Monday, October 30, 2006


Jay Baba.... this was written on the board in the dining hall in Hostel D..... Wish we can use it....

" A word that gives courage to a drooping heart,
or a smile that gives hope and cheers in the midst of gloom,
has as much a claim to be regarded as SERVICE,
as onerous sacrifices and heroic self-denial."

Responsibility towards TRUTH = God

Jay Baba....following is a fast reply to a letter i received this evening(in ITALIC)..... despite the 'serious' content, take it lightly and enjoy it.... if Baba wants my 'blood' on His Hill, why noy? i do not mind! Actually it is an 'honour' for ANYONE! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dear Katherina Ji/ Thank you for the 'personal message' (wonder what kind of 'personal' stuff it is when it comes thru the group!!!)

Anyways, since i take it as 'personal', anyway (since we are NOT separate, ANYWAYS!), i feel free to bring it to a 'personal' level!! OK?

”Personal message: I was just having a conversation about how hard and difficult some people's lives are or seem even when they could make things easier for themselves.
Well, for those who ‘see’ the surface, my life may ‘seem’ to be difficult here in His land of wonders, BUT IT IS NOT, despite ALL the surface ‘hardships! If I tell you more about how I am being treated by the ‘authorities’ (ONLY a few, of course!), you will REALLY LAUGH and may not even believe what you read! So I keep quiet for now!
Only one thing is ‘true’ about the above statement: IF I was after things that MOST people are after, I would not have such problems and would live a very ‘comfortable’ (BUT ‘juiceless’ life) here!

I'm not talking about being irresponsible but rather not taking on or demanding too much out of life.
Well, but I AM talking ‘responsibility’ here! And THIS is what makes the difference!
If you are to fulfil your ‘social/divine’ responsibility, in a place where things ‘supposed to be based on love /service and HONESTY’, then you MUST be in trouble! This is THE LAW of it! And I am getting ready for the consequences! We only live once (in this body!) and if Baba wants my ‘blood’ on His land, I better offer it, myself!

Kudos to those that want to challenge themselves and better themselves in one way or another but don't bitch if it gets too difficult because there's always an easier way.
I do not know what ‘Kudos’ means, but I am sure about ONE thing: there is NO easier way, when it comes to fulfilling our divine responsibility! Doubt it? Look at the life of ALL the RESPONSIBLE men/women of history: from Joan of Arc, to Hazrat Ali ....and Malcom X and...... (add MANY who have been killed/assasinated by the 'Islamic' regim in Iran, and many other dictatorial regimes! (There is a good range of all these beings, from the most well known to the least known!)

So, please, for the worldly matters, there MAY be ‘always an easier way’, BUT, when it comes to REAL love and service, in a corrupt society, there is ONLY one way: SEEMINGLY ‘difficult way’, but the most superb way = to offer what you have for the Beloved (after all He had given this life to us and the best we can do is to offer it back to Him = TRUTH)

PS, and PLEASE, i am NOT 'bitching', when i report the events! It is a report, and if it 'sounds' so, you take it as its 'nature' ( "No News is Good News"! Except 'NEWSOFLOVING' of course!!!) (posted there too!!)
Jay Baba

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blessed are the deafs!

Jay Baba, just received this from Iran and wanted to share..... sorry if the Farsi fonts are not right.... doing work from coffee net has such drawbacks...... Enjoy it.....Huuuuuuuuuuuu

FROGS قورباغه ها Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs.... who
arranged a running competition. روزی از روزها گروهی از قورباغه های کوچیک تصمیم گرفتند که با
هم مسابقه ی دو بدند
.\n\n\n\nThe goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. \nهدف مسابقه رسیدن به نوک یک برج خیلی بلند بود\n\n.\n\nA big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the \n\n\nrace and cheer on the contestants.... \nجمعیت زیادی برای دیدن مسابقه و تشویق قورباغه ها جمع شده\n\n \n\nبودند",1]
The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. هدف مسابقه رسیدن به نوک یک برج خیلی بلند بود .
A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the
race and cheer on the contestants.... جمعیت زیادی برای دیدن مسابقه و تشویق قورباغه ها جمع شده بودند
...\n\n\n\nThe race began.... \nو مسابقه شروع\n\n شد\n\n....\n\nHonestly, no one in crowd really believed that the tiny \n\n\nFrogs would reach the top of the tower. \nراستش, کسی توی جمعیت باور نداشت که قورباغه های به این کوچیکی\n\n \n",1]
The race began.... و مسابقه شروع شد ....
Honestly, no one in crowd really believed that the tiny
Frogs would reach the top of the tower. راستش, کسی توی جمعیت باور نداشت که قورباغه های به این کوچیکی
\nبتوانند به نوک برج برسند\n.\n\n\n\nYou heard statements such as: \nشما می\n\n تونستید جمله هایی مثل اینها را بشنوید\n\n:"Oh, WAY too difficult!!" "\n\nاوه,عجب \n\nکار مشکلی\n\n!!""They will NEVER make it to the top." "",1]
بتوانند به نوک برج برسند .
You heard statements such as: شما می تونستید جمله هایی مثل اینها را بشنوید :"Oh, WAY too difficult!!" " اوه,عجب کار مشکلی !!""They will NEVER make it to the top." "
\n\nوقت\n\n به نوک برج نمی رسند\n\n."\n\nor: \nیا\n\n:\n\n\n"Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too \n\nhigh!" ",1]
اونها هیچ وقت به نوک برج نمی رسند ."
or: یا :
"Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too
"\nهیچ شانسی برای موفقیتشون\n\n نیست.برج خیلی بلند ه\n\n!"\n\nThe tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one.... \nقورباغه های کوچیک یکی یکی شروع به افتادن کردند\n\n...\n\nExcept for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing \n\n\nhigher and higher....\n",1]
" هیچ شانسی برای موفقیتشون نیست.برج خیلی بلند ه !"
The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one.... قورباغه های کوچیک یکی یکی شروع به افتادن کردند ...
Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing
higher and higher....
\n\n حرارت داشتند بالا وبالاتر می رفتند\n\n...The crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult!!! No one \n\n\n\nwill make it!" \nجمعیت هنوز ادامه می\n\n داد,"خیلی مشکله!!!هیچ کس موفق نمی شه\n\n!" More tiny frogs got tired and gave up.... \n\nو تعداد بیشتری از قورباغه ها خسته می شدند و از ادامه دادن منصرف\n\n \n",1]
بجز بعضی که هنوز با حرارت داشتند بالا وبالاتر می رفتند ...The crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult!!! No one
will make it!" جمعیت هنوز ادامه می داد,"خیلی مشکله!!!هیچ کس موفق نمی شه !" More tiny frogs got tired and gave up.... و تعداد بیشتری از قورباغه ها خسته می شدند و از ادامه دادن منصرف
\n\n...\n\nBut ONE continued higher and higher and higher.... \nولی فقط یکی\n\n به رفتن ادامه داد\n\n \n\nبالا, بالا و باز هم بالاتر....This one wouldn\'t give up! \nاین یکی نمی\n\n خواست منصرف بشه",1]
But ONE continued higher and higher and higher.... ولی فقط یکی به رفتن ادامه داد بالا, بالا و باز هم بالاتر....This one wouldn't give up! این یکی نمی خواست منصرف بشه
! \nAt the end everyone else had given up climbing the \n\ntower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, \n\nwas the only one who reached the top! \nبالاخره بقیه ازادامه ی بالا رفتن منصرف شدند.به جز اون قورباغه\n\n \n\nکوچولو که بعد از تلاش زیاد تنها کسی بود که\n \n\nبه نوک رسید",1]
At the end everyone else had given up climbing the
tower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort,
was the only one who reached the top! بالاخره بقیه ازادامه ی بالا رفتن منصرف شدند.به جز اون قورباغه
کوچولو که بعد از تلاش زیاد تنها کسی بود که به نوک رسید
! THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to \n\nknow how this one frog managed to do it? \nبقیه ی قورباغه ها مشتاقانه می خواستند بدانند او چگونه این کا ر رو\n\n \n\nانجام داده؟\n\nA contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the \n\nstrength to succeed and reach the goal? \nاونا ازش پرسیدند که چطور قدرت رسیدن به نوک برج و موفق شدن رو پیدا\n\n ",1]
! THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to
know how this one frog managed to do it? بقیه ی قورباغه ها مشتاقانه می خواستند بدانند او چگونه این کا ر رو
انجام داده؟
A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the
strength to succeed and reach the goal? اونا ازش پرسیدند که چطور قدرت رسیدن به نوک برج و موفق شدن رو پیدا
\nکرده؟\n\nIt turned out.... و مشخص شد\n\n که\n\n...That the winner was DEAF!!!! برنده ی مسابقه ناشنوا \n\nبوده!!! The wisdom of this story is: Never listen to other people\'s tendencies to be negative or \n\n\npessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful \n\n",1]
کرده؟ It turned out.... و مشخص شد که ...That the winner was DEAF!!!! برنده ی مسابقه ناشنوا بوده!!! The wisdom of this story is: Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or
pessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful
\ndreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in \n\n\nyour heart! Always think of the power words have. \nBecause everything you hear and read will affect your \n\nactions! \nنتیجه ی اخلا قی این داستان اینه\n\n که\n\n:هیچ وقت به جملات منفی و مأیوس کننده ی دیگران گوش ندید... چون\n\n \n\n\n",1]
dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in
your heart! Always think of the power words have. Because everything you hear and read will affect your
actions! نتیجه ی اخلا قی این داستان اینه که :هیچ وقت به جملات منفی و مأیوس کننده ی دیگران گوش ندید... چون
\n\nازتون می گیرند--چیز هایی که\n\n \n\nاز ته دلتون آرزوشون رو دارید\n!\n\nهیشه به \n\nقدرت کلمات فکر کنید\n\n.چون هر چیزی که می خونید یا میشنوید روی اعمال شما تأثیر\n\n ",1]
اونا زیبا ترین رویا ها و آرزوهای شما رو ازتون می گیرند--چیز هایی که
از ته دلتون آرزوشون رو دارید !هیشه به قدرت کلمات فکر کنید .چون هر چیزی که می خونید یا میشنوید روی اعمال شما تأثیر
Therefore: \n\nپس:ALWAYS be.... \n\nهمیشه\n\n.... POSITIVE! مثبت فکر کنید\n\n!\n\n\nAnd above all:\n \n\nو بالاتر از \n\nاون \n",1]
میگذارهTherefore: پس:ALWAYS be.... همیشه .... POSITIVE! مثبت فکر کنید !
And above all:
و بالاتر از اون
\nBe DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill \n\nyour dreams! \nکر بشید\n\n هر وقت کسی خواست به شما بگه که به آرزوهاتون نخواهید\n\n \n\n\nرسید\n!Always think: \n\nو هیشه باور داشته \n\nباشید",1]
Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill
your dreams! کر بشید هر وقت کسی خواست به شما بگه که به آرزوهاتون نخواهید
رسید !Always think: و هیشه باور داشته باشید
\n\n:\n\nGod and I can do this! \nمن همراه خدای خودم همه کار می تونیم\n\n \n\nبکنیمPass this message on to 5 "tiny frogs" you care about.\n\nاین متن رو\n\n به 5 تا "قورباغه کوچولو" که براتون اهمیت دارند بفرستید\n\n. Give them some motivation!!! \n\nبه اون ها کمی امید بدید\n\n!!",1]
God and I can do this! من همراه خدای خودم همه کار می تونیم بکنیمPass this message on to 5 "tiny frogs" you care about.این متن رو به 5 تا "قورباغه کوچولو" که براتون اهمیت دارند بفرستید . Give them some motivation!!! به اون ها کمی امید بدید !!
\n\nMost people walk in and out of your life......but FRIENDS \n\n\nleave footprints in your heart \n آدم های\n\n زیادی به زندگی شما وارد و از اون خارج میشن... ولی\n\n \n\n\nدوستانتون جا پا هایی روی قلبتون جا خواهند\n \n\nگذاشت",1]

Most people walk in and out of your life......but FRIENDS
leave footprints in your heart آدم های زیادی به زندگی شما وارد و از اون خارج میشن... ولی
دوستانتون جا پا هایی روی قلبتون جا خواهند گذاشت

Friday, October 27, 2006

A wonderful poem and a wise response

Jay Baba....Many thanks to the Kaptain AND His Katie!

Posted by: "katie rose" babastar7
Date: Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:10 am (PDT)

dear mohesen,

for all your erudition and insight, it surprises me that you have a certain naive expectation about Baba lovers. i confess that i myself held that same notion years ago. what i have subsequently come to realize is that Baba-lovers run the gamut of personalities, character traits, and no doubt degrees of love and spirituality. one must deal with Babalovers with eyes wide open, and not based on the supposition they are anything besides human. i realized that i was carrying an expectation and agenda inside me that Babalovers ought to act certain ways and would lose my own balance over the frustration and disappointment i'd feel when they acted otherwise. the world does not act according to our wishes, needs, demands--including the Baba lover world. no matter how justified and self-righteous we feel in our indignation that some are acting below our standards, ideals, understanding of what Baba wants from His lovers, to me it is still the ego/nafs/little self who is doing all the complaining and whining (even if it is all relatively true). i offer this not as any suggestion that the situations you describe are trivial or untrue, but that perhaps a re-assessment of your own actions could be fruitful.

apropos of this thread, here is a poem i wrote a while ago:


we come to His followers
starry-eyed with love
of the One
knowing He is in all
and who could contain
Him more
than His lovers
only to find
people with hearts
of every size, shape
and content
not so different
from groups
every where
except His hand
softening up
like doughbread
shooting out
fiery sparks
of change and
looking like the devil

oh it's a brutal
from expectation's
lofty pedestal
to the here and now
that He cannot be
with his Lovers

they are never
His equivalent,
no matter
heart's loving

they are limited
and He's
the infinite ocean,
they are tainted
and He is pure,
they are progressing
He is the Goal itself --
perfect Perfection!

we have to be
from looking anywhere
thinking we can make
an easy substitute
for the fire
of burning all dross
from the heart.
it is there He resides!
He shines everywhere
but lives in that

how long
before you realize
which way to face?

with the Sun before you
the shadows disappear.

in His love...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

'Be Honest'

Jay Baba.... as promised (to the readers AND to my ex-land-lord), like to tell some examples of the 'challenging' (1-2 minor one) stories NOW, and will write about the major ones later!

It can be a useful for those who are 'new-comers' to this sacred land and are naturally impressed by the wonderful energy of the place; AND by the honest, loving and lovely people who live and work here. This is about the exceptions to the said statement.

As i started to write about this term 'Baba-lovers' months ago, this is a VERY broad and general term like 'music-lovers', or as a brother wrote, 'like musician'. We do not call a person who LIOKE to play piano, a 'pianist' (or a piano lover!) Playing the piano (loving Baba) requires MUCH practice AND skill. Yes, love IS a hardest and toughest 'human skill' possible and only the history is a witness to this fact. So, to me, the term "Baba-lover' is like a spectrum __of colors if you like! It has people in it, from 'infra-red'....... to....... 'ultra-violet'...... in terms of the # main divine quality Baba stressed for us = LOVE, SERVICE, HONESTY.......

...this 3rd one is something which can serve as a YARD-STICK for the other two, because LOVE we can NOT 'see' or measure, and 'service' can be done for selfish reasons (a 'look how pious I am' kind of service!) (Bhauji calls it 'social service' and every society is full of institutions and organization to 'serve' , run by selfish people who are after name & fame, AND also $$$$$$!!!) So the best measure or criterion for the first two qualities is the HONESTY, which CAN be tested in everyday dealing & wheelings of the people.

Now, you just read and enjoy the adventures of Meherabad (MORE interesting ones are waiting to be told!)

story # 1 :3 weeks ago, i gave 7000 Rs to a worker here (who works for the Trust, recommended by a resident brother) to fix the roof of the home i am renting (without any receipt, as advance for the material and workmanship)..... Technically, he did a VERY LOUSY job and did NOT finish it.... and when i protested after a week, he told me that i cheated him! So, in front of MANY witnesses, i showed my emotion by pouring some drinking water over his head! (as a symbolic gesture to 'wake up'!!!!) i wrote a letter to inform the Trust office (workers dept) and told the story and i am still waiting for the 'action' from the office. i heard the man has gone to the police in the town and had complained about me that i have cheated him! Good that the roof AND Steve are BOTH here to bear witness to the money i gave him and the POOR/BAD job he had done!

Story # 2 : Last year, i gave 10 000 Rs, as the deposit, to my landlord; and this year, when i vacated the house (AUG 15), they were not ready to clear the balance (The husband was in Nasik), so i waited until NOW to receive the rest of the money from them. It was NOT much, BUT they did not keep their words and gave me LESS than they initially calculated. I cannot do anything except accepting it & expressing my wish that they stop such kind of behaviour, NOT because i have lost a little money, BUT because THEY themselves LOOSE MUCH, not obeying Baba's order of 'Be Honest'!!!! ( They refused to show me the electrical bills for the last 5 months i was away, AND claim that the gas cylinder was 'cealed' and want to charge for it, while last year when i went to negociate the contract ,i had a tea made by the SAME gas cylinder!!!!

Jay Baba, this is NOT a 'complaint' to LIFE = Baba!!! ONLY a 'warning' for the 'new-comers' who wish to live here and are naturally have to deal with some 'Baba-lovers'!!!!
Words can be VERY misleading sometimes!

Now time to go and watch a film in Hostel A, a VERY interesting title = Offering the Sanskaras, an interview with Iraj (yes, it is an Irani Name and i spell it as it is pronounced!)

Wish ALL 'Baba-lovers' PRACTICE HONESTY and obey His order of 'Be Honest'
More about 'Silence' issue is cooking here!!!!

PS: the number of 'good & honest' people are FAR MORE than these few cases!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Challenging life in Meherabad

Jay baba..... much is happening here these days..... many people are here due to the holidays faces, new everything = NEW LIFE..... much exciting is here.... much to say and no time! VERY CHALLENGING LIFE here...Thanks to Babaji..... speaking of thanking Baba, here is something i got this morning, the end part is fun and ONE of them REALLY helped me, about the lady singing OFF KEY!!!! It happens often here (though it is NOT a 'church' YET!) and i shall be thankful for it!!!! enjoy and i wish i could spend some time writing about the challenges one faces here..... since it is a LONG STORY i wish i can find or arrange the time...... So, until then..... Jay Baba ...........enjoy the following........















Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of your heart!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

... if TELLING was as easy as ACTING.....

Jay Baba... in reponse to the post titled 'Friend or Enemy?', i received a few + + responses, which mostly say 'Baba is in lies and dirt' as well! In theory it IS true, but what is the practical implication of such 'slogans'?!.... So i wrote the following, as a general response and a specific PRACTICAL suggestion!

Jay Baba dear ALL
i find it amusing how some people can tell what they have heard from Baba!
(if TELLING was as easy as ACTING, this world would have been a better palce!)

Just for those who SAY 'Baba is in OBL or GWB or SAKh or.....' , (i name them but they say it in general terms!) i suggest that they look and find those people whom they do not like or dislike (or hate!) and find Baba in them.....

i AM doing it here and it is much FUN!
Jay Baba

Coming from the Land of Hypocrites !!

Jay Baba, followin is a response to a response i got this morning, hope it is useful to clarify some MAJOR points. (the BLUE fonts are brother Hugh's

...There is a boldness required to stand up to the lie, to the untruth. I admire that within you and acknowledge that it is a frightening place for me to choose in the face of so much of today’s hatred and deception, particularly here in the US.

Jay Baba brother! i appreciate that you feel this 'boldness', which somehow has been developed in me, over the years, otherwise i was as coward as many of our other 'family members'! i guess this is an example of His grace. Yes, living in the US these days, IS frightening and the courage is to 'immigrate' from it, if one can afford it.

As a fellow seeker of the truth, I would ask that you consider the source of the vehemence with which you take your position. I believe that there is as much to be learned there for you as there is for me to also learn in my relationship with today’s world.

Yes, thank you, just looked up the meaning of 'vehemence' in WORD and since the meaning ranges from 'violence' to 'enthusiasm' and 'vigor', before i reply to your question, i like to know what you mean by 'vehemence'?!!!! NO DOUBT that i AM learning from all these 'encounters'! One thing about me you must be reminded is that i have come from the Land of Hypocrites (Iran) and they have been ruling the country for the last 27 years. So my 'nose' is VERY sensitive to 'religious hypocrisy'! And since Baba had given (Graced) me with enough 'guts' to express my views (i express them in order to verify them, and since so far no one had actually challenged them, officially, i take them to be the case!), i will keep on doing so, until the VERY END! And in the process i learn more about/ face my own weaknesses as well.

You may know the story of the Buddhist priest in the small village in China whom the villagers loved. The teenage girl who lived next door became pregnant and blamed it on the priest. When accused by her parents he simply replied “is that so?” When the villagers pulled away from him and hurled insults at him he continued to reply “is that so?” When the child was born the parents presented the child to him and said “it is yours.” He again replied “is that so?” Years later the girl admitted that the father was the boy from the butcher shop. The parents came to beg his forgiveness and he simply looked at them and said, “is that so?”

Yes brother, i have read and translated this and many other Zen stories. i accept the wisdom in the story, BUT please bear in mind that such story(ies) happened in the time/place, where there were none of these 'modern time issues' (...... you guess what!), so people could get rid of others so easily by a simple 'accusation'!

The question I have for you is how do we a brothers in love of God find the way to love without ego as seen through anger, resentment and rebuke of those we perceive as not following the will of God?

Wow, what a 'tough' question! Yet, BEFORE i answer it, i must tell a VERY famous sayings in our culture which says, "FIRST prove your brotherhood, and THEN claim the inheritance' (or heritage)!!!! IF these people in question, could PROVE that they ACT as brothers, then i am willing to answer your question in length. If they ACT as enemies (as they HAVE DONE and i CAN prove it!), they cannot claim any 'wealth from our Baba!' or can they?! The least they can anticipate is the exposure of they lies and this is only fair, to me. i welcome your comments on this issue.

Therein, I suspect stands a tougher lesson than we can comprehend at the moment.

Yes, each moment we can learn more lessons and tougher ones from The Awakener. And this INCLUDES those who claim to have the whole 'wealth' to themselves and can 'distribute ' it to those who they like and deprive those whom they hate! (Without proving their brotherhood in the beginning!!)

In love of God, Baba and all the great avatars, blessing to you Hugh

Thank you again and the same for ALL of us, INCLUDING those who act NOT as a TRUE brother and sister!
Jay Baba

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Friend or Enemy?!

Jay Baba, this morning had a 15 minutes discussion with an American brother about the issues concerning Baba's 'Path' (Religion!) in Future! (When the 'priests' completely take over the 'movement'!) Again, found it difficult to get my point across! That layer of 'colored lenses' (mental conditioning) does not allow! He says that 'Love for God' is what is matters and not all these 'small issues'!!! But i say that 'love for God = love for people' and THIS love brings RESPONSIBILITY and when you want to fulfil your SOCIAL responsibility, the 'enemies of Truth/God' = Those Who Lie, do not like you and try to get rid of you, by ALL means available to them! Even those whom you love and are sleeping', hate you for attempting to wake them up!
If 'Love for God' was so 'easy and safe', this 'Path of Love' was not called 'The Path Full of Blood'!!!
To make my point MORE clear, i say to all concerned that ' i am your friend'!
Those who see me as an enemy, may consult a 'divine OPTICIAN' to remove the 'colored lens' from their eyes! ..... and to support my point, i just paste the following, i found somewhere in my emails!

"There are only two people who can tell
you the truth about yourself
-an enemy who has lost his temper and
a friend who loves you dearly
."~ Antisthenes

Saturday, October 14, 2006

.... this 'passion for COMPASSION'

A fresh response to a response!
Dear ALL, JAY BABA..... just read this response (in BOLD) and since i take it directing to this person, CANNOT help but to respond (despite my time restriction and other important commitments!)

Please take it lightly and DEEPLY and enjoy it!

I do not understand this passion for controversy.
So to help you (and those in the same level of information) understand, i will explain this 'passion for COMPASSION'!!! Yes, it is NOT for the sake of 'controversy', as you see at the surface! Deeply, it is due to my compassion, for you and others who 'become my friends, out of your own ASSUMPTIONS'! (to use Rumiji's words to describe the 'mental projection' phenomena!)

Let us remain natural to ourselves.
Yes, VERY attractive 'slogan', at the surface! But HOW can you be 'natural' to the artificial false self = conditioned mind?! HOW?! Or, when you see some one is 'sleeping', and his/her house ison fire, HOW can you be 'neutral/natural'? Of course the questions applies for those who feel this compassion! Otherwise the majority say (unspoken, of course!) "The HELL with you, keep burning!)

If we come across controversies accidentally let us follow the advice given by BABA to resolve them.
And if you knew HOW Baba used to CREATE 'controversies', within His mandilis, you would not use Baba's words to justify your own understanding of His work! If Baba's mission is to 'awaken' us, then such 'controversies', are ESSENTIAL part of the deal! Resolving comes AFTER the issue is surfaced, otherwise, the UNresolved issues stay deep inside the psyche and remain stagnant and rotten!

Let us not go after controversies and justify them using our pseudo intelligence.
Creating situation to make the unconscious tendencies SURFACE is TOTALLY different than what you think is happening here!

Our only aim is to pursue LOVE in its purest form.
Wonderful! True. BUT how can a weak conditioned mind 'pursue' such a TASK? With its own sleeping tendencies?! Many times, to pursue such LOVE, we need to BURN =destroy our conditioned minds, which is NOT easy my dear!
Writing wonderful SLOGANS is quite different than the actual practice!

Yes LOVE can absorb any thing.
Yes, but THAT love which is FIRE-LIKE is something different than you might imagine, being 'natural' (actually artificial!) or 'neutral'!

That does not mean that we shall strive to dump every thing into it!
NO NEED for that my dear! It is ALREADY DUMPED with ALL kinds of junk the society has put into us! The REAL task is to PURIFY the essence ( = LOVE) from such junk!

Let love consciously pervade every thing and turn that every thing into LOVE.
Good 'instruction'! If by 'everything', you MEAN EVERYTHING, such 'controversies' ( which i rather use a different label for it!) ARE ESSENTIAL parts of the process! UNLESS we do not SEE and deal with our 'unnatural artificial social conditioning', NONE of these 'dreams' can come true!

This happens in a very natural way.
What 'natural way'?! Are we brought up as 'natural divine' beings?! So why we pray to God to 'break the HUB of The Wheel'?! Now you may SEE why i spend time to clear the issue! If we cannot distinguish between 'natural' and UNnatural sanskaras, ALL the efforts to become God is fruitless!

Provocations come from idle minds.
If you still 'think' that my writings are 'provocations', you are free to imagine so! What really counts is that i am aware of my intentions, and those who read these find them useful! (except a few whose egos are still resisting the facts!)

That are not for us.
So what made you write what you wrote?!

Our minds and hearts are filled with love, or so we think!
NOT TRUE my dear! Our minds are filled with all kinds of garbage which the 'system' pours into them! And that is why the real effort is to CLEAN or PURIFY the hearts by loving/serving God BY being compassionate to others! THIS is the way i express my compassion to those i am in contact and if some do not like it, they may find the reason in their own 'conditioned minds'!

Let every controversy dissolve in LOVE. Jai Baba, T. P. K.
YES dear, AMEEN, let it be so, because i never think that my writings ARE any 'controversies! If Others MAKE it so, that is NOT my responsibility!

Yours in Baba

Monday, October 09, 2006

A different kind of Prashad!

Jay Baba.... the following is a short piece i wrote a few minutes ago for a Yahoo Baba group. since some are following the events from this blog, i felt to post it here as well. Be happy.....wish i can have my own PC soon at home so i can post more useful stuf here. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Ameennnnnnnnnnn

Dear All of us! (When Babaji is WITHIN all of us, WHY NOT?!)

Thank you for spending time to read and write in this group. i use Meher Darbar for emailing these days and therefore cannot contribute much. All i could gathere from the recent posts is that:

1.It is OK (and actually USEFUL) to write about 'blood-types' and other 'apparently' non-Baba-related subjects! IF Baba is ALL, then we can write about ANYTHING, as long as it is useful and stirs up some 'hidden emotions' (WHAT Baba used to do with Mandilis) So please do not consider any subject 'off beat'! (as long as it is useful for us!) {those who are not interested, can easily ignore the message!)

2. From SOME of the responses i got on the 'controversial' issues (silence, dancing in the Dhunni, etc.), i can conclude that the hidden message behind the 'negative' responses (i.e. 'stop this non-sense'!) (TRANSLATED into the actual emotions BEHIND the lines!) is "LET ME SLEEP PLEASE!"!!!!

Yes, if anyone has ANY objection, please elaborate on it, so i can go back to some messages (especially from sister Behruz) and analyse the content! Since she gave a Baba' Prashad last week on the Tomb, i promised her to give her some 'prashad' as well! May not be so 'sweet' as those candies, but it can be useful, IF read in a sisterly mood and do not take it as an 'offense'!

Jay Meher Baba
Love you all
From the Magic Hill

Monday, October 02, 2006

After the last post i got some responses which i bring two here, and my response to them:

1.Very sorry to hear this. How terrible...To keep things in balance, please also report on the wonderful things that happen up on the Hill... Otherwise people who have not been there beforemight think that it is all quite hellish up there!!!!In His Love and Mercy,F.

2. On 10/1/06, Scott Lesniewski wrote: I pray that Baba offers some "solution" to this sceneright away.and for the mental and spiritual health of mentioned offender.sad to hear of such behavior.and for sure, there are plenty in Baba's family who have come from other teachers. What should this matter when you are with Baba and at his tomb site?Jai Baba to you Mohsen and all InHisLove, Scott

Dear Scott and all

Thank you for the response(s) and PLEASE NOTE that such 'games' are very 'natural' and ordinary in such atmosphere! i am, in NO WAY, hurt personally, or feel bad about it.
My only ONLY concern is the spiritual preservation of the area, which must remain sacred and holy.

Please do not feel 'bad' about such games! It is His wish and we all play a 'role' in His Leela.
The ONLY 'solution' to such problems is that we each become MORE aware in our daily activities.

Thank Him and all of you.
PS. THERE IS MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE soft and loving parts to life in Meherabad, than such 'negative' experiences, SO PLEASE do not imagine that this is ALL what goes on here. NO, the number of wonderful loving people here are FAR MORE than those who want to keep sleeping!

Loving you all

Sunday, October 01, 2006

An Open Letter to Meherabad Hill Committee

Jay Baba... long time, no post! Since this is a blog for 'news of loving', the following post just FITS! Enjoy and if there is ANY doubt that this is 'not love', please do not hesitate to respond!
Yours in God, Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jay

An Open Letter to Meherabad Hill Committee

Date: Sept.30.2006
From: Mohsen Khatami
Subject: Urgent request related to Beloved Baba's Samadhi Spiritual atmosphere
CC: Bhau Kalchuri, AMBPPCT Chaiman;;, Meher Connection Yahoo group; Meherbaba Yahoo group
Bcc: Over 130 Baba-lovers in my mailing list

This is to inform you that on Sept.28.2006, around 8:00 am, I have been a witness to the most sad, inappropriate and disrespectful act, INSIDE Baba's Samadhi, which due to its importance and the possible repetition, I felt to report here, for the sake of record AND for taking proper action.

Before I narrate the 'actual story', I MUST emphasize that this is NOT a 'personal' and 'private' issue, but rather a collective one, which needs the attention of ALL who feel responsible for the spiritual preservation of Samadhi area and what happens INSIDE the tomb. If it had happened to any one else, I would do the same, so PLEASE do not take it as a 'personal affair'! Sister Janaki, brother Amir and brother Khandale were among the witnesses, and you may verify the facts with them! What I do here is out of my love for ALL, including the person who had violated all human and area rules! If you believe this not, please be aware that 'love brings responsibility' and if I love a person who is fast sleeping and her/his house is on fire, pouring a bucket of cold water on her/him, is NOT an act of dislike or violence, but is a sign of TRUE LOVE!

Few minutes after the Arti was over, I started to fold one of the rugs in front of the Beloved's tomb and suddenly Meherdokht Khosravi, who happened to be distributing the Prasad, told me in a loud voice, in English, to stop folding the rug and 'get lost'! Then she told brother Khandale to tell me that I should not touch the rugs and I shall 'get lost'!
(I was not informed that Mrs. Gaikwad had joined Baba and the company will come there shortly after the burning ceremony!) So without any reply, I folded one Kalim and stayed there in surprise for a while. Then, while distributing the Prasad, she turned to me and said in a loud voice, ' this is not Rajneesh Ashram, get lost." Here, I went to take the laminated sheet, on which the Samadhi Rules are written, and pointed to her the Rule No.10 (silence within the sacred area!), but she got even more furious and turned to the stunned people who were standing in the queue, and said something like this, "He has been in Rajneesh Ashram for 14 (?) years and now had come here to teach US!" (My attention was on my own feelings at this time, and could not remember the exact words/the figure!) And again ordered me to ' get lost, or I will call Jal'! Then she somehow complained to brother Khandale something to this effect that 'this is what you get when you support him'!
She does not know that my support comes ONLY and solely comes from The Captain!

Now, there are a few points to note in this 'story':
1. Linguistically speaking, she used 'other-directed' talk, as a way of expressing her anger/hatred. Her 'audience' was not me, but the people in the queue, who were REALLY astonished and bewildered by the 'show' !! If I was her 'target', she could talk in our mother tongue, Persian.

2. Psychologically speaking, she just found another chance to dump her 'garbage'(fear, hatred and resentment toward 'men' in general, etc) on someone! (happened to be me, again!)

3. Spiritually speaking, AGAIN she committed more 'sins' by thinking, speaking what should NOT have been thought, spoken! Seems that the daily prayer of repentance does not work for her, because she repeats the SAME sins again and again.

4. This was NOT the first time she did the same kind of 'vomiting; and committing 'assault' against this person INSIDE the TOMB. The first time was about 8 months ago, when she was again distributing the Prasad; and saw me putting the palms of my hands on brother Rafael's curved spine, to help make it straight. Again she said, right in the middle of Arti, in a loud voice, "This is not Rajneesh Ashram", thinking in her own UNCLEAN and repressed mind that there was something sexual going on between us! May be she is the 'source' of spreading the rumor that I am 'homosexual'!!! I did not tell a word then and left it to Baba to 'cure' her from her mental and spiritual diseases!

But NOW, since she repeats the same mistake, who is going to tell her that such place ('Rajneesh Ashram') does not exists on this earth any more ; and what has remained from that place is nicknamed as the 'Cash-ram'( a place to make money?!) And who is going to inform her that the last time I have been inside that place was in July 2001? I have NO affiliation and sympathy with the people who run that place and associating me with them is a complete nonsense based on misinformation and illusion!

5. When a person is having a contagious physical disease, logically she/he is kept away from contacting with others. What about when a person is emotionally, mentally and spiritually sick? Is this right to put her in contact with others?
The sister I named above is known to have 'problem with men' and even MANY women residents have difficulty living/working with her, because she just cannot control her huge amount of anger and resentments towards others. A few simple personality/psychological tests can reveal and prove the fact and I am willing to pay for the expenses, if there is ANY doubt regarding this issue. She needs hospitalization and shall be removed from ANY duty which involves interaction with other human beings. If she wants to serve Baba, she can be given tasks which do NOT involve such interactions. Her 'self-full' services causes more disrespect to Baba, than any real service to Him.

Now, according to your responsibilities and duties toward Beloved Baba, I request you to investigate this case and upon checking the facts, PLEASE, I beg you to remove her from any duty who requires dealing with others, AT LEAST within the Samadhi area.

A word of caution seems to be necessary:
Due to my 'para-normal' behavior in the past and the misunderstanding/misinformation which is prevailing in the minds of a few 'decision-makers', there is a possibility and tendency to ignore this request, because it came from this person, as if NOTHING had happened, or interpret it as a 'personal issue'. In this case, if another encounter happens with the named person, WITH Baba's PERMISSION, I reserve the right to express myself, in a VERY dramatic way, just to give her a small 'shock', so she may feel that she is dreaming and in illusion. My expression can be quite disturbing for the people present (Shouting from my Hara (belly area), in my own mother tongue, since it is directed to her, and NOT to others! and the responsibility of such act is shared EQUALLY between me and EACH of you (as the committee members, who were informed/warned against such happening!)

Thank you for your kind consideration of this case and all I ask you is to perform your duties and responsibilities toward Beloved Baba.

Safe and happy in His Infinite Grace and Mercy
Mohsen Khatami
Meherabad, Meher Darbar, Saturday, September. 30th. 2006