Saturday, August 26, 2006

LESS than 30450 minutes/year

".....There are 525,600 minutes in every year.
If you sleep 8 hours a day, you only have 350,400.
If you take two days off per week and work only 8 hours per dayyou only have 125,280 minutes a year to "get things done."
If you take one hour off for lunch and a 10 minute break forthe remaining 7 hours, you only have 91,300 minutes a year to"get things done."
If you're like 95% of the population and *really* only use about1/3 or less of that time to get work done (as opposed to playing around, daydreaming, or doing "busy work," you only really have 30,450 minutes a year to "get things done.".....

And this figure does not include the time for watching TV, surfing the net, or just plain gossiping!!
Good luck......Jay Baba

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Precious Human Life by Dalai Lama the 14th

"Everyday, think as you wake up:
'Today i am fortunate to have woken up.
a am alive, i have a precious human life
i am not going to waste it.
i am going to develop myself;
to expand my heart out to others;
to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.
i am going to have kind thoughts toward others.
i am not going to get angry, or think badly about others.
i am going to benefit others as much as i can,' "

WYSIGBE = God' Blue Eye!

Jay Baba, can you stare motionless into His Blue eye for 60 seconds = ONE minute? See what happens.............

The Top Ten World's Worst Dictators At Present

8/25/2006 /4:28 PM
Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuu.. Speaking of the 'BIG people', these BIG egos MUST be on the TOP list, otherwise they would not ruin their lives being dictators! Of course these are only the 'exposed' ones, many other BIG ones are carrying other 'titles' (heads of the powerful states, corporations, etc!)

Since # 9 is somehow relates to me (my homeland is 'occupied' by him and his stupid followers!) I list them ALL, here.
See how I can 'create' 'powerful' enemies from other countries, as well?!

Please NOTE the word 'power' in all these (and other) 'ego/mind cases' ! And also the word 'worse'! There must be hundreds of 'less bad' dictators around; and may be millions, when it comes to the 'house-hold' level!

1. Omar AlBashir, Sudan, in power since 1989
2. Kim Jong-il, North Korea, in power since 1994
3. Than Shwe, Burma, in power since 1992
4. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe, in power since 1980
5. Islam Karimov, Uzbakestan, in power since1990
6. Hu Jinato, China, in power since 2002
7. King Abbdullah, Saudi Arabia, in power since 1995
8. Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan, in power since1990
9. Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iran, in power since 1989
10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatoria Guinea, in power since1979

Interesting enough 4 out of 10 (40%) are 'Moslems', ONLY by the name of course, not by 'definition' (a Muslim is one who is peaceful and submits to the Will of Allah and no one is hurt by him/her!)

The source is Hindustan Times, Aug.21.2006

from tiny ego to mighty ANTARES

At this sacle Jupiter is invisible and the Sun is only 1 pixel BIG!
Blow, you can see the Sun and the Jupiter is 1 pixel
The 'mighty sun' and our 'VAST' earth,5th dot from left.

Jay Baba....what a wonderful days, waiting , writing, reading, observing and communicating..... just got this wonderful link from my dear brother Darryl Smith, from USA and wanted to share it with you..... As they say in some ads, 'size matters'! In reality, it is the 'quality' that 'matters', yet, when it comes to the ego, it wants to be the 'biggEST' or 'THE most...' So, to show how tiny we are in 'size', i bring the pictures below, which you can see them all here = (sorry, due to some technical problems here, i missed one picture and have the order in reverse!)(for the better picture, use the link!)

still i wonder how Baba and the 'realized souls' say that these 'masses' are ALL WITHIN us! it is 'mind-blowing' and 'heart-provoking'! Enjoy the sizes in our universe....Jay Baba

our 'little earth' and imagine the billions BIG people living on it and compare to the size of the Antares, above! Wow....................................Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wake up, wake up; Wake up, wake up;.....

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......... here may be another 'wave' for those who may like the 'stormy sea'! It came after reading some comments about 'dreaming', AND while i am observing the behavior of the people in my immediate surrounding, (on the NET and otherwise!) your comments are appreciated....

".... All i can say about such 'surreal' stuff is that we are here to WAKE UP!
{who even asked me to say something?!!!}

Baba came for this 'job' and i am witnessing here that most of us use (MIS-use) Him as a lullaby!
Bhauji is also trying to wake us up his own soft/sweet way! In public i mean!
Yet, we know that Baba's ways were not usually 'nice and sweet'!

'Waking up' means having no 'separate ego' !
But we just 'love' our own 'images'! (i am a 'special' Baba-lover!) ( a BIG CAPITAL 'eye' = i ) !!!

And all this 'intellectualization' about 'God-realization' adds up to NOTHING, when we are living SEPARATE individual lives, not caring enough for GOD and for each other and try to stay on THE SURFACE only! Deep down, there is MUCH more to do, or UNDO! ('The HUB of the Wheel' stays intact!)

Sorry! Yes, i agree, it does not sound 'nice & sweet', yet, it is a FACT!
Any objection to this observation?! i welcome it!
{ ~ how many of us wish that i was NOT part of these 'groups'? ~ }
Yours in Baba
Posted on blog # 1 below, as well for NON-baba-lovers, who sometimes are MUCH CLOSER to waking up than some of the 'baba-lovers'

Jay Baba vs. Jai Baba = God vs.establishment/social norms

8/23/2006 / 1:52 PMJay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……….2 days ago, I wrote a short piece and posted to 2 BabaYahooGroups + my BabaloversMailMerge list….. it is such a delight to watch the 'shades of responses' (from negative to positive)… following, I post the original piece + the various responses I have got so far: The motivation behind writing that piece was that a sister asked me to 'correct' my way of writing 'Jay Baba'!
So, here goes another 'wave': (my main words/points are in BOLD!)

"…..... i write JAY, because we write and pronounce: DAY, MAY, PAY, KAY, WAY, BAY...... .....'ai' sound is different = Sai (Baba), Bhai, hyun-DAI, ananda-MAI, ....etc.... And this shows, once again, that what is practiced and 'established' is NOT always 'correct' and reliable!!!"

…. so, a dear sister responds as:
"i write Jai because that's how I saw it written and seems to be the norm even though it is pronounced "jay" There are other words like main, plain, etc. Could be since Jay is used as a proper name the writing of Jai was established…."
Please note the words 'norm' + 'established'!

and a dear brother responds as:
"you say "pa - tay - ta"I say "pa - ta - ta"let's call the whole thing off!"

Yes, when it comes to 'sensitive' deeper issues ( 'normality/establishmed'), it is NOT pleasant!

So i responded to make it MORE CLEAR:
"OK, you write as you like and i do as i like! But please do not say that i 'must' write as you do! This is actually NOT about writing a word, one way or another! It is about 'obeying the establishment' and following the 'norms'! Yes, better to 'call it off' for now, it is TOOOOOOOO sensitive! Jay Baba"

And then a dear brother who has been with ISKCON in his early age, suggests the following:

" ....I knew little about the international phonetic standards that Srila Prabhupada used when undertaking his word for word translations and paraphrasing and purports for the numerous Sanskrit texts which he published in English.....I suggest that you take up these interesting points with the scholars from ISKCON. It will be a great preaching exercise as well....."

And i respond to make my point clearER (as i have said it already in my last line, above!):

"......... i get good responses for such 'hits' and it is useful for me to know the state of the minds of the 'Baba-lovers'...... ...., i am not actually interested in the words and dictations and pronunciations, since i know they are just changing main concern, as i wrote there, is the 'establishment' / 'authorities', and theirs ways of 'getting into people, and the 'naive minds' finding them CORRECT! That is all! i play with such a thing and i did so, because i was directly asked by a sister to 'correct' my way of writing 'Jay Baba' !!

And another soul comments:

"....Your rave about Jay vs. Jai was bloody ridiculous, even though you are pedantically correct."
And i responded, to make it even more clear what i am doing/playing:
"Yes, i did it on purpose to create another 'wave'! you will read more about its 'origin' and the after mats....soon..... when i am NOT at home (in coffee nets and nothing else to do except writing!) i feel like doing such ridiculous things! And i enjoy it and the responses i get! "

Monday, August 21, 2006

statistic of world population / What a world....

jay Baba.........long time, no post! Lot is happening, but the news will come LATER, not now! For now, will post this statistical report on population of the world and how 'lucky' we are if..... thank to Baba for being one of the 'lucky ones' and to Ali for sending this report: a summary in English is my share for my English-speaking readers/friends:
World population is now around 6.5 billion....if we reduce this figure to 100 people, what will happen?

از اين يکصد نفر جمعيت ؛ 57 نفر آسيايی ؛ 21 نفر اروپايی ؛ 14 نفر امريکايی ؛ و 8 نفر آفريقايی خواهند بود . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ 52 نفر زن ؛ و 48 نفر مرد خواهند بود . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ هفتاد نفر رنگين پوست و سی نفر سپيد پوست خواهند بود . از اين جمعيت يکصد نفری ؛ شش نفر از شهروندان امريکا ؛ 59 در صد ثروت دنيا را در اختيار خواهند داشت . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ هشتاد نفر زير خط فقر زندگی خواهند کرد . از اين جمعيت يکصد نفری ؛ هفتاد نفر بی سواد خواهند بود . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ پنجاه نفر با گرسنگی و بی غذايی دست به گريبان خواهند بود . يک نفر خواهد مرد . دو نفر به دنيا خواهند آمد . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ فقط يک نفر کامپيوتر خواهد داشت . از اين يکصد نفر ؛ فقط يک نفر دارای تحصيلات عاليه خواهد بود ..
و اما .....
Out of this 100 people, 57 would be Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 Americans and 8 Africans. Out of this 100, 52 will be females and 48 males.... 70 would be colored-skin and 30 would be white-skin.... 6 will be American citizens holding 59% of the world wealth..... 80 will be BELOW poverty line.... 70 will be illiterate.... 50 will be facing starvation..... Everyday, one will die and two will be born.... out of this 100 people, only ONE would have computer and only one will have higher education...... but.......

* - اگر شما امروز صبح ؛ صحيح و سالم از خواب بر خاستيد ؛ مطمئن باشيد که خوشبخت تر از يک ميليون انسانی هستيد که تا پايان همين هفته راهی گورستان خواهند شد . * - اگر شما هيچگاه از جنگ آسيب نديده ايد ؛ اگر گرفتار تنهايی مرگبار سلول های انفرادی نشده ايد ؛ اگر تن تان بر اثر شکنجه ؛ آش و لاش نشده است ؛ و اگر مزه تلخ گرسنگی را نچشيده ايد ؛ بدانيد که خوشبخت تر از پانصد ميليون نفر از انسان های روی زمين هستيد . * - اگر شما بدون هراس از شکنجه و مرگ ؛ وارد مسجدی ؛ کليسايی ؛ يا عبادتگاهی شديد ؛ خوشبخت تر از سه ميليون انسان کره زمين هستيد . * - اگر در يخچال خانه تان غذايی هست ؛ اگر کفش و لباس داريد ؛ اگر تختخوابی و سقفی داريد ؛ شما ثروتمند تر و خوشبخت تر از 75 درصد ساکنان کره زمين هستيد . *- اگر دارای حساب بانکی هستيد ؛ اگر در کيف شما پولی و در قلک شما سکه ای هست ؛ شما در زمره هشت در صد انسان های خوشبخت روی زمين هستيد .
If you have get up this morning, fine and healthy, BE SURE that you are luckier than 1000'000 people who will end up in grave-yards by the end of this week! If you have never suffered from wars and the deadly loneliness of the individual cell prison, if your body has not suffered from any torture and have never tasted the bitter hunger, KNOW WELL that you are luckier than 500'000'000 people on this earth....... if you have entered any church or temple, WITHOUT fear of torture and imprisonment, you are luckier than 3'000'000 people of this earth..... if you have a refrigerator at home, if you have shoes and clothing and a bed and a shelter over your head, you are wealthier and luckier than 75% of the population of the world..... if you have a bank account and have some money in your wallet and a few coins in your piggy-bank, you are among the lucky 8% of the people on this earth...... SO......
بنا بر اين :
*- آنچنان کار کن که انگار نيازی به پول نداری . *- آنچنان دوست بدار که انگار هيچگاه ؛ هيچکس ؛ آسيبی بتو نخواهد رساند . *- آنچنان برقص که انگار کسی تماشايت نمی کند . *- آنچنان آواز بخوان که انگار کسی نمی شنود . * - و آنچنان زندگی کن که انگار کره زمين ؛ همان بهشت موعود است
Work, as you have no need for money.... LOVE, as no one, never will hurt you..... Dance, as no one is watching you.... SING, as no one is hearing you; and LIVE, as this earth is the promised heaven.
If you liked this writing, publish it and send it for your friends, and if you do not do so, nothing will happen. But if you did, you will put a smile on someone's lips.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

'this PATH OF LOVE' = این ره عشق....

Jay Baba...following is the 'conversation' i had with Bhauji, on 8.8.06, in his chat session from NYC. Due to the importance of the concepts in it, will post it here .....
may write later, about 'my way of loving' for those who hate me!

swami mohsen - why this PATH OF LOVE is call 'bloodful path'?
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, there is no blood. When you lead a life for God, you have to suffer.
You have to be free from your wants and desires, which create misery.
So only those who are brave can tread this path, those who are brave in His love.
So now, you have come to know the Beloved. He will show you the path,
but you have to obey His command. If you want God to obey YOUR command, you lose.
Obey His command and you will get the gift of surrenderance from Him.
If you surrender to Him, you will not know that you
have surrendered.
His Wish becomes your Wish, and you just follow Him.
swami mohsen - Thank you dearest Bhauji..... His wish demans our 'social responsibility' and THIS is where
'extra suffering' comes, but for me it is a nectar! Thank you Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, I am happy to hear your response. You are a nice person
swami mohsen - Beloved Bhauji, thank you, i wish i was the same for a few other brothers and sisters here, who happen
to have an 'opposite' feelings for me! but, we cannot please EVERYONE, can we? Your kindness and support worth much more to me.... hope they also can 'clear up' with me someday!
BhauK - My dear Mohsen, if anyone is against you, if you love them and do not hate them, that is love, thinking
that God is in everyone. If you hate anyone, you are hating God. It becomes

your duty to remain
loving towards others.
Do not feel bad about anyone. If you are loving, they will also be loving to you.
This does not mean that you should act according to their wish. You must act acording to Beloved Baba's Wish.
But be loving towards others. Then you will always be happy. Jai Baba to you

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'Shattering his dream' =نابودی رویای جوان اراکی و فاشیست

Jay Baba.... for you fun, i post the 'reaction' of this "Araki kid" (Arak and Tehran are not far from each other), enjoy and see the proof of the madness! Basically he is complaining about 'shattering his dreams"

خوب به حرف هاي اون آقايي كه در باره ي من يعني همون پسر 13 ساله حرف زد گوش داديم حالا به حرف من 13 ساله گوش بدين

آره دقيقا حرف ها را آقاي اوشو فور ايران براتون كپي كرد...باريكلا به شما آقاي اوشو....ولي گوش كن...نه تو همه ي اين افرادي كه براشون اين ميل مي ره اولا اين كه اگر شما آمدي و چنين اثبات كردي كه من طرف داره ديكتاتوريم و شما طرف آزادي تفكرات پس به آن بود كه ساكت مي شدي و نمي آمدي به اصطلاح آن مزخرفاتت روياي من 13 ساله را نابود كني...ولي شرمندتم خيلي گنده بزرگي زدي مي دوني چرا؟چون آن قدر احمق بودي كه نپرسيدي من اهل كجام و به من لقب جوان تهراني را دادي...ولي ضايع كاشتي مي دوني چرا؟چون من اهل اراكم...تازه 14 سالم هم هست نه 13....تو آن قدر تفكراتت گنديده هست كه بويش تمام دنيا را در بر گرفته...بعد آمدي درباره ي مشكلات رواني در تهران گفتي...در صورتي كه مشخص شد تو خيلي رواني تر هستي چون نه در زندگي واقعيت بلكه در همين ميل هم نداسته حرفي را زدي...و خود را يك فيلسوف مي داني...خواه نا خواه حال نوبت آن تفكرات تو هست كه به زباله داني راهي گردد...زهي خيال باطل...شايد در ذوقت خورد كه چنين خواستي اثبات كني كه من ديوانه ي تهرانيم ولي ديدي تو يك نفهم به تمام معنايي حالا پس خفه شو و سر جايت بشين آقاي نفهم نادانترسوي بدبخت

و حالا حرفم با بقيه ي افراد هست البته نمي دانم كه اين ميل ها براي كه مي رود ولي...مي گويم

من نمي دانم كه شما داراي چه تفكراتي هستين ولي در هر صورت شايد هر آن چه كه حال گفتم ثابت كرد كه اين آقا يك نادان عجول هست...و وقتي نتوانست با من به بحث ادامه دهد دم از اين زد كه من منطقي ندارم ولي مي خواست بر روي گندش هم چون گربه خاك بريزد چون خيلي كم عقل هست در هر صورت بريم سر اصل مطلب...بي شك جهاني كه امروز ما در پيش دارم مملو از احمقان فراواني است كه نمونه اي از آن را در چند جمله ي پيشن به آن اشاره كردم...شما ها چه فكر مي كنيد...چرا و چه گونه جنگ جهاني راه مي افتد؟...تصور شما بر اين است كه عده اي بي كار براي تفريح چنين مي كنن؟احمقانه ترين برداشت چنين هست...وقتي احمقان در دنيا زياد مي شوند جنگي رخ خواهد داد كه تمام افرادي كه نابودي دنياي حق و انصاف را مي خواهند نابود ميكند...اين همان چيزيست كه دنياي ما حال نيازمند است...يعني همان نظريه ي داروين كبير...كه طبيعت آن هايي را كه سازگاري ندارند را نابود مي كند...حال چه به طور طبيعي چه به دست فردي كه خود بر مي گزيند و تا رسيدن به هدفش آن را حفظ مي كند..من نمي خواهم بگويم كه طبيعت مرا برگزيده ولي بي شك يكي خواهد آمد...و افرادي چون اين انسان منفور را از بين خواهد برد

اين يعني همان هدف فرزندان پيشوا ي كبير

و باز هم مي گويم كه اي آقا آن قدر بي سواد است كه نتوانست با يك پسر 14 ساله حرف بزند...برو برو و دست به دامن انحرافاتي چون جوان تهراني شو

The Roots and The Leaves! =ریشه ها و شاخ و برگ

09/08/2006 / 14:24

Jay Baba …. Following is a response to some Yahoo IM from a brother in Iran.

He had asked me to join an ‘anti Jewish movement’ on the net, a sanction against Israeli products, and I refused. So he asked me a few questions which I answered.

My view is that these wars and problems are only the ‘leaves on the branches’, and the ‘roots’ are in human greed, selfishness and prejudice against one another. Until we do not deal with the roots, the leaves keep coming back. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

متن زیر در پاسخ به یکی از عزیزانی است که از من خواسته بود تا در یک حرکت ضد اسراییلی محصولات آن کشور را تحریم کنم و در این کار مشارکت کنم و بنده به اختصار برایش نوشتم که معذورم و از ایشان بعید می بینم که دست به چنین حرکاتی بزند. در پاسخ من چند پیام آفلاین برایم گذاشته بود که در زیر با حروف ضخیم آمده است. خواستار نظرات سایر عزیزان و خود ایشان هستم.

سلام بر برادر عزیزم ..... جان:
تشکر برای پیام هایت / گرچه به نظر میاید که از یک فضای دلخوری آمده اند. ولی مهم نیست سعی می کنم به سوال هایت جواب دهم/ اگر واقعاٌ سوال بوده باشند و اظهاریه نباشند در قالب سوال.

jud....(8/8/2006 05:29:55 ب.ظ): سلام محسن جان / عجبی نیست چون همه ما به نوعی در حال گذروندن و هدر دادن وقتمون هستیم شما به روش خودتون و منم به روش خودم راستی شما وقتتون رو با چی میگذرونید ؟

بله حق داری. هرکدام ما یک نوع وقت را می گذرانیم یا تلف می کنیم: برخی با جنگیدن و برخی با صلحیدن! البته من هم جنگ های خودم را دارم که بیشتر قلمی است و در نامه های شخصی و در بلاگم مشخص است. پس من بیشتر به نوشتن و ارتباط با عزیزان مشغولم: مثل همین حالا. گاهی اوقات هم میروم به مراسم نیایش که برای مهربابا روزانه دو نوبت برپا هست و در آنجا با دف، موسیقی را همراهی می کنم. آشپزی و ارتباط با سایر دوستداران بابا هم مقداری از وقتم را میگیرد.

/ درباره پرداختن به شاخ و برگ و فراموش کردن ریشه ها هم بدم نمیاد نظر شما رو درباره ریشه ها بدونم چون در فرمایشتون معلوم نکردید که ریشه ها در کجا قرار گرفتن و شاخ و برگ در کجا /

مانند خود درخت، شاخ و برگ هرآنچه است که در ظاهر هویداست = جنگ، خونریزی، اعتراض، اعتصاب، اعلامیه، قطعنامه، تظاهرات.... تحریمات. ولی ریشه ها ناپیدا هستند = کینه، (مسلمانان از یهودیان، هندوها از مسلمانان، مسیحیان از هردو و......) خودخواهی بشر (ذهن فاسد سیاستمدارانی که جنگ افروز هستند و مسئول کشتارها و فجایع)، طمع (کارخانه های اسلحه سازی و دلال های اسلحه در سطح جهانی)..... روشن است حالا؟ بطور خلاصه: فرهنگ و اقتصاد ریشه هستند و سیاست شاخ و برگ . جهت اطلاع شما، من در"وزارت عشق و صلح و صفا" فقط یک کارمند معمولی هستم!

درباره سرگردانی و حیرانی جوانان اسراییلی هم راستش من که ازشون دورم و کاری از دستم بر نمیاد براشون انجام بدم ولی با توجه به اینکه شما براشون خیلی نگرانید پیشنهاد میکنم تجارب خودتون رو در این.....

اگر باهاشون نزدیک بودی میدیدی که عین خودت هستند و هیچ فرقی با من و تو ندارند بجز اینکه قدری پریشان تر و سرگشته تر هستند از اینهمه دروغ و تزویر سیاستمداران و آدم کشی/ دختران جوان و زیبایشان هم تاکنون چندین فلسطینی را کشته اند در جبهه (بدون خدمت نمی توانند بیایند بیرون) چه رسد به پسرهایشان! قیافه ها بیشتر شبیه موجودات فضایی با آرایش های غریب و هیپی وار و گسسته از جامعه و بیشتر هم گرفتار مواد مخدر. تا اینجاش با جوانان ایرانی زیاد فرقی ندارند الا اینکه بر عکس ایرانیان مقیم داخل و خارج، با هم بسیار متحد هستند؛ و خوب هوای همدیگر را دارند زیرا که همیشه خودشان را "اقلیت" می دانسته اند. همانطور که فرهنگ فعلی "اسلامی" (ضد سلام و ضد صلح) ما کودکان را "ضد یهود" بار میارد، فرهنگ "ضد ضد یهود" آنان هم به آنان آموزش میده که اقلیت هستند و دنیا برعلیه شان است و باید بجنگند در راه آرمان های مذهبی شان! به تجربه در این پنج ساله دریافته ام که چقدر فرهنگ های ما برخلاف ظاهر و شاخ و برگ، در ریشه و اساس شبیه همدیگر هستند! باور نداری یک سفر تشریف ببر پونا یا مکان های سیاحتی هند.

jud....(8/8/2006 05:30:06 ب.ظ): اما درباره تحریم های فردی هم , من بر اساس تشخیص و تصمیم خودم به چیزی که احساس میکنم درسته عمل میکنم حتی اگه دیگران اون رو احمقانه بدونن ولی شما که ماشالله خودتون یه پا اوشو خونید عجیبه که تصور میکنید فقط یک جمع میتونه پایه گذار یک حرکت باشه و فرد باید مسولیت خودش رو به جمع واگذار کنه .

عزیز من. هیچ عجیب نیست. اگر اوشو را بیشتر می شناختی این حرف را نمی زدی. اوشو در مورد فرد و نجات فرد صحبت می کند و اینکه: بدون اینکه خودت را نجات داده باشی نمی توانی دیگران را نجات بدی! "پایه گذاشتن یک حرکت" هم به این آسانی که شما تصور می کنی نیست. کدام حرکت؟ برای سرگرمی و یا برای تاثیرگذاری؟ نخستین مسئولیت هرفرد این است که خودش را از شر شرطی شدگی های مذهبی و اجتماعی برهاند و این پرداختن به "پایه گذاری یک حرکت" دقیقاٌ در جهت عکس حرکت اصلی و اساسی (رهاشدن از تاثیرات اجتماعی و شرطی شدگی ها) است. من و شما را از همان زمان شاه "ضدیهود" بار آورده اند و شما بعنوان یک فرد تا از این بارگران خلاص نشی هر "حرکتی" را هم که پایه بگذاری فقط وقت هدر دادن است، زیرا از هدف اصلی خودت که خداشدن و خلاص شدن از نفسانیات (به ترتیب عکس!) است دور شده ای.

jud....(8/8/2006 05:30:09 ب.ظ): به قول اوشو یک شمع روشن میتونه هزاران شمع خاموش دیگه رو روشن کنه ولی اگر همون یک شمع هم مثل هزاران شمع دیگه خاموش بمونه ........ / شما هم موفق باشید.

بله / ولی شمع روشن! یعنی کسی که به روشنی دل و ذهن رسیده باشه و از تعصبات مذهبی و قومی و فرقه ای رها شده باشه. آیا شما به روشنی رسیده ای؟ اوشو منظورش یک مرشد است و نه هر "پایه گذار حرکت سیاسی"! ببین چقدر ذهن میتونه انسان را از هدف اصلی خودش ( رهایی از دانستگی و ذهنیات عمیق و حک شده در ذهن) دور کنه!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hitler's kid in Iran and the 0.6% ! فرزندان پیشوا در ایران و همان شش دهم درصد!

Jay Baba, this post is about ONE of the 0.6% of Iranians, who have SEVERE mental sicknesses.
He is 13 and loves and adores Hitler & war and is proud of being 'fascist'!!
Only for those who can read persian and Finglish...... Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

فرزندان پیشوا در ایران

چشم ما روشن به دیدار "فرزندان" یکی از منفورترین دیکتاتورهای تاریخ در ایران.
میدانستم که نهضت "نئونازی" در اروپا و آمریکا (مهد خشونت های تاریخی معاصر) رواج دارد ولی در ایران؟ خبر نداشتم.

تا اینکه دیشب برایم مسلم شد که دست کم یک نفر از آن ها وجود دارد و احتمال دارد بیش از این یک جوان باشند. (به آمار 6 دهم درصد بیماران حاد روانی در زیر توجه فرمایید).

برای اطلاع عزیزان مقداری از گپ دیشب خود را با این جوان 13 ساله برایتان می آورم تا ببینید که چگونه روح انسان به سمت تباهی و تاریکی می رود و خواستار جنگ و کشتار می گردد. وای بر ما.....

متن زیر شامل گپ های ما در دو نوبت است (هفته ی پیش و دیشب)...حرف های خودم را در خیلی از موارد نیاوردم چون نیازی نبوده و فقط در اینجا نظری به گفته های او اضافه می کنم تا عمق فاجعه روشن تر شود...... برای محفوظ بودنش از گزند های احتمالی ای دی او را کوتاه می کنم تا فقط گرایش او به جادوگری و جنگ مشخص شود:

harry_potter(8/2/2006 03:46:25 ق.ظ): jang=donyaye khoob

….ببینید چگونه یک جوان 13 ساله و بسیار باهوش در این سن با مطالعاتی که داشته و جوی که بر او حاکم است در خانواده یا در جامعه، به چنین انحراف فکری کشانده شده است. وای......وای.........

harry_potter(8/2/2006 03:47:03 ق.ظ): ensan?

harry_potter(8/2/2006 03:47:10 ق.ظ): hahaha be oon nejadha migi ensan?

یعنی نژاد یهود را داخل انسان هم نمی داند. یک هیتلر کوچولوی ایرانی!

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:19:39 ق.ظ): man nemidoonam che sare jangi ba diktatori dari

راست میگه! نمیداند که طبع من و هر آزادیخواه دیگری با دیکتاتوری از هر نوعش مخالف است. جاهل را عذری بهتر از جهلش نیست! و حالا از کمونیسم می گوید که بازهم فقط نامی و آرمانی از آن شنیده و خوانده:

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:19:53 ق.ظ): taze komonist ham tarafe diktatorist

mohsen khatami (8/8/2006 12:20:37 ق.ظ): کمونيست که مرد و رفت/ ديکتاتوري هم انساني نيست و حيواني است و از حيواني هم بدتر/ تو چرا اينطوري شدي؟

mohsen khatami (8/8/2006 12:21:14 ق.ظ): کمونيست اگر خوب بود زنده ميماند و چندين ميليون تلفات نمي داد

و وقتی به کشتار انسان های بیگناه اشاره کردم، چنین پاسخ می دهد( از "اونا" منظورش دیکتاتورهای داخلی است! کشتار "برای" مردم خودی" هم خیلی بهانه ی خوبی است!

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:24:02 ق.ظ): oona az mardome khodeshoon mikoshan vali hitler baraye mardomesh mikosht

ووقتی از رنج های جنگزدگان گفتم : صدام حسین را با پیشوایش مقایسه کرده و افتخار به اینکه پیشوایش برای جهانیان جنگیده! چقدر تباهی؟!

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:50:11 ق.ظ): jang-zade ..... man nemidoonam tafsiret az jang chie?eragh faghat oomad bejange ke khodesh asoode bashe vali hitler baraye jahanian jangid

و وقتی از ترسو بودن و خودکشی پیشوایش برایش گفتم، چنین مغلطه می کند:

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:53:37 ق.ظ): hitler agar dar har do soorat zende nemimand choon dar dadgahe nurenberg be marg mahkoom mishod

و وقتی می بینم که حرف و دلیل و منطق انسانی با این نو جوان اثری ندارد جز اتلاف وقت و سکوت می کنم، البته به ترسو بودن هم متهم می شوم!

mohsen khatami (8/8/2006 12:53:46 ق.ظ): چشم/سکوت با شما جنگ طلب ها واجب است/ سکوت

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:53:59 ق.ظ): oon nakhast ke jenazash be daste bi ganegan berese va dastoor dad ke jenazasho besoozoonan

mohsen khatami (8/8/2006 12:54:09 ق.ظ): جيگر محاکمه شدن و دفاع از خودش را نداشت

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:54:17 ق.ظ): na harfi baraye goftan nadari ke sokoot mikoni

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:54:49 ق.ظ): na chera farar mikoni man dalil miaram ke jigaresho dashte

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:55:01 ق.ظ): na, bayad be dalilam goosh koni

mohsen khatami (8/8/2006 12:55:13 ق.ظ): شب خوش/ خوب بخواب تا روزي از خواب غفلت بيدار شي

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:55:46 ق.ظ): khob albate alan mibinam ke cheghadr ba tars farar mioni

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:55:48 ق.ظ): bodo tarsoo

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:56:27 ق.ظ): taze hitler dar sale 23 ke koodata kard va shekast khord dar dadagah hamchoon shiri ghoresh mikard va be zendan kam raft vali baghieye ham dastash az alman farar kardan va vaghti kara khabid oomadan.

harry_potter(8/8/2006 12:57:03 ق.ظ): hala dige farar kon tarsoo choon jang be soraghe to ham khahad amad ma farzandane pisva miaym montazer bash tarsoo

اگر برای این جوان هیتلر "شیر غران" باشد..... دیگر شیران هم باید اعتصاب غرش کنند...... وای بر ما با این جوان "تهراني"!! که خوشبختانه تعدادشان زیاد نیست ولی اگر وضعیت اجتماعی چنین پیش برود، ازاین نوع اختلالات روانی بیشتر هم خواهد شد.

برای حسن ختام: آمار بیماران روانی ایران را در اینجا می آورم تا خطر و عمق فاجعه روشن تر شود:

" اختلالات روانی در تهران بيشتر است

به نوشته سلامت بنا به اعلام وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی براساس شاخص های جهانی 21 تا 24 درصد ايرانيان دچار اختلالات روانی هستند و 6 دهم درصد از اين جمعيت اختلالات روانی حاد دارند.

اما دکتر تهرانی دوست رئيس بيمارستان روانی روزبه معتقد است 15 تا 20 درصد جمعيت کشور به بيماری های روانی خفيف و بين يک تا 5/1 درصد جمعيت کشور به بيماری های روانی شديد مبتلايند.

پژوهش ها نشان می دهد که اختلالات روانی در شهر تهران نزديک به 10 درصد بيش از آمارهای جهانی است."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me = My story with Meher Baba

HuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBabaHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.................fresh from the 'oven':

Jay Meher Baba…. To day is 06/08/2006 … last year, this day, I arrived in this holy land, with a truck full of my belongings, to live/die here. I have told the story, in brief, many times to Baba-lovers, but today I was asked by an Irani sister, living in USA, to tell her the same, so I welcome the synchronicity of the date and put the story in letters for more of His lovers to know.

If we do not ‘limit’ our Baba to ‘1984-1969’ and believe that He is The Ancient One, obviously the connection is an ‘ancient’ one. But in this name/form, I see that the RE-connection started 9 months before my DOB = Sept 21.1951…the moment of my conception! I was being formed as the fifth child to a middle class Irani family and I was told by my mother that the moment she became aware of ‘another’, she tried her best to abort me, by ALL possible and ‘lawful’ means! Medical abortion is considered a ‘sin’ and she used only simple effective means like carrying heavy objects, fasting and doing hard labour, in a hope to get rid of me! But me, being very stubborn and persistent, from those early days, just hung there and survived. Did Baba keep me during those hard days of fasting? For what purpose? Now I can see better the ‘wisdom’ behind it! Anyway, I passed the tests of enduring, born healthy but little weak in stamina, and grew up in the family of 8; the sixth child came 2 years later! Naturally we had a ‘rich’ home environment as far as the range of human emotions are concerned: hatred, jealousy, rivalry, …, kindness, and compassion, love; the whole spectrum.

To give a picture of the ‘religious background’, my mother was educated and ‘religious’, while my father was not educated, almost an ‘atheist’, who loved the concept of God as described in The Chariot of Gods, by Erich von Daniken, yet very honest and self-made man. So you may imagine the conflicts and the rich environment for exploring ‘what is the truth?’

So from the childhood, I tried to make up my shortcomings, by playing with books and magazines and whatever I could use as the ‘source of information’. His blessing, an early innocent ‘love affair’ at the age of seven, oriented me ‘inwards’ and since then, I am trying to reach a balance between being an introvert and also an extrovert.

(Compensate my verbal deficiency by writing and non-verbal communication!)

Reading philosophy in my teens was very rewarding and brought me to the Indian way of thinking and around 1968-69 (cannot remember the year) I attended some Meher Baba satsangs in Tehran and read a few books in Persian about His ‘teachings’! But, as I was ‘raw’ and needed some ‘seasoning’, I forgot about this and went my own independent way to ‘find God = Truth’! from here, a typical ancient story __best described in The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelo ___ starts, which needs not much explanations. To be brief, the following experiences added up to my coming here, at His Holy Land: an intense ‘love affair’ in my teens, the army service, going to USA for education (1973-1979), coming back in the delusion that we may experience peace and justice under a ‘religious regime’! __The disillusioned soon followed. Married life with all its challenges… these were all the background.

Now, the specific events that brought me BACK to Baba: during the years that I used to live in Tehran (and then in Pune since 2001) and translated Osho’s books, I came across Meher Baba’s name, many times, AND always with respect. Those who have read Osho know that he used to talk about ALL spiritual schools & figures in the history of mankind and was mostly critical of the ‘organized religions’. I found that Meher Baba was the only ‘figure’ he never criticised and always talked with due respect. But even then for me Baba was just another Master and ‘gone’. But in Pune, I heard that His place is somehow preserved and His SILENCE can be found there. So I was curious to see what kind of a place is Meherabad.

Thanks to Baba that I never believe what I hear, UNLESS I experience myself, otherwise I would not be herenow! The real story is that I had an Irani friend, living in Bangalore, who had come to Meherabad once, and I asked him about the place. Poor brother, since had a negative encounter with an Irani sister who lives here and ‘serves’ Baba (at least physically, if not spiritually), he said some positive things about the silence of the place and also some negative remarks about the human relationships here (his own experience with this sister). This was registered in the back of my mind, until a young brother from Ecuador, whom we knew since 2001, arrived in Pune last June, and was our guest for a few weeks. He wanted to visit Meherabad and I thought it is a good chance to go with him and check it our myself. So we made the reservations for July, Guru Poornima (Full moon night), to spend 2 nights here. Tough luck, my friend got sick and could not travel, but I made it……

The first 2 days were spent in total awe and wonder about the energy of the Hill and also about the type of people who came for pilgrimage… the more I stayed and interacted with the place and people, the more attraction was built within…. The third day, a visit to Meheazad was enough for me to extend my stay and think/feel more about my life and His Leela….So the 2 days visit became 5 days and on the way back to Pune ___with my dear brother Alan Connie, who was a great source of information and inspiration all these days__ I had already decided that I shall move back to live/die in this sacred place.

Enough of words and time to go to Smadhi to recharge the ‘battery’!

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

And thanks to ALL those who made it possible for me to stay here and enjoy the challenges!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

the ‘rope’ itself is SO FFFAAATTT………

05/08/2006 / 13:43

زنده باد مهربابا After posting the last, sent an SMS to AW to let him know what I did. Since it is about him, he has the ‘right’ to know about it and read it. But since I was not sure he has the address (link) I called him to check, but, as usual, he said ‘there is NOTHING’ he can get from me! I told him ‘so you are a perfect man!’ laughed and hung up.

Last night Shridadji told me, ‘but Alen is working here for 30 years’! There was no time to discuss this matter, but this reminds me of the famous story of the drunk friends who decided to go on a boat ride on a fool moon night! Do you recall? If not, they were riding and riding the whole night and perspiring and perspiring from so much work (it was NOT a motor boat!)…..after they got really exhausted and when the dawn came, they noticed that they had forgotten to UNTIE the boat from the shore! All their ‘efforts’ was in VAIN. This is a famous story to show that the ‘effort’ and the ‘length of time’ in being with the Master or God is NOT important, what counts is to ‘UNTIE THE ROPE’ (of attachments to the ego, which our Brother Alen and a few like him, here, have got LOADS of it, the ‘rope’ itself is SO FFFAAATTT………)

What a ‘ foolish game’!

05/08/2006 / 11:40

just to give you a taste of what is cooking herenow: (the Ending part is more 'juicy')

Just now the kids are at the door repeating ‘jay Baba’ and ‘chapati’ (bread)…. After the past 2-3 days of evening servings, they come more often and ‘request’ what they want to eat. I wish I could provide! Now I have only 1.5 chapati left and do not know when the lady comes to make more. So I resist keeping it for myself! Very interesting ‘self-observation’ with these kids! They ‘know’ the ‘secret code’ (Jay Baba) and they repeat it until I get up and open the door and offer them ‘something’! Just now I cut the last piece of candy in two and gave the two who did not get any this morning… since I am moving out, I try to give away eatables, which can be given away… This is only ONE side of life here, in this unique Arangaon!

The other side in the ‘authorities’ and other residents and workers (Westerners and Indians), whom a few have pending ‘personal issues’ with this Faghir = ‘poor man’! (not a complain, just a fact, even though I may NOT look ‘poor’ to many, and even an ‘arrogant fool’ to some!)

To give only another ‘taste’ of THIS side, I just narrate the latest issue: Yesterday morning, made my breakfast at home and took it with me to the prayer time (7-8 am) so I can go after it to the MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) and eat there and attend the ‘creative writing’ workshop (I though I was being held in MPR). As usual, took a cup of hot water for my tea bag and sat alone near the fountain area. Then I was asked by a sister (I have even forgotten her name!) to join a table with a Swiss Family. It was nice talking about Iran and the ‘shia’ sect and the difference between the sects and past and present situation in Iran. Since Meher Baba is from Iran somehow, ‘Baba-lovers’ are interested in the country and the more they are ‘developed’ (spiritually and intellectually), the more their interest in the old and new culture (two opposite things!)

After the breakfast, one of the workers told me to talk to MPR-superintendent ‘before’ I take any meals there! And he mentioned Alen’s name as the ‘source’ for this ‘order’!!! I knew those SMSs to him is now at work! What a pity! Instead of replying with some intelligent answer, he is doing this ‘trick’ now! What a shame! Waited for dear Frank to talk to him but he was not available yet and I found out that the place for the workshop is in Study Hall above the Library in the Samadhi area. So I took his tel n. and rode my bicycle there…..The workshop was fine and deserves a fresh post…. Coming back home I called Frank and he told me that ‘some people’ say that when I go to MPR is ‘solicitate business’!!!!! Wow! How wonderful!! I told him about my nature of work and what is on my ‘info-card’ and I am NOT a business man and have never done any ‘business’ there and this is all a part of a ‘dirty trick’ to isolate me from the rest of the family members. If he could produce a single person who could bear witness to my ‘business’, I told him ‘I will shave all my hair and beard’!!! He asked me NOT to do so and since he himself had never seen me doing any ‘business’ there, he could only believe my words, which came fearlessly out of my heart. He mentioned that JD had said such a thing and I need to speak with him to make it clear! (Just see how Alen has to ‘poison’ various minds in order to ‘reply’ to my personal SMSs, send with love for him!) (He is NOT the only one who does ‘dirty tricks like this BEHIND my back!! I welcome ALL of them, the ‘cowards’!)

So in the evening I called JD at home and we made an appointment for after the arti….. Again, standing next to the ‘warrior’s grave (WHO is she/he? Anyone knows anything about he/she?) and performing the prayers was a delight….. Then JD called me inside one of the rooms (Kitchen) in the back side of the Tin shed and I showed him at least 15 ‘business cards’ I had collected recently from various Baba-lovers HERE, and told him that ‘double-standards’ is not proper in Baba’s place and asked them (Shridadji and Ramesh J. were also present) to compare my ‘info-card’ with other ‘business cards’! Shridadji brought the point of ‘why you?’! Which seems a legitimate question! Yes, ‘why me?’!!! Told them that because when I love someone, I SAY what I find ‘awful’ in them (like a ‘mirror’!) and many people instead of appreciating this, ‘break the mirror’! (Cannot remember my exact words, but this is the CASE anyway!) I told them about the hostility of Alen (due to his habitual ANGER __ I call him ‘Mr. Fume’, to remind him of Baba’s words about ‘anger’ being ‘the fume of the agitated mind’, AND NOT behind his back, right into his own face!) and others, like J. Z., who just hate me for seeing their own shadows in me!

So after I assured them that I am not here for any business and I take responsibility for my actions, JD said that it is ‘clear’ and he is going to discuss it in their Sunday meeting with the staff.

Now, this is again only ONE of the ‘ugly scenes’ I encounter here, there are more, and not all of them here in Meherabad, but as far as the USA it goes, because a few typical ‘arrogant Western mentality’ are also working behind the ‘nice mask of ‘Baba-lovers’!!

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Subject: Your loving concern was related to Bhau

Jay Baba, now even dear 'chairman' is informed and the rest i leave to The Capitan! just received this from Shiva jaan in NY (Bhauji calls me 'swami' or 'swamiji', due to my outer appearance, although i usually balance out my natural long hair/beard with my clothings,
not to look like a traditional 'sadhu'!)

Date: Thursday, July 27, 2006

Subject: Your loving concern was related to Bhau

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Jai Baba Swamiji,

Bhau is currently in New York, resting well and enjoying himself.

I relayed your concerns about the silence at Samadhi to him, which he noted.
He sends you all love and Jai Babas.

With all love in the Beloved, Shiva (Lywood)

Observing and reporting

Jay Baba Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

03/08/2006 / 20:33

These days I am just observing the surroundings and myself; and it has been long since a post in this blog. Have quit going to the artis, just to avoid seeing some long faces and their hostile energy towards me. When Baba is everywhere and in everything, I rather spend some time with the village kids who come to the door, than to see/feel some stressed hostile energies around.

Some of you who may be doubtful of my words and do not even know me to trust them, may even say that it is all my own ‘mental projections’ that I see/feel this way. Well, all I can say is that unless you do not live here, as a ‘resident’, some ‘facts’ will be concealed to you; and I do not argue your judgments now, unless specifically challenged to do so!

So I just say what happened today and leave the rest to you to ‘judge’...... Had a good long sleep till 8:30, waking up a few times to enjoy the birds singing God's glory, then went to the Samadhi and really enjoyed being there alone and in the silence. What a blessing. Thanks to the Captain. Came home and made a good breakfast and replied to some emails…..The lady who comes for cleaning and making bread, came with her little boy and I wondered watching him being so quiet and non-disturbing at that age (around 3).

Although lots of work needs to be done for packing and moving (where? I do not know yet!), I have no energy to start it and am postponing it for the last days. After lunch slept again and had ‘good dreams’ and woke up with the ‘wake up calls’ of the kids: “Jay Baba, Jay Baba….” And not 10-20 -30 times…much much more! Four of them, under 8 years, had come again to get something to eat and knowing that I am at home, made an inharmonious orchestra to wake me up by their ‘Jay Babas’!! So, even a bit irritated at their attempt, went and opened the back kitchen door and without saying anything offered them a few things (bread, seeds, candy….) and sat with them and watched them enjoying the goodies and me sitting with them. No verbal communication between us, since I do not know Marathi and they do not know English, but the heart-to-heart communication was excellent and seeing them laughing deeply was a great joy for me. I just wished some of the ‘Baba-lovers’ could be as ‘innocent’ and 'clean-hearted' as these kids were. Even the neighbours were wondering what is going on here, so much laughter!

Then around 6:30 pm went for a walk and ended up at the Samadhi again. But unlike usual, stayed at the graveyard to the West and had a nice time praying from there. After the prayers went to sit on the stairs at the shed opposite the Samadhi and observed the scene from that angel. Baba’s Cabin has turned into a cozy chatting place for some ‘regulars’ ..... when Steve Myhro was playing his guitar and singing for Baba, it was hard to hear his words due to the ‘noise’! JD who had come back after a few days, again was as ‘ignoring me’ as usual! He is very kind to the dogs, but to me….?! Why? I appreciate if anyone asks him ‘why?’. He told me once, ‘nobody hates you’, but even then I knew it is only his ‘wish’ and NOT the reality, and he knows this too.

So, thanking Baba for everything, walked home, while the people inside were chanting “Om, Paramatma….” and people outside the shed were doing their usual chatting and socializations…… wondering what would happen to this place after 30, 40 years, silence-wise!