Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blood type and personalit trait

Found this in my inbox and want to share and CHECK with you!
Can you verify the case with yourself?
For me it was fine and correct (i am B - type! Wow! only ONE% of the population??????????)

Blood type and Rh
How many people have it?
O + 40 %
O - 7 %
A + 34 %
A - 6 %
B + 8 %
B - 1 %
AB + 3 %
AB - 1 %

Does Your Blood Type Reveal Your Personality?

According to a Japanese institute that does research on blood types, there are certain personality traits that seem to match up with certain blood types. How do you rate?
TYPE O You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.
TYPE A You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.
TYPE B You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.
TYPE AB Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

21 'advise' from Anthony Robbins organization!

Jay Baba, i am not superstitious at all and do not believe in such emails ('send this to.... for good luck, otherwise....') and i can argue on a few points on this 21 points! Yet, since it contains useful information/Advise, will post it here. Thanks to Zahra Jaan!

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.
THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.
FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.
FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.
SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.
SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.
EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much.
NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.
TEN. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.
ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.
TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly
THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"
FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk..
FIFTEEN. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.
SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson
SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and responsibility for all your actions.
EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.
TWENTY-ONE. Spend some time alone.

The Limiting Beliefs

Jay Baba, Jamile sent me this one just now..... enjoy

باورهاي محدودكننده گذشته فيل‌بانان تنها با درك يك نكته و به شيوه‌اي بسيار ساده، فيل‌هاي عظيم‌الجثه را كنترل مي‌كنند. وقتي فيل هنوز بچه فيل است، يك پايش را با طناب محكمي به تنة درختي مي‌بندند. بچه فيل، هرچه تقلا مي‌كند، نمي‌تواند خودش را آزاد كند. اندك اندك بچه فيل با اين تصور عادت مي‌كند كه تنة درخت از او نيرومند‌تر است. هنگامي كه بچه فيل بزرگ مي‌شود و قدرت شگرفتي مي‌يابد، تنها كافي است ريسماني نازك به دور پاي فيل گره زده شود و به يك نهال كوچك بسته شود. جالب اينكه فيل هيچ تلاشي براي آزاد كردن خودش نمي‌كند. همچون فيل‌ها، پاهاي ما نيز اغلب اسير باورهاي شكننده‌اند، اما از آنجا كه در گذشته به قدرت تنة درخت عادت كرده‌ايم، شهامت مبارزه را نداريم. بي‌آن كه بدانيم كه تنها يك عمل متهورانه ساده براي دست يافتن ما به موفقيت كافي است

در باره ازدواج = On marriage by famous people

Jay Baba, since the 'game' is over now (until they do not mess with me again!), i have time for other things! The following was received by Jamile Jaan again this morning! Funny and factual words on 'marriage', which i like to write on it more and more!
در باره ازدواج
1- با ازدواج، مرد روي گذشته اش خط مي كشد و زن روي آينده اش (سينكالويس)
۲- ازدواج كنيد، به هر وسيله اي كه مي توانيد. زيرا اگر زن خوبي گيرتان آمد بسيار خوشبخت خواهيد شد و اگر گرفتار يك همسر بد شويد فيلسوف بزرگي مي شويد. ( سقراط)
۳- قبل از رفتن به جنگ يكي دو بار و پيش از رفتن به خواستگاري سه بار براي خودت دعا كن . ( يكي از دانشمندان لهستاني )
۴- من تنها با مردي ازدواج مي كنم كه عتيقه شناس باشد تا هر چه پيرتر شدم، براي او عزيزتر باشم. ( آگاتا كريستي)
۵- زن ترجيح مي دهد با مردي ازدواج كند كه زندگي خوبي نداشته باشد، اما نمي تواند مردي را كه شنونده خوبي نيست، تحمل كن( كين هابارد)
۶- اصل و نسب مرد وقتي مشخص مي شود كه آنها بر سر مسائل كوچك با هم مشكل پيدا مي كنند. ( شاو)
۷- هيچ زني در راه رضاي خدا با مردي ازدواج نمي كند. ( ضرب المثل اسكاتلندي)
۸- دوام ازدواج يك قسمت روي محبت است و نُه قسمتش روي گذشت از خطا. ( ضرب المثل اسكاتلندي )
۹- زناشويي غصه هاي خيالي و موهوم را به غصه نقد و موجود تبديل مي كند. (ضرب المثل آلماني )
۱۰- ازدواج قرارداد دو نفره اي است كه درهمه دنيا اعتبار دارد. ( مارك تواين )
۱۱- قبل از ازدواج درباره تربيت اطفال شش نظريه داشتم، اما حالا شش فرزند دارم و داراي هيچ نظريه اي نيستم. ( لرد لوچستر)
۱۲- ازدواج پيوندي است كه از درختي به درخت ديگر بزنند، اگر خوب گرفت هر دو " زنده " مي شوند و اگر " بد " شد هر دو مي ميرند. ( سعيد نفيسي )
۱۳- ازدواج بيشتر از رفتن به جنگ " شجاعت " مي خواهد. ( كريستين )
۱۴- با همسر خود مثل يك رمان رفتار كنيد و فصل هاي خسته كننده او را اصلاً نخوانيد. ( سوني اسمارت)
۱۵- ازدواج مثل اجراي يك نقشه جنگي است كه اگر در آن فقط يك اشتباه صورت بگيرد جبرانش غير ممكن خواهد بود. ( بورنز )

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good news + a 'expressive' gift for me and all

Jay Baba ALL.... i have stopped 'criticising' the people here..... did what i HAD TO..... NOW a new phase started in my life and i need to make my internal link with Babaji MORE and MORE strong...... busy with the rennovation work at new home..... will write more later...... please write me by email if there is any questions......
Following is a piece of wisdom i just received from a dear Irani sister from USA. Enjoy it
I feared being alone until I learned to like myself.
I feared failure until I realized that I only fail when I don't try.
I feared success until I realizedthat I had to tryin order to be happy with myself.
I feared people's opinions until I learned thatpeople would have opinions about me anyway.
I feared rejection until I learned to have faith in myself.
I feared pain until I learned thatit's necessary for growth.
I feared the truthuntil I saw the ugliness in lies.
I feared life until I experiencedits beauty.
I feared death until I realized that it'snot an end, but a beginning.
I feared my destiny, until I realized thatI had the power to changemy life.
I feared hate until I saw that itwas nothing more than ignorance.
I feared love until it touched my heart, making the darkness fadeinto endless sunny days.
I feared ridicule until I learned how to laugh at myself.
I feared growing old until I realized thatI gained wisdom every day.
I feared the future until I realized thatlife just kept getting better.
I feared the past until I realized thatit could no longer hurt me.
I feared the dark until I saw the beautyof the star light.
I feared the light until I learned that the truth would give me strength.
I feared change, until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a metamorphosis before it could fly .Jamila

Friday, September 15, 2006

Places this blog is read

Jay Baba, this is todays 'pie' of the blog, showing in which countries this blog is read. To read the names of the countries, please click on the picture. No wonder USA = India %wise?!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who loves P.S.?"

Jay Baba, yesterday i sent the following letter to Pat Summer and since i have not received any call from her (called her twice yesterday evening on her mobile) i assume that it is OK for her to publish/share it. Already delivered Baba's gift' for her, still waiting for her 'ears' to recover from being 'polluted' by the facts! Why she does not respond to those questions?!

Please be aware that the intention behind all this is just to facilitate the 'awakening process' as i wrote in the previous posts. Baba is the director of this 'show' and we each play our 'role' and fortunately, with all its 'drawbacks', i have been give THIS role and i intend to play it fine and ego-free. Here, my ego is also at stake and all are welcome to attack/shock it, as they wish. As i said to a brother, i DO FEEL this love for those who mistreat/lie to me, eventhough i get angry as a normal human being. But i express my love THIS WAY, useful for some other 'watchers', and if some do not like it, they can go to The King and complain!

".... i will not mail/publish this until i get a personal response from Pat. my intention is
NOT to hurt, but to 'remind'! i will come to the office soon to deliver her 'gift' and we may
have a 'friendly talk'! Hatred had NEVER solved any problem! i love you MY OWN WAY!
THE SUBJECT OF THE LETTER WAS "Who loves P.S.?" (and since it is a collective issue, "who loves those who hate/lie to him?" and it goes:
"... i do. That is why i do not leave her alone, in her fast sleep, snoring, dreaming that
she is 'obeying' Baba! And to SHOW my true love to her, i will give her a gift and a message from Baba (a badge, with Baba's picture on it + 3 of His KEY WORDS to remember AND act upon = LOVE, SERVICE, HONESTY .
This 3 rd one is often ignored by the majority (of those who seek God). This is a gift from Baba,
since i found 5 of these Badges in the new home, yesterday (i take responsibilty for it) And will
gift it to those who have forgotten the 3 rd KEY WORD (it will remain ONLY a 'word' for many!) i remember she brought me a picture of Baba, when i was in the hospital last year and just when i came out of the anesthisia, she gifted it to me with a bitter comment of 'what to do with you?' (she was refering to the false complaints against me!) And these were my first words after the operation, "kill me, kill me"! And she did not take it seriously! She can reconsider the 'suggesstion' now!
i have also an 'offer' from my own, which she has the chance to refuse it or accept it.
i suggest that she comes ONCE to the Arti, (have not seen her once during the 'rush hours', as MANY other residents avoid those hours, BUT WHY?!) and do the repentence prayer collectively. ....."for all lies and hypocrisy... '
May be this can be effective enough, since apparently the 'individual' prayers has NOT been so
effective. Jay baba"

3 questions for our dear chaiman, Bhauji

Dearest Bhauji (and ALL who read this!)
You know how much i love and respect you.
You are the last mandali of the Beloved, capable of answering technical/difficult questions and still being fair and just in your difficult and challenging 'post'. Since you talk about 'PRACTICAL TRUTH' and "responsibility' (Baba's Wish), i would like to raise the following questions (i am not sure if the program is held, since have not been in MPR for few days) so i bring them here, so other Premies can use your comments, as well:
1. There is a grave in the upper Meherabad, above the Beloved's parents grave, under the neem tree, with a stone written on it : 'WARRIOR'. (my favorite spot outside Baba's Tomb and Cabin)! WHO is he/she? (Too sad the sisters usually use their 'warrior' energy domestically and not socially!)
2. If rules are rules, why they are sometimes applied with discrimination? Case of brother Zingulu (James) is a clear example which no one wants to discuss it. Does being American, by nationality and mentality, can bring 'special favor' /treatment in Baba's Kingdom?
3. With what kind of spiritual authority brother JD stops people from dancing in Dhuni? i was witnessing it twice (Aug/Sept) and it seems to be in the opposite direction of what Baba( God= Nature) wants us to behave. ( Expression, rather than Suppression)
In other Baba centers (Delhi, Dehradun, Yaghut Ganj/UP....) premis are encouraged to express their joy and blissfulness through dancing. Even in your own weekly talks, you allow music and dance, because it is a very natural and spontaneous way to express joy and happiness for Baba.
Does being 'trustee' allows people to make their own 'rules' according to their own 'moods'? __ in contradiction to the existing practices. Please note what brother Hugh asks about this case:*...was JD in a particularly grumpy mood?*
it means that if a 'boss' is in a 'bad mood', he/she CAN actually act according to his/her mood, IN BABA'S CELEBRATION and stop people from being happy and expressing their joy!
Is there any other implication for that question?

How to LIVE? With fear or with LOVE? The two cannot co-exist!

jay Baba...this morning received some responses,
2 of them follows (sent by email, ... = not essential words!:
First one is a response from brother Hugh .....since i am not sure
if i am allowed to publish his response (his personal journey, which could be also useful for
others), i just send you my own response and wish it can clear more 'fogs'!
The socio-cultural 'fogs' could be VERY dense, sometimes!
Second is the Poem sent by another brother from USA, who seems to be pleased with my writings!....
"....Yes, i can understand your point and agree with you in YOUR case.Yet, MY journey is of a different orientation and it IS the Bhakti Marg, as the Naadi astrologist also confirmed 2 weeks ago. It is the Way of the HEART (i raised in 'human love' when i was 7 years young!), in which mind is only used to express the feeling and emotions.
Judge by the 'fruit' of the tree, i, not only do not feel "loosing influence
and power along the way." BUT the opposite. And just for your
information, deep down and with MANY, i AM not only soft and gentle,
but VERY compassionate and THEY can feel this and respond accordingly.
Believe me not? Please Come and walk with me around the village!
i do not 'claim to be right'. i only express what i feel and the
reasoning behind it is only to clear the fog for those who have not
enough information and are unaware of the 'behind the scene', AS i was,
when arrived fresh here last year. This is my way of serving the
, whether some 'authorities like it or not.
If you/they have ANY argument and counter-reasoning, PLEASE express,
rather than suppress. it will help not only me and you, but many, who
are watching the 'show'! Again, i appreciate your kind understanding and PLEASE do NOT take this case 'personally', EVEN if i say things based on your sayings.
it IS a 'collective' issue, whether we accept it or not.
Here, for the sake of 'softness' and TRUTH, i post a wonderful poem i received this morning from a dear brother in USA. We shall keep the channel open.
The First 'channel' is the HEART and then the communication via the mind/net! Enjoy it:
Although nobody ever taught me that,
I did have a feeling,that we are guided by somebody.
Our ancestors lived and workedin the name of God.
A new age has arrived, nobody thinks of God's name.
I found a book,and began to abide by His laws.
It happened in February,that I experienced enchanting revelation.
Emanating Magic Light,with currents of thoughts.
I'm that God,whom you see now.
I asked that Eternal Light:
what about the questionof death and life?
That Exquisite Being answered:
A person constantly stealing, destroying and killing,
enters eternal Darkness.
To a person abiding by my laws,
I give more lives,not only one.
Good Lord, my God,I breathe with gratitude,
I understood just now,how to live.
Miloslava Drsková.

Yes, it is ALL about HOW TO LIVE, WITH FEAR or WITH LOVE? the two cannot co-exist!

The difference between this 'watchdog' and those watchdogs!

Jay Baba...the following is fresh and was sent to many 'Baba-lovers' by mail....for those who are not on the list and follow the 'NEWS' from THIS station! Enjoy the show!

Dear All....if you wish to be removed from this mailing list PLEASE say so..... just cannot stop loving/serving you my own way!

This morning received the following response from a dear brother and want to share it, NOT only because it supports my 'stand', BUT because it remind ALL of us not to be trapped in our 'roles' and be identified with it. VERY Useful the 'authorities' as well.
Enjoy it and also read my response to it. (the 'bold-ing' is mine!) Jay Meher Baba, Jay Mehera, Jay Mani

"Dear Brother Mo: I thought your reply to Hugh's letter was spot-on. You are playing the role of 'watchdog' at MB, but why not ?No-one else seems willing or brave enough or maybe qualified enough, to play it. It's not an easy role to play as it's always going to upset some people, but it isdefinitely a worthwhile-useful role.
A way of serving Baba.
The only thing I would like you to try to remember is that it is merely a roleyou are playing, and not your reality, which is Infinite Love-Bliss / GOD !

People often make the simple mistake of believing they are the various rolesthey play in life. It can be difficult to remember that they are just rolesbecause others see you as the role you are playing........ 'Mohsen the troublemaker',which tends to make one identify with the mere role one is playing.
Much Love and Great Wisdom (the twin aspects of Swedenborg said).
In Baba's Infinite Grace and Mercy!..... "

My response:
"Dearest brother ....Thank you so much for the wise words and the reminder.
i DO NEED such comments, just to be reminded of the very true FACT of what you & BABA say. i appreciate it and with your permission will post it for all, so
they can see that there are 'Baba-lovers', who ARE so wise in
their journey and caring for me to remind me of this fact.

Yes, i assure you that i will not fall into this trap and as i say constantly, it IS
a SHOW and i just play my role.

Speaking of the 'dogs', i can see that the 3 dogs in the Samadhi area are much loved by everyone, especially by JD. But when i went to his office yesterday to deliver the 'gift from Baba',(the story comes later) i could clearly feel not an iota of that 'love', for 'this
watchdog'! I am sure the difference between this two kinds of the
'dogs' is that those dogs cannot speak and type!

this Path of love IS 'troublesome'

Jay Baba.... this is the latest response i got for 'all this'! My reply follows:
"....good luck with it all - sounds fascinating - if not troubling even!
"...Yes dear, this Path of love IS 'troublesome'!

i am aware of the consequenses, yet, just cannot help my 'fasle self', HAS to pay the price!
Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since it is a 'collective issue'

Jay Baba, this is a 'dialog' between me and a dear brother from USA.
i post it here for those who visit here and are not in my mailing list.
The intention is to give information about Baba and His ways!
The Italic are his words
Dear brother Hugh
Jay Baba and Thank you VERY much for your prayers and comments. i love it, since it gives me the chance to shed light on some 'dark' corners and bring up new angles to look at the picture.
If you trust me to be your brother, as you do, and our feelings show, PLEASE, i beg you to be patient with me and ponder about my response, even if it may NOT be to your satisfaction. PLEASE!
I must tell you that the tone of your recent emails feels like you have become the guardian watchdog at the Center.
Well, if this is what you dig, and if this is Beloved have honored me with, i accept it and appreciate it. You are a 'manager' and know how 'systems' work! ANY system, if lacks a 'watchdog' (criticism) will ROT. Yes? So i appreciate my divine 'dogness' at His Kingdom.
No doubt what you observe does happen.
Yes, and being trained as a 'reporter' (By whom, ultimately?) gives me the privilege! If i do not report it to 'you', WHO will?

That however leaves me with several questions. First, what is your intention by pointing out all these thing to us?
My responsibility to my own 'self' (true or false?, YOU judge!) to express what is in my heart (rather to suppress it!) + my 'social responsibility' toward those who are UNAWARE of the 'happenings' + my Obedience to my Beloved,...... if that is enough of 'intention'!

Do you expect action or discipline or rebuke or to make us aware that those who speak Baba's name as still struggling with their egos?
i do not 'expect' ANYTHING, whatever comes from Baba is welcomed here. Yet, i AM aware of the unfair/unjust/cruel measures the 'authorities' take against those who expose their hypocrisy! Yesterday the police man who had never seen me before was telling me that 'there are DOUBTS about your income source'! Who plants/pollutes such doubts in the minds of innocent people?

Is there an outcome you expect or want from us?
i have NO expectations from you. Just do my 'job' and leave it to your OWN level of understanding, awareness and courage to support 'justice' or just be a watcher, OR even to ridicule me and fight against me. That is YOUR responsibility!

Often if not always, your messages share the content of an event or happening but I never have the whole context ;
To get such 'context' you need to put some more time and review the archive in my blog!
for example, today's message. You didn't share how she was dancing,
HOW?!! Not 'sexy' of course! Was not a 'belly dance'! As innocent and joyful and ANY other dance in front of Baba/His picture.

how she might have been dressed,
A typical modest sari.
are there new rules that she violated,
What rules? Last Friday Bhauji asked Hardeep to dance before his talk. And if any sister would join, there could be no objection. Does it take a 'male' for a dance to be 'OK'?
was JD in a particularly grumpy mood,
Yes, never seen him so 'sad', due to his disappointment that 'he had returned'!

or was the place too crowded?
Was crowded enough, about 200 people altogether. What does the number of people has to do with such 'suppressive rule'?

Were there other things going on that we do not understand or know about such as incomplete rituals?
How can i know? All i SEE is that slowly the 'unimportant things' are becoming 'IMPORTANT' to the cost of 'important things' becoming 'UNIMPORTANT'. Baba 'orders' us to be 'honest', BUT obeying Him is not important!

I would also ask you to reflect on your life's experience in Iran to see how your interpretation and reaction to the things you see might be influenced by those earlier events.
Of course dear. No doubt about the early influences. BUT i USE them for such work which Baba has given me to do and i enjoy it! First of all, as i said, i do not 'interpret', JUST 'report' the way it is 'effective'! And my actions are NOT 'reactions', rather 'responses', and/or 'interactions'. So please differentiate between the terms!

You seem to be struggling with authority issues a lot and you certainly came from a background where authority issues are a big deal.
Yes, but WHY do i do so? Just being 'crazy'? Now, if the same 'rule' applies, and if i may be VERY honest with you, will use the same argument for the 'naive' people like Americans. (inviting more 'trouble'?!) You, being an American, may think/dream that your are 'free', but HOW can you be?__being conditioned by that 'oppressive/suppressive' system from the VERY beginning! Our difference is that you may not even be 'aware' that you can 'expose' the 'authorities'! AND if you are a 'part of it', then 'forget it'! Na? Your 'system' is SO strong that even does not allow you to 'think' to go against the 'stream'. Only brave souls like Noam Chomsky and other American 'Freedom Fighters' like him can stand up for the rights of majority of the 'Sleeping Americans' ! Much more to say about this, but leave it for later/others to comment and give the 'fuel'!
Finally I would encourage you to consider whether you think that exposure or embarrassment of individuals or groups will facilitate change?
What 'change'? Social or individual? For individuals, there is ALWAYS 'transformation', which is a 'process' rather than a sudden 'change'! Yes, i truly feel that it gives them a 'shock'! i was telling another American brother yesterday that if you see a beloved one sleeping fast and snoring and his/her house is on fire, what will you do? caress him/her to wake up? Sing lullaby for him/her to wake up? My method is pouring a glass of cold water (at least room-temp.!) over his/her face, BECAUSE i love him/her and the 'mouse' is eating up the 'black and white rope of his/her life' and the fire IS THERE!! It is my individual experience and have found it VERY effective. And since it is a process, it ADDs up!If i can use the analogy of 'transformation' of liquid water to 'vapor', EACH encounter, each drop of cold/hot water ADDs up, as the liquid must pass through 12...33...-45...67...89....91.....99.... to be transformed! it may take millions of lives, but the fact remains the same, it HAS TO BOIL!

My experience says that beyond childhood, that strategy seldom works, particularly if they have power that can be used against you.
Yes, since the child is weal and helpless, ANY force can stop him/her from being 'naughty'! If the intention is LOVING, no matter how hard it is for the ego, it STILL ADDs UP! And if i was seeking wealth and safety and comfort, i could have it by now! This Path of Bhaki is something different and i refer you once more to that 'MESSAGE' from The World Of Baba, regarding the position of Hazrat Love, in comparison to the reason's altar! i love to 'kiss' the first 'altar' and that is why i have my life up my sleeve! Being defamed, assassinated or suffered in His cause is a blessing beyond majority's grasp!

Love and peace to you brother, (you seem to need some these days) Dear brother, Again Thank you so much for your response and concern and the 'fuel'! i pray for you too. Please do NOT worry about my safety. Baba is the King here and as long as i am pleasing Him, i have no fear from these minority of 'authorities'! Best in Him for ALLHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Monday, September 11, 2006

A very typical 'collective issue'

Jay Baba
0. (my own response to some responses!) As another American sister just reminded:"....In each case just ask Him to help you carry the burden seeing that it is He who is dishing out....and you know what?...He will."
AND HE DID. AS USUAL, But so 'unexpectedly', like an extra bonous!

What i found interesting in this 'case' is that some people THINK that by expressing my feelings and 'reporting' the case, i am actually suffering and complaining!!! NO. it is NOT SO. i will write more about this 'way of thinking' later.

For now, will post 3 other comments on the case, JUST to show that how others are feeling about such 'SITUATION'!

PLEASE do NOT think that this is a 'personal' case! Yes, it happened to a 'person' (named mohsen) BUT ACTUALLY it is a very typical 'collective issue'! Anyone doubt this please comment and express their disagreement.

1. "....I also find those responses useful & instructive... yes I agree that to
dance the tango 2 people are needed... may the Light takes the clouds away
with Metta ....."

2. "Dear Mohsen, My love to you my very dear brother. Baba is always with you and me. He may especially love those and secretely care for those who are a little different than others. We are really loved by Him, each and all of us, in a special way. And He does like the effort that we put in to try to please Him.
He alone exists, and He is in our enemies as well as our friends. I can only suggest that you may want to look to your friends, and let your enemies exist without you!
May His sweet Love bring you to peace and harmony.
You are a very good man with a very loving heart. May our dear Beloved always protect and care for you, and continue always to bestow His Love in your heart. In His Ocean of Love and Mercy, Brian Garnant and family"

3. Dear Mohsen / I send you my good wishes for future. As regards
hypocrisy that you have mentioned I have experienced
it myself at Meherabad.
Once I visited Samadhi in 2002 with a british friend
and when the people there saw a white man they just
took it for granted that he is American and they
treated him initially with such great enthusiasm and
affection and they were trying to know where he is
from in America but once they found out he is not from
America they just dumped him, it was so obvious in
their attitude and my friend felt it and I felt it; but
anyway we went there for Baba so it doesnt matter; but
I have to admit that at that time those people seemed
to have such an attitude and it was really hard to understand, but then later we learnt
that American money comes a lot to the AMB trust and
so they tend to dominate whatever the matter of truth is.
we both found this strange behaviour rather unpleasant and especially
coming from so-called baba lovers
Anyway, I can understand what you possibly have went
through, though, I think (I may be wrong) a lot of it
possibly is of your own making or else it is just
baba's working baba's love inevitably comes in the form of suffering
too for all of us
apart from other ways-just accept it
with cheer. Again, all the best and much regards ....Jai Baba"

999% of my problem is solved now, by HIS GRACE.

Jay Baba Dear all ....since i get a few responses about 'the dance' being a 'tango', i just wrote this for a sister and will post it here as the GOOD NEWS of His Infinite Compassion and Grace....... it was MUCH MORE than i could even imagine................

".....WHY you think the dance was a 'Tango'?????? Any otherway of looking at it?

....... 999% of my problem was solved this morning, by HIS GRACE! Tomorow will go back 'home' and will do my best to love and SERVE ALL, including those who carry UNNECESSARY load of hatred for me!

Jay Meher Baba + Jay His mandalis and TRUE 'lovers'

Sunday, September 10, 2006

"mutual spiritual progress"

9/10/06 / 5:29 PM
Jay Baba. This afternoon received some useful and instructive responses from three dear souls and will post them all here. No time to comment on the relevant points now. Maybe later.

1. “Thinking of you with love…..especially at this challenging time.
Please stay in touch…”

2. “… It is always difficult to survive when you try to swim against the flow in any society. Especially, being Iranians of Moslem origin, we are not the favorite people of any place. Having gotten familiar with you and your ways, frankly, I am surprised you lasted there as long as you did. Although I do think that you are responsible for much of the negative reactions you receive, I also believe based on my own experience that there is a lot of racism going on in Meherabad. I personally experienced this racism. Had you been a white American, you might have been treated quite differently. I recommend you trying to stay there as long as you can. It is good for the people to have to put up with you, you are giving them an opportunity to practice tolerance and compassion. Don't give up. However, I also recommend as a friend to look within yourself also and not put all the blame on the outside. You need these people as much as they need you for your mutual spiritual progress. As much as you are a mirror for their negative emotions, they are a mirror for your negative emotions. It always takes two to tango.

I also think that it is not the way of a true Baba lover to mention people's names and call them corrupt and sick, even if they are doing the same to you. You must be grateful for whatever you experience. As Hafiz says,

Agar ranjat be pish ayad vagar rahat
nesbat makon be gheir ke inha khoda konad

If pain befalls you or comfort
do not attribute to other for all this is done by God

Your comments about all the people you mentioned in your e-mail are negative. The way of Baba is to find positive things to say about those people and be grateful to all the people who dislike you, for they are also God. I feel it was my responsibility to say these things. Jai Baba Hu"

3. “…. Just try to remember....ALL this stuff going-on is just a mind-trip........just imagination.
You are getting very entangled in mind stuff which is a stupid illusion or dream or shadow-world.
Only the heart / LOVE is real !
To love people is to feel one-with people. To love all people is to feel one-with all people. To love Baba-God is to feel one-with Baba-God. Only love overcomes the illusion of separateness !

There are obviously many people who don't love you in MB, and are thus experiencing the illusion of separateness (they see you as separate to them........a stupid ego-mind illusion). Just try not to let them 'infect' you with their blindness-ignorance........and cause you to stop loving them, and thus see them as separate to you. It's just a tiny part of the HUGE spiritual 'battle' that is always going on. The Awake (Baba and the God-realized) and ‘partly awake’ are trying to awaken those who are dreaming (those who see separateness as real), and those who are dreaming are forever trying to get the 'partly awake' to see life the way they see it. (The truly Awake are obviously immune from such 'diseases'). “

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Message from The World Of Baba

9/9/2006 / 9:54:19 PM

Jay Baba….. There are always some ‘friends’, which having them, you need not to have any ‘enemy’!

Yesterday, after Bhauji’s talk, which was about ‘responsibility’ and ‘practical truth’, I could NOT just hold myself any longer !(false or real self?!)
How could I ‘shirk’ my social responsibility?
When I announced the fresh article’s title “Corruption and Hypocrisy in His name’, it felt that no body wanted to hear it and could not even believe it! And when I said that ‘we may not see each other again’, I could feel that a few people present felt VERY happy. And later, when they saw me packing to leave the Hill, I just could see their faces shining with ‘happiness’!

Meherdokht was probably the happiest one! I might write more about this ‘sick’ sister later. (it is NO insult, just a ‘plain truth’, which Dr. Ann, or ANY doctor may confirm.

Indyra, Hardeep’s wife, was next, glowing with a smile.
Oh. Sorry, may be Jerry was the happiest of all, since he wanted me ‘removed’ from the scene, since last year, and had actually ‘warned’ me once!
And of Course, Sara and Micheal were also very delighted!
Alen, Mr, Fume, was not there, but I am sure he will be also cry with joy, “Oh, what a relief”!

When I think of who else might be delighted, I can think of the Indian sister in the ‘house keeping’ (once she told me ‘don’t think that Alen is the only one who dislike you here!’ She meant, ‘I am also hating you!’)

Ah, and of course Dolly and Jal Dastoor, Shridad, and a few more ... cannot think of whom they may be, now! (besides other names mentioned in the 'unbelievable' post.)

But HOW MANY are these people, comparing to the number of people living/visiting The Hill? Not more than 1-2% of the whole population of the people living in the area.

Now the message from “Welcome To My World” (The Tiled wall, West of MPR's dining hall)…. The first morning I was there, Sept.7 th, I read THIS poem, in Persian, on one of the tiles:
Jenabe Eshgh Ra Dargah Basi Balatar Az Aghl Ast
Kasi An Astan Busad Ke Jaan Dar Asteen Darad.

The Court of Excellency Love
is much higher than the reason/rational
One who has his life up his sleeve
can kiss that threshold.

So, for those who may think I am ‘crazy’ doing all this stuff, this poem can say something!
Jay Meher Baba

Today, yesterday and tomorrow!

Jay Baba....this was sent by an Indian friend and for a 'change of temperature' is posted here!
Today I will delete from my diary two days:
yesterday and tomorrow

Yesterday was to learn

and tomorrow will be the consequence
of what I can do today.

Today I will face life with the conviction that this day will not ever return.

Today is the last opportunity I have to live intensely,
as no one can assure methat I will see tomorrow's sunrise.

Today I will be brave enough not to let any opportunity pass me by,
my only alternative is to succeed.

Today I will invest
my most valuable resource:my time ,

in the most transcendental work:my life ;

I will spend each minutepassionately to make of today a differentand unique day in my life.

Today I will defy every obstacle that appears on my way trusting I will succeed.

Today I will resist pessimism and will conquer

the world with a smile, with the positive attitude

of expecting always the best.

Today I will make of every ordinary task a sublime expression,

Today I will have my feet on the ground

understanding reality and the stars' gaze to invent my future.

Today I will take the time to be happy and will leave my footprints and my presence

in the hearts of others.

Today, I invite you to begin a new season where we can dream

that everything we undertake is possible and we fulfill it,

with joy and dignity.

SMILE Have a good day and a better one tomorrow!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Corruption + hypocrisy in Baba's place/name

Jay Baba, this post was somehow very badly published, due to some technical problems. Now I edit it and republish it. Enjoy.

(Already posted for 'false/real family' members! In case something UNUSUAL happens to me, the persons named below are RESPONSIBLE for it, Besides Babaji, who directs the 'show'.

Pat Summer is a famous name for Baba-lovers. One hour ago i had the following conversation with her:

P: What is the bottom line? (regarding my registration with the local SP!)

M: i can tell you the 'middle line', but the bottom line i am afraid you cannot take!

P: What is it?

M: How many years you have been in India?

P:.... 30 years.

M: Have you heard ANYTHING about 'police corruption'?

P: Of course!
M: Are you aware of any corruption in the Trust?

P: NO. Not even ONE case! 100% there is none!

M: NOW you hear one! Mr. Jal Dastoor told me two days ago, in 'his' car, that James Fulgunzi had clear his case with the Nagar police. Mr. Tagad told me 45 minutes ago that he does not know him (James) and he has NO record in that office.

Here, she was furious and said: "i do not want to hear it, it pollutes my ears!' And actually put her two index fingers in her both ears!

So i went to Jal' office and Brother Shridad was there. (He is a Trustee!) Told him what happened and he pretended that he does not know anything about this!

As background info i must say that James has similar case like me and his visa was over long time ago i and he works and lives here in Meherabad. He came to my home during the Amarthiti and since i had a guest, he asked for a private conversation with me. He told me that he feels 'danger' because of me 'living here'! (Probably expected me to leave and give room to him!) when i asked 'why?', he could not say the truth and said that he 'lives UNDER the Trust support'! i said, "if so, WHY you feel danger?'. Of course he did not say anything and left. (My guess may bear witness to this 'private conversation, if needed!)

Then 1-2 days later Mr. Tagad saw me in the Amartithi celebration and asked me to go to Pune for my change of address. And i think James had informed Tagad when i came back from Delhi last month (because i did not go to the city and the 'news' MUST have come from the Hill that 'he is back'!!)

So now, here i am, a victim of 'police corruption' in Pune, living for 13 months in Meherabad, my case being under consideration with UNHCR, waiting to see what the Captain has in store for me.

But the questions remain for 'Baba-lovers' to BE ASKED / ANSWERED:
1. Does Pat (and for that matter the Trustees) know about the 'legal papers' of JZ, or not? If the Chairman does not know, i will bring this up this afternoon, when he answers question in the PC Ex-dining hall.

2. If i had American citizenship and in the same situation, would i be treated as i am NOW?!

3. Double standards in Baba's place? i had seen many minor ones already, but THIS? Since they PRETEND to be VERY 'legal' and are SO particular about 'laws'! (Of course the Law of the Country __which is broken so often! AND NOT about the Dharmic law! Baba's FIRST LAW is TRUTH!What is the definition of 'hypocrisy'?

4. HOW it is possible that JZ's case had escaped Pat's SHARP eyes?

5. WHY/HOW the facts can 'pollute’ some one's ears? (We know the sweet truth can be 'bitter'! But first time i heard the facts can 'pollute'!!! (before i come here, to write this post, i apologized for this 'pollution', and told her that 'it is coming from Baba'! She is welcome to verify my writings and if there is ANYTHING untrue in it!)

PS: for those who may think i have 'sold JZ' to the police, i must say that it is NOT SO! i just believed what JD told me about how he 'cleared his case', and just wanted to see HOW he did it, so i can do the same thing. i had NO IDEA that JD can lie so easily, and Tagad denies knowing his 'informant' and the fact that JZ has NO record or ANY paper in that office!

For more fun, i just paste the letter i just received from one of the 'Ancient-souls' of The Over Soul. Just to show that i am NOT the only one feeling such hypocrisy in this sacred land. Maybe the only one Baba gave enough courage to bring it UP! Thanks to the Saghi!

".....Jai Meher Baba!I liked your newsofloving blog. Go get em!......There is a connection between us in that I feel I recognize your soul and quest for freedom. Please do not be fooled into believing I am a young woman. I am a very ancient soul which is why I have an abundance of wisdom and Love. Baba Loves You very much and enjoys your presence and Humour in Meherabad. Always know that.... we are all with you in spirit. (There is a team of us who are doing our best to live in truth) and we are always coming up against obstacles. You are one of us dear brother!) Jai Meher Baba! So again Remember you never walk alone. You are working for Humanity. In Love and affection from Baba's great heart. Jai Meher Baba...."

For those who want to know WHERE i stayed the 2 nights i was here at Meherabad, the first night i was the guest of Mola Baba (near the neem trees) Staying up all night enjoying the moon and the birds and last night i was Baba's 'special guest' in His Rahuri (Blue) cabin! Not even one soul showed up and asked 'what are you doing here?' (For the information of whoever is in charge of 'security' in lower Meherabad! HuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBabaHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hottest 'loving' news, so far!

Jay Baba.... following is the most up to date LOVING news i have, for those who love it HOT!
it is in the form of a few emails, back and forth, about my 'intrusiveness' and how i am being treated by the 'dark forces'! Enjoy! i changed the order of them, to be comprehensible!


my response (9:09 pm WEdnesday):
Yes, truly i DO feel lucky! i arrived this afternoon just to find out that the STAFF do not recognize my UN paper and asked me to go to the local police for registration, BEFORE i can check in! So, since it was late for any office work, tonight i have to stay in a 'store room' in the village, without any window' , so i can go and face the police tomorrow!
Thanks to the Saghi!

Just to let you know that there are MANY others who feel differently, i will post the following, which i just received along with YOUR comment! Jay Baba and we will keep in touch.

(a letter from a brother from Australia, about my 'intrusiveness':)

"...The only thing 'intrusive' about you is your obvious love.
Your beautiful shining eyes that pour 'The Light' onto everyone who
is fortunate enough to meet you.
This is a joy and a blessing for those that are truly open to receiving
such love and inner beauty, but I am sure that it 'disturbs' people
who are not truly open. People who live in the darkness of their
separative ego-minds, whilst pretending to be open and loving.
Just your mere presence makes such people feel very insecure, and
unconsciously aware of their own hypocrisy-uncleanliness.
All you can do is just continue to be the beautiful soul that you are,
and try your best to simply ignore such flawed souls, and not get
caught-up in the separative games they try and get rid
of you and your shining light.
Much Love and Great Poise
In Baba's Infinite Grace and Mercy"

And the 'stroy' begings here, when i wrote an email to 'pimco' for reservation (on Monday, the 4th), and i get such response!

"...After discussion we can offer you a one week booking at Meher>Pilgrim Retreat starting Wednesday 6/9 to 13/9 at which time if there have>been no complaints about you being intrusive with people we may extend>your>booking for a further week. Please arrive at Meher Pilgrim Retreat before>1800 and pay for your weeks stay.

So i reply on Tuesday, just before i leave for Nagar :
Re: reservation for mohsenkhatamiDate: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 10:30:30 +0530*Jay Baba, Jay Mani, Jay Mehera*Dear sister PatThank you for the response.i just love to know WHO is/are saying this NONSENSE about me being'intrusive' with people! *WHICH* people? i actually know a number of 'persons' who hate me there and do their 'best'to get rid of mohsen, which is fine with me; BUT if you introduce EVEN ONE person who can openly and honestly say HOW i have been 'intrusive' withhim/her, you will win a prize from me!

Some poor/weak souls can only *'project'* their OWN weaknesses/shadows on aperson like me, who can 'reflect' their weaknesses, in SILENCE, withoutDOING anything. i CAN tell you *WHO have been* 'intrusive'/ ABUSIVE to me, anumber of times! *Do you want to know?!***i appreciate a 'family investigation' into this matter!

As long as the 'Captain Saghi' is pleased with me and my work, i can care less about such accusations and actually welcome them, from Mr. Fume ,to...... whoever is so fearful and hateful to backbite and spread lies andrumours! They need only compassion and some real TREATMENT!

Too bad Meherabad does not have a 'mental/emotional' rehabilitation facility for such weak/poor souls, YET!.....if they are honest and have the guts,they must reveal their identity and be truthful to YOU, at least!Thank you, and will see you soon ..... my love for all of you who honestlyand sincerely work for LOVE = God = Babaji..... Even my love and prayersgo for those who can only 'accuse' and backbite! May Baba cure them from their 'dis-eases'! Ameen.....Ameen..............Ameen...............

Jay Baba...more HOT news may be under way, it is ALL His wish and Leela and i am going to play it accordingly! Huu

Monday, September 04, 2006

Karma and the 3 Old Rule of Zarthushtra

"Karma is not something complicated or philosophical.
Karma means watching your body,
watching your mouth, and
watching your mind.
Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma."
Lama Thubten Yeshe
from "The Bliss of Inner Fire"
Thanks to mickey "ô¿ô" ...tuhlotteson...and dear ones in the 'divine net'
Jay Baba

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our 'dash line'

24 Signs of a Happy Family

Jay Baba...this was published in Hamshari newspaper in Iran and i found it in my inbox this morning, Thanks to brother Dr. Manuchehr T, my dear psychologist friend......Meher Baba had often stressed the FACT that we are all ONE family and Bhauji also insists of using this term 'family' as opposed to any other term for 'Baba-lovers'! So, i post it here now and will translate it into English, slowly! For today, i point out sign # 6 :

"They (members) have no 'poisonous shame' toward each other; meaning that they express their natural wishes, without worry or violence."
۲۴ نشانه خانواده خوشبخت

۱ - در بین اعضای خانواده جمله به من چه، یا به تو چه رد و بدل نمی شود، چرا كه اعضا به گفت وگو و مشورت منطقی اعتقاد دارند و احساس مسئولیت می كنند.۲ - افراد به یكدیگر اعتماد دارند و از این اعتماد سوءاستفاده نمی كنند و اعتماد را یكی از پایدارترین ویژگی ازدواج موفق و خانواده موفق می دانند.۳ - تا جایی كه امكان دارد با هم هستند و در میهمانی ها یا كارهای مربوط به خانواده تنها نمی روند و همدلی، همكاری، همفكری، هماهنگی را بقای خانواده خوشبخت می دانند.۴ - با هم اتحاد دارند و در مسائل مختلف با گفت وگو و مشورت به تفاهم می رسند و سعی می كنند اگر سوءتفاهم به وجود آمد، آن را در درون خود و بدون اینكه كسی بفهمد، حل كنند.۵ - به سلیقه ها و عقاید یكدیگر آگاه بوده و به آن احترام گذاشته و عمل می كنند.۶ - نسبت به هم شرم مسموم ندارند؛ یعنی خواسته های طبیعی خودشان را بدون نگرانی یا خشونت ابراز می كنند.۷ - به حریم یكدیگر احترام گذاشته و از حدود مشخص شده خود فراتر نمی روند.۸ - نگران سلامت روحی و جسمی یكدیگر بوده و از هم مراقبت می كنند؛ اگر چنانچه مشكلی به وجود آید، سعی وافر در حل مشكل دارند.۹ - در بیشتر اوقات، لحظات خوشی را كه با یكدیگر بوده اند مرور می كنند؛ دنبال خاطرات تلخ نیستند، دوست دارند همیشه در خوشی، شادی و نشاط زندگی كنند.۱۰ برای فامیل ها و همسایه های خود اهمیت قائلند و پذیرای فامیل یكدیگر هستند. ۱۱ - از امور مالی یكدیگر خبر دارند و چیزی را از یكدیگر پنهان نمی كنند. صرفه جویی و پس انداز كردن، جزو برنامه های اقتصادی خانواده های خوشبخت است.۱۲ - برای رشد یكدیگر تلاش كرده و زمینه پیشرفت خانواده را فراهم می كنند.۱۳- افراد به هم افقی نگاه می كنند نه عمودی؛ یعنی هیچ كس خود را برتر از دیگری و در مقام قدرت نمی بیند؛ دیكتاتوری، زور و قدرت طلبی حاكم نیست.۱۴- همه اعضا احساس برنده بودن، موفق بودن و امید داشتن می كنند و خودشان را در زندگی برنده می دانند. ۱۵ - در كنار هم احساس امنیت و آرامش می كنند نه ترس و اضطراب یا تنش و درگیری.
16- علاقه، عشق، محبت، صفا و یكدلی خود را، هم در رفتار و هم در گفتار به یكدیگر ابراز می كنند.۱۷ - از یكدیگر انتظار بیجا و توقع نامناسب ندارند.۱۸- اگر مشكلی پیش بیاید، به راه حل فكر می كنند و به دنبال مقصر و گناهكار نمی گردند. دست به علت یابی و ریشه یابی آن مشكل می زنند و راه حل منطقی ارائه می دهند.۱۹ - هر یك از طرفین پیوسته به فكر خوشحال كردن و راضی نگه داشتن یكدیگر هستند.۲۰- زن و شوهر به خاطر همدیگر زندگی می كنند؛ اول خود بعد دیگران. زندگی آنها به خاطر بچه ها یا ترس از طلاق و حرف مردم نیست.۲۱- زن و مرد می توانند هر روز به دنیای اختصاصی یكدیگر نزدیك تر شوند، كاری به مسائل خصوصی و زندگی دیگران ندارند.۲۲ - با درخواست های یكدیگر برخوردهای مثبت و منطقی دارند.۲۳
- زن و مرد در كنار یكدیگر هستند نه رو در رو و رقیب یكدیگر، بلكه رفیق هم هستند و واكنش منفی از خود نشان نمی دهند.۲۴
- خانواده های خوشبخت تلاش دارند كه بچه های خوب و خوشبختی نیز به جامعه تحویل دهند.

یادداشت: روزنامه همشهرى

Friday, September 01, 2006

The age-old struggle

Found this in my mails today.... Thanks to Baba who had always put me into such 'struggles', constantly!!! A new one is on the way!

"..... courage - moral courage,
the courage of one's convictions,
the courage to see things through.
The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave.
It's the age-old struggle -
the roar of the crowd on one side and the voice of your conscience on the other."

Simlilar patterns in Micr/Macro worlds!

Jay Baba....just receive this link from a dear brother in USA, whom i do not know, except that he is a teacher and very 'precise' in vision! it shows the image of a mouse neuron cell, next to the simulated image of our infinite universe! What a similarity in pattern! Thank him and Baba..........Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu