’s decisions which were usually considered ‘stupid/foolish/unwise/illogical/etc…’ by the majority of the people, including my own ‘false family members’. Dr. Deepak Chopra calls the heart, 'our most wise organ/faculty', and i have seen a scientific movie in the University that HOW the primal TWO cells, join together (conception) to make the HEART the first beating-expanding organ in the process of germination....

And now, having a REAL family of Baba, can only give me more courage to continue and make my efforts to fulfill those higher needs, which can be of use for others….. I feel if I honestly share my own views and feeling with my ‘real family’ members who read this blog, The Divine Wish will provide us with enough ways and means to fulfill these needs……

So speaking of my ‘resources/talents’, I must 'confess' that I have started collecting various media (articles, books/DVDs,…) on our Compassionate Father, which I wish to broadcast them using the new technology of i-casting (simple internet radio programs) in English AND Persian languages. (see my resume here, for the professional qualifications).

I also have more than 10’000 A4 pages of ‘instructional material’ in self-knowledge, in Persian language (including two Baba books, one already available here, free of charge, for Farsi-speaking people.) There is also a NEW Rumi book , in English, ready for print/e-book publication.

My intention is to make all these resources available for public, using the newest technology available.

But those who ‘know’ the ‘UNreal facts of life’ know better than this cannot be accomplished without a good CLEAN source of money. Yes, ‘money’ which can solve MANY unreal problems...... Only LOVE can solve our REAL problems. So, this is a good testing ground for me and those with love and money….. I used to say to my friends that there are MANY people with LOVE ONLY, and there are still more people, with MONEY ONLY!! But there are a very few blessed souls with the right combination of ‘love AND money and generousity’….. these are the people who can give me a helping hand to actualize this ‘old old’ dream of mine running a 7/24 broadcasting studio to broadcast ONLY LOVE/LIGHT) (reminded me of my last efforts in USA, April 1979, spending my last dollars on preparing a 'professional paper' by an American expert in NYC, on how to run an independent TV station….. it never came true of course, since the ‘new people in charge’ were not interested in anything other than their own ‘power struggle’ at that time.)

More on this later........ it is getting late here....they close at 11 pm and I must start to edit this and publish it and wait for your responses.

ANY kind of advise, idea, criticism is welcomed….. love you

Friday, April 07, 2006

Men and the monkeys

Watching these monkeys here is real fun……3 days ago, the landlord warned me explicitly that “do not feed the monkeys’…. And now I know why?! They do not leave us alone…. But if we do not feed them HOW will they survive?
Tao, my new Dutch writer friend, who had lived here for about 6 years and had been bitten by one monkey says that she does not hate them and since ‘we had occupied THEIR habitant’, we can give them something BEFORE they start ‘stealing’!

They are very sharp and agile and very ‘smart’ to locate ANY food and do not hesitate to jump inside the room and take it away…… it reminds me of reading an article in BBC science page last years that MEN and Chimpanzees have only 2% of difference, GENETICALLY!! What a divine 2%….

Wish some ‘men’ were aware of this difference and did not imitate their ugly ‘models’!
“Masses are destroyed by their imitation, cursed be such imitation = TAGHLEED” !! If our nation was only free from such ugly imitation (TAGHLEED), we would be in a much better situation now!)

kind neighbors and clean air here

Jay Baba
Time is passing so fine here, with good clean air, peaceful vibes simple food and kind neighbors.
Yesterday went to see the mighty Dr. finally….. even his assistant was not happy with the color of the urine sample I had brought with me! The Dr. told me (through his translator) that my kidneys were ‘weak’ and gave me 2 set of pills to take and see him after a week (only 20 Rs for visit and the pills ) ……

The net was ‘down’ here so I spent most of the time watching the monkeys, playing some music and learning these two digital Ragginie/Tabla machine I brought with me. Made some lunch and shared it with my upstairs neighbor, Tao, 41, a Dutch writer (may see some of her photos here she liked it, so I made a dinner too and we had it upstairs while watching an interesting program on TV. Downstairs live a young couple, do not know their names yet but the woman is from Germany, having a license for alternative medicine in Germany and she is traveling with her boyfriend from Venezuela, for about 7 years now. She is learning Yogic Massage here and so far had treated my injured left leg with this massage 3 times and it feels much better now. He plays guitar and a few nights ago we made some music together.

Wednesday night there was a Jam session in a café and it turned out to be very energetic (2 guitars, 3 drums, etc….) we sang “Stand up for your rights… never give up” and the Wall from Pink Floyd (“Hey Teachers, leave those kids alone”!)……. Found a solution for the water expenses the other day. (I bring the empty bottles and there is a little Green Shop where a Tibetan woman fills them up with boiled and filtered water for 1/3 of the cost (5 Rs/liter)…. So by Baba’s grace I hope I can manage the budget until ‘then’ (when?, I shall make it public AFTER the date!!!!)

Be happy and enjoy the precious moments of life (EVEN if there are ‘difficult times’, since it is from God __ to teach us something __ it IS precious.)
Janam Meher Baba

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this will not happen again 01:02:03 04/05/06.

Jay Baba, just received this in my inbox, in case some of you have not read it yet...... enjoy that SECOND with NO-mind......
On Wednesday at exactly two minutes and three seconds
after 1:00 in the
morning, the time and date will be
01:02:03 04/05/06.
That won't ever happen again.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Enough proof of my 'madness'!

  1. ignore these numbers please!
  2. .........this morning i got a message from an internet friend and since found it amusing, composed a letter to four of my 'false family' members
  3. (the one we come into WITHOUT our conscious will/wish)
  4. (my siste, cousin and two sons!) since it might be of some interest to my REAL FAMILY members (one i was blessed to choose to live/die with), i publish it here...
1. ...._....(4/3/2006 6:13:00 PM): Salaam Mohsen aziz, gaahi be blog News of Loving sar mizanam va haalesho mibaram ... droood bar to ey zaa'er e rah'e eshgh. .. raasti mikhaastam bedaanam dar english طي الارض chist? .... ayaa kalame ee daarad? baraaye hame chiz sepaas. with love, Nima

2......: khastam be khatere in ke neveshte haye osho ro tarjome mikonid va dar ekhtiyar digaran gharar midi tashakor konam
......: man ke vaghean estefade mibaram
.......: dar vaghe ashnayi man az osho kheyli kame va avalin neveshtei ke baes shod ke nazaram jalb beshe
elahe kalashloo: ke farmodan hich vaght daghdagheye in ro nadashte bash ke che etefaghi gharare biyofte in mohem nist ke barande shavi ya bazande mohem ine ke chetor bazi koni

i played 'fair' and LOVELY, so, despite of all the 'hardship' (Doesn't Hafiz says that this PATH is easy at the beginning but....... Ofdad Moshkel ha ....????) i survived so far, Thanks to Meher Baba and the rest of the Existence..... (including you too!)
(who would like to 'encode' the finglish part?

Tibetan Indian, Iranian, American, African,,, children are ALL innocent beings needing support of all kinds

in a letter to a kind sister from Maui Hawai, just wrote:

" is so peaceful and interesting here that i do not feel the need to go anywhere else! You know it since you have been in Nepal and felt the Bhuddist viberations..... here i meet very old monks, men and women, shaven heads, walking up and down the hills, looking very content, despite all the burdends of their simple lives. And the kids are even more fortunate because as i heard last night from a Zimbabwian sister, "Tibetan children and well looked after" (by the community) and it is only "the Indian children who need support"... That is why they have started a project called FUTURE CHILD, to help those kids in the nearly Dharmakot village.... i will go there for the volunteer work and then to see them at their school.... maybe my donation of some happy tunes could be of some 'service.'

Yes dear, we all need your prayers for Peace.... Please feel the Iranian children and young generations in thirst of some 'unfelt' peace and security'...... ...........


Tibetan Medicine and the MIGHTY LOVELY Dr. DHONDEN

Jay Baba: the following is from my dearest sister Raine: Eastman-Gannett, from CA,
who kindly sent this address . If you are in McLeod Ganj, it definitely worth to pay a visit and see the MIGHTY LOVELY Dr. DHONDEN
wish i had a camera to put his photo here.
.... a blessed soul, healing other with his divine knowledge.

address of Tibetan medicine
P.O. McLeod Ganj.
Dharamsalla 176219
District kangra
Love Raine (they call me rani didi) Eastman-Gannett
. I work for Dr Dhonden, when he comes to California to heal herer each Year.
xxx Raine

Tibetan Medicine

This early morning again the monkeys woke me up making noises outside my window! They go all over the place in search of food and it seems that the babana yesterday had made them eager to visit again!
So after a tea and breakfast (lentil soup!) came down to check my email and buy some drinking water. Yesterday i got 3 big bottles and it was finished in one day!(new kind of expense never had before!)....Yesterday i had a few guests for tea and made some soup.....

Dear sister Rainy Boroni advised me to go and visit Dr. Yeshi Dhonden. His office is very close and was full of people, usually over 50, some tourists and mostly Tibetans. There was a queue for the medicine and when the mighty Dr. came out, he mentioned that i shall be back around 11:30..... but i missed it since i got busy finishing unpacking and making my white board and also brother Spencer visited again to pick up their umbrellas who left last night.... He is about 24, born in Canada, traveling for 3 years now without a break to visit his parents.... is eager to visit Iran, after being in N. Africa, Turkey and..... He plays NEY (REED) and is fond of Sufi tunes...

Tomrrow i may go Dalai Lama's office to have a darshan with him.... seeing such an advanced soul is a blessing for every one and since i am very 'close'..... He will travel soon to the South and North America for a tour and i like to just be in his presence for a while....... just arrived in Dharmasala on the night of his last day of teaching ..... The older Tibetans are so gentle and kind here.... now geting tired of this 'closed space' and miss my open terrace up the hill..... till soon
in Baba's Mercy, be Happy

'Lover' word is censured in Iran, what a shame!

Funny or SAD 'news'?
.....the following i just got from a friend in Iran, it says that the Iranian authorities had FILTERED (censured) the Farsi word ASHEGH = Lover !!! you cannot search such a word!1 what a shame!
عاشق نیز فیلتر شد
چهارشنبه , 28 دي 1384

کلمه ی "عاشق" نیز در ایران مورد لطف فیلترینگ قرار گرفت.

به گزارش سایت، در پی فیلترینگ های اشتباه بسیار زیاد، کلمه ی "عاشق" نیز فیلتر شد.

وقتی یک کلمه فیلتر شود، دیگر قابل جستجو در اینترنت نیست و صفحاتی که اسم آنها شامل آن کلمه باشد، قابل نمایش نیستند.

البته "عاشق" به صورت فارسی فیلتر شده است. یعنی اگر در گوگل و یاهو بخواهید کلمه ی عاشق را جستجو کنید، به فیلتر بر می خورید.

واقعا باید دید منظور مخابرات و ISP ها از انجام این عمل چه بوده است ؟
آیا از نظر آنها عشق و عاشقی در اینترنت گناه و جرم است ؟
و یا عاشق هم جزو کلمات غیر اخلاقی و خلاف عفت محسوب می شود ؟

HP, some geographical/socio-political info.

State of Himachal Pradesh
The land of eternal snow peaks, Himachal Pradesh is where the plains of the subcontinent are swept up into peaks and folds of the mighty Himalaya. it is a truly dramatic state with deep valleys and rushing rivers, where Buddhist temples in stark mountains deserts contrast with fertile green orchards and laid-back hill statios.

in May 1949 the newly established communist government of China decided to liberate the downtrodden Tibetan masses by taking over their country. This was based on the premise that both nations were once part of Mongol empire. The People's Liberation Army martched into Lhasa, beginning a brutal regime which left 1.2 millio Tibetans dead and countless others imprisoned in forced-labour capms. Since 1949 some 90% of the nations's religious institutions have been destroyed in the name of revolution ad any pro-independent sparks ruthlessly snuffed out.

Fearing for his life and those of his people, the spiritual and political leader of Tibet, His Holliness the 14th Dlai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, went into exile i 1959.

accompanied by a small entourage, the Dalai Lama arrived in India on foot after trekking for weeks across the Himalaya. Since then, some 250'000 Tibetans have followed in his footsteps settling in Dharmasala, Darjeeling ad other mountain communities, Others have set up communities in other countries.

The exiled Tibetan government was granted political asylum in Gangchen Kyishong, below McLeod Ganj which has become the headquarters for a 40-year-plus struggle for liberation. Tenzin Gyatso was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1989 for his efforts to find a peaceful solution for the liberation of Tibet.

China continues to resist attempts at dialogue over the Tibet issue, despite the Dalai Lama now formally advocating his 'Middle Way' approach of Tibetan autonomy within China, rather than a return to full independence __ a policy not without critics among both the exile community and inside Tibet itself. With the awarding of the 2008 Olympics to Beijing, and China's increasing political and economic influence, many now fear for the future of the Free Tibet Movement. The Tibet Museum in the Tsuglagkhang Complex has extensive displays telling the tragic story of the Chinese occupation.

Source, Lonley Planet, latest edition

some oriententioal notes =Journey of life 'from god to God', "from Tehran to McLeod Ganj"

Wow , Wow, Wow, what an amazing journey is this whole' trip'?
... 'From essence to essence',............. from that place to this place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
just to realize WHO WE ARE, and WHY we have come along this long journey!!.....

By His grace, from opening the 'physical eyes' (Tehran, Sept 1951), to be trained in the new culture of 'the strongEST nation on the earth' (USA, 1973-1979),,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from experiecing 'married life' and having two sons, to getting disillusioned of the old 'conditioned mind' (1979-1991),,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,, from the passion of translating words of that 'funny thief' to feeling the REAL compassion of Meher Baba, The REAL Theif of the hearts (1991-2005),,,,,,,,,,,

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, is such a wonderful trip: full of adventures and dangers , yet always pleasing for my soul (even during the 'rough times'!)

......this is just an 'oriententioal note' for my new friends in my new life (starting after the Guru Poornima, Full moon, July 2005, AT MEHERABAD, The Magic Hill)......

The posts below are about then on, up until Feb.14. 2006, where my trip to Delhi and other issues prevented me from updating....

the coming posts will be covering the NEWS OF LOVING (in REAL everyday sence!) from that trip up to now..... hope i can remember MANY MANY MANY loving gestures and experiences i had since then, being among Baba Family and even NOW, here in this small famous village who His Holiness Dalai Lama is residing and having his headquarters..... i wish ALL Babalovers can come for a visit, if they can afford it! The safety and silence is NEXT to Mehrabad, yet without the general 'Indian mass culture/mentality' ! Here the Tibetans are in majority and the geography is almost opposite to Our Magic Hill, full of green mountains with tall trees and many waterfalls around......

Until soon
in His Divine Grace and Mercy